ISB and the Reformation Discourse


My last article seems to have caused unsettlement amongst some quarters it seems.  I was attacked for not verifying my information before “judging” people, although, my article refutes the statements made by brother Ahtsham Ali.  Some have labelled me a “deobandit”, whilst others have called me a “wobbler”, whilst another thought it was some “brillo”.  Ironic, to say the least, considering those who have made such claims failed to verify such “labels” themselves and “judged” me.  For the record, I have defended Sufis and Salafis.  My position is simple, I will defend Muslims where the attacker is using the Muslim as a proxy to attack Islam.  Hence, I have defended Shaykh Haytham al-Haddad, spoke highly of Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa and written in defence of individuals who associate themselves with ISB and in so doing have established a track record of a non-sectarianist position.

ISB and reformation

As evident from the polished ISB website parading “British Islam” as increasingly clean-shaven jaw-bones and hijab-less heads, the Islam of ISB provides for a flavour which, in its endeavour to appeal to the masses of the British public, reduces Islam to insipidity, a shapeless gas which takes any form of its container and monochroming the Colour of Allah (al-Qur’an 2:139) which signifies Islam’s uniqueness, demarcating its own epistemological paradigm.

The platform speakers of ISB, to varying degrees, seek to deconstruct this colour, and through this deconstruction perpetuate confusion amongst people who will adopt a position more suited to their desires.  Some balked at my comparison of this with the neocon agenda to deconstruct Islam, however the reading of the RAND corporation policy in “democratising Islam”, and the creation and actions of Radical Middleway for instance, to forge as part of British policy, a dumbed down version of Islam are testimony to this reductionist Islam being propounded.

The methodology employed is through the use of not modernism, but postermodernist decontructionism; i.e. that no one can monopolise the “truth” and that traditional assumptions, however established are merely constructed meanings. As such interpretations become open (Quilliam anyone?).

A quaint philosophy except that its application to Islam ignores the fact that the process of verification based upon unshakeable foundations and principles has been occurring for over 1400 years by thousands of individuals whose piety is unparalleled today.

I do not doubt ISB’s former president, Ahtsham Ali’s sincerity in his research, lectures and propagation. However there are some serious issues which reveal this underlying issue of deconstruction in his discourses, which contain a mixture of dangerous advice and in some cases inaccurate, misleading statements. This concoction then allows for the doors for reformation of Islam to be flung open, not in minor issues, but issues which would attack the very fundamentals of Islam, as Usama Hasan (who is defended by ISB) has already done.

“Living Islam”, Promoting Confusion
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As Neocon British Tyranny Continues, Should we be Surprised at Muslim Bank Closures?

Source: Telegraph

I recently wrote regarding the degradation of Britain towards a tyrannical regime, where the public services stretching from the hospitals to schools were now being employed for, in essence spying on the public.

The PREVENT strategy guidance and training has also been extended to Landlords and optometrists, just in case your friendly, bespectacled lodger who takes out the trash for you is a wannabe terrorist. Just to remind the readers the implication of PREVENT is far reaching. The strategy is one of the counter-terrorism strands of CONTEST 2 and has been primarily devised and encouraged by neocon sympathetic counter-extremism think-tanks, such as CENTRI and Quilliam and pronounced and supported by neocons like Theresa May and Michael Gove.  It involves invasive measures to disrupt the lives of people, young or old on the basis of a controversial definition of Islamism, which entails Islamic orthodox beliefs, and extremism, which catches those who slip through the net of the Islamism definition. Using a vague vulnerability framework criteria to determine the propensity of individuals towards extremism, people are picked out and referred to PREVENT police to be then analysed for signs of radicalisation. From here, individuals deemed unacceptable will be deprogrammed via the Channel programme.

As dystopian as this sounds, this is the reality of 21 century Britain today. In fact, it is far worse.

The toxic mix of the PREVENT strategy as well as key neocons in government positions has resulted in the discriminatory targeting of Muslim charities under the auspices of neocon William Shawcross’ Charity Commission, Michael Gove’s Department for Education, whose policy is now being implemented slavishly by Nicky Morgan in her cry to rescue terrorist toddlers, and neocon Chancellor George Osborne’s Treasury. If we recall, the Treasury was implicated in the closure of CAGE’s accounts, whilst Sayeeda Warsi exposed the fact that Osborne is also a Zionist, being described as a “good friend of the Israeli government”.

The case of CAGE coupled with the latest spate of bank account closures of prominent Muslims makes some for some troublesome deduction.

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No “British Values” for British Orthodox Jews?

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Moishy grew up in the ultra-orthodox (‘charedi’) Jewish community in Stamford Hill, which he describes as “like living in a different world – it’s like the Middle Ages – totally secluded.” 

There were no jeans there: Moishy adhered to a strict uniform of a black suit, a hat, curls in his hair and a beard trimmed to exactly the right length. Women wear long skirts, long sleeves and wigs once they are married to protect their modesty.

“As kids we were told that the outside world hated us, so we were suspicious and afraid of them. We were taught that non-Jews had no soul and that our duty in life was not to fall into the trap of going into their world.” 

most children are not taught to speak English. Jewish studies replace the secular curriculum. Moishy explains: “Children don’t need to learn anything. They grow up controlled and put into arranged marriages.

