CAGE, British Neocons and the Weaponisation of Government Organs

-When describing Britain as a police-state, many have dismissed it as a “conspiracy” and moved on with a degree a nonchalance.  The neoconservative threat to Britain, and the contributory influence against human rights is immense.  With organisations like the Henry Jackson Society so close to Government, and people like William Shawcross running the Charity Commission, various organs of the Government have become political weapons deployed at targets as they see fit.

Human rights have been the thorn in the side of the government preventing arbitrary abuses of power.  When the anti-terror legislation crept in on the back of the fear of a terror threat, the public, through our elected representatives handed our rights on a platter to the government.  Rights, such as detention without trial, which, ironically, is strongly emphasised by David Cameron’s favourite document, the Habeas Corpus, contitutes a pillar of democracy. In an earlier blog I raised the fact that the anti-terror legislation was not even spoken about in media because it affected the Muslim minority, but the application of the legislation was being broadened to inhibit government scrutiny. It seems this is now being raised in the media, as David Anderson QC, citing David Miranda as an example notes,

“Look at the example of journalists and bloggers, who can be considered terrorists if they are seeking to influence the Government and if their words endanger life or create a serious risk to public health or safety… Foolish or dangerous journalism is one thing, terrorism is another” 

The anti-terror legislation, PREVENT and the Channel programme, as well as the new “emergency powers” to tap communications are all erosions of civil liberty which bite the public when, either you are part of the Muslim minority, or, you ask the government and officials the “wrong” questions.  Such erosions enable a psychology of power and unaccountability on the part of government organs and officials which results abuses, as we shall now see.

When British Values Hurt

The effect of the above is simple: the public has increasingly become transparent and government more and more opaque.

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You’re Right Peter Clarke, There is an Orchestrated Plot…


Contrary to Ian Kershaw’s (methodologically flawed) report, in the report leaking the DfE investigation into the Birmingham schools, Clarke states,

“The tactics that have been used are too similar, the individuals concerned are too closely linked and the behaviour of a few parents and governors too orchestrated for there not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened.”

Interestingly, the above statement is another way of saying “we actually do not have clear, explicit evidence of takeover plot”. Despite this, I agree with Clarke’s statement – when it is applied to his little clique. Let’s apply this deduction to what happened in the government organs.

Michael Gove founded the neoconservative think-tank Policy Exchange in 2002, notorious for fabricating receipts in order to prove “extremist” material was being sold in masaajid. The report was authored by anti-Muslim Denis MacEoin who has been on record to state that he has very “negative feelings” about Islam.

Peter Clarke as early as 2008 was a member of the Advisory Council for Policy Exchange.

In 2008, at Quilliam’s launch, Michael Gove was listed as an advisor in their efforts to counter the “Islamist-Wahhabite” threat. In 2010 Gove was still listed as an advisor before the list was removed from the site for the sake of “privacy”.

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Clarke, Gove and Wilshaw: Singing off the Same Neocon Hymn-Sheet


Wait, another leaked document?! And this of a report written by a former counter-terrorism chief? With someone with skills in the counter-terrorism profession, who works as an advisor for major war-profiteering outfits, this is some seriously poor level of security on his part, and the people he has carried out the work for. Surely, an inquiry is in order?

Reading the piece in the Guardian which sumarises the findings of Peter Clarke’s leaked report, I couldn’t help but note the similarity in the narrative between Clarke, Michael Wilshaw and Michael Gove. Gove conflates religious conservatism as extremism, as a Whitehall official confirm:

“Michael Gove’s views are so incredibly black and white. It’s either his way or no way. He seems to think that anybody who strictly follows Islam is not really integrated… And he thinks anybody who holds conservative Muslim views is a bit of an extremist. He has been using Birmingham to pursue an ideological agenda that he’s had for many years.”

In submitting his evidence to the Education Select Committee, Wilshaw stated,

“What we did see was governors going into the school and deciding they would move head teachers out of the school… to promote their own ideas…  [there was a culture which] “made children vulnerable to extremism”

The theme of “unchecked” orthodoxy is recurrent in both Wilshaw’s and Clarke’s statements. The culture was the beliefs of Muslims as gauged by the personal questions Ofsted inspectors have reported to have asked (which mosque do teachers pray at, for instance). Now we have Clarke’s statement:

“…sustained, coordinated agenda to impose segregationist attitudes and practices of a hardline, politicised strain of Sunni Islam” on children in a number of Birmingham schools. A draft of the report, marked as sensitive, states: “Left unchecked, it would confine schoolchildren within an intolerant, inward-looking monoculture that would severely inhibit their participation in the life of modern Britain.”

In fact, the statement sounds like Maajid Nawaz’s definition of extremism in the context of the Shari’ah, which he trotted out in a BBC interview:

“A desire to impose any given interpretation through law.”

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Gilligan, Jewish Schools and the Discriminatory Treatment of the Muslim Minority

There is no doubt that there have been failures, from governance issues to power-play, the problems entail a wide diaspora of issues in schools. The key point is this however: these problems are most certainly not peculiar to one faith, demographic or group. My articles in exposing various details of the attacks on the schools have sought to highlight the discriminatory targeting of the Muslim minority – they have never sought to exonerate any mistakes which have been made, unless there are good reasons in doing so, such as the plethora of lies, twists and distortions which have been peddled in the media.

This neatly brings us to my favourite reporter.  The sock-puppeting “journalist” that is the hype-whore Andrew Gilligan did another piece mainly targeting the Jewish community.

Is Gilligan trying to restore some balance in