 The Government know about the lack of education in the community, but they don’t do anything about it.” Although girls receive a little more education to help them raise children – “they learn enough to go to the doctors” – Moishy says it’s nowhere near enough: “Girls are treated like nothing. They’re not taught anything. If they knew more they’d know that they wouldn’t have to marry these boys who don’t know anything either.” 

According to Moishy, TV and secular newspapers are banned. He says that rabbis monitor their congregants’ marital relations to ensure that couples adhere to the rules of ‘family purity

“They [non-Jews] showed me kindness. I’d been told that that would never happen. I knew what I was being taught was wrong.

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Is Alleged Architect of “Trojan Horse” Letter Tim Boyes Beneficiary of “Trojan Horse” Plot?


Over the course of the blogs published on the alleged Christian evangelical involvement into the instigation of the takeover plot, several key allegations have emerged:

  • Tim Boyes is closely linked to controversial Riverside Church which is known to convert Muslim teenagers to Christianity
  • Tim Boyes has allegations of being one of the architects of Trojan Hoax letter
  • Tim Boyes has a history of instigating takeovers of schools
  • Tim Boyes has supremacist views towards Muslims
  • Tim Boyes lied about raising Trojan Hoax allegations to the Department for Education in 2010

Recently, through my own research, I have come to realise that these pieces of information fit into a potentially broader narrative. I will stop short of calling it a “plot”, but based off Peter Clarke’s criteria of establishing a “plot”,

“The tactics that have been used are too similar, the individuals concerned are too closely linked and the behaviour of a few parents and governors too orchestrated for there not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened,”

there seem to be strong grounds here of a particularly grand evangelical plot taking place.

The question which needs to be asked is, aside from the neocons who have now the pretext to further push their anti-Islam agenda, constricting the Muslim minority in any way they can, who has benefited from the Trojan Horse allegations in Birmingham, the epicentre of this entire scheme?

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I am Child of Palestine

The waves of war fill our houses and buildings,
Ripping apart families, efficiently killing,

Where we are experimented on with new arms technology
My land, my home becoming the world’s largest human laboratory

Resisting this ethnic cleansing is demonised as terrorism
Powers tacitly approve my school being subject to supremacism…

Where my art lessons are conducted with bullets and bombs,
To the nonchalance of blase Arab Uncle Toms.

Welcome to my world, a world where we are forged,
Before we are teenagers to be adults, eventually innards disgorged,

Lifeless in our parks where we should be in play,
Our innocence snatched from us to the world’s display.

Children of Powers enjoy the love of your parents and their boon
For me, inna lillahi, wa inna ilayhi raj’oon*

* “Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.” (Al-Qur’an, 2:156)

Heroes and Villains of World War One


Crosspost: By Dr Abdul Wahid

Amidst the centenary commemorations of World War One some Muslims in Britain have sought to “draw on the little-known role played by almost half a million Muslims in Britain’s First World War effort to help improve community relations during the conflict’s centenary”.

It is sad that some people feel the need to put a ‘spin’ on history to manufacture a ‘shared experience’ – omitting the wider context that these Muslim soldiers were in Britain’s armed forces due to imperial conquest of India and elsewhere.

The only credible shared experience is that both Muslim and non-Muslim soldiers were sent off by the industrial, political and military establishment to die in vast numbers for imperial objectives, the fruits of which would never have been enjoyed by the ordinary soldier or their family and nor the society at large.

In a sense the ordinary foot soldiers were victims in this war.

The real villains were the likes of Lloyd George, Kitchener, Curzon and Balfour who sent millions to die in a war that was to secure Britain’s imperial position.

Muslim soldiers who fought with Britain

Some Muslim soldiers refused to fight other Muslims. Others fought on condition they did not have to fight the Ottoman army directly.

Even amongst those who did fight in the British Army, it is likely that many of the soldiers who fought with Britain were ignorant of wider imperial plans.

But even with this ‘excuse’, it is hard for a Muslim to see those Muslim soldiers as heroes.

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CAGE: Education Secretary’s remarks on baby radicalisation ‘patronising’ and ‘not backed up”

CAGE on Nicky Morgan’s Continuation of the anti-Muslim Gove Policies:

(London, UK) A speech by the Education Secretary claiming that toddlers are at risk of religious extremism illustrates the Orwellian nature of policy toward Muslims. It represents another encroachment by the state into the lives of British citizens, which ironically itself goes against alleged British values, says campaign group CAGE [1].

Nicky Morgan who recently replaced Michael Gove as Education Secretary will say in her first major speech that nurseries who do not teach ‘British values’ will lose funding.

Her speech comes months after an investigation launched by her predecessor Gove and led by the Met’s former counter-terrorism head Peter Clarke into claims of religious extremism at a number of schools in Birmingham.

Jahangir Mohammed, author of CAGE’s report, PREVENT a Cradle to Grave police state [2], said:

‘This policy lies somewhere between a 21st Century MacCarthyism extended to babies and soviet-era diktat. The Education Secretary should leave the education and values of babies to mothers and child carers.’

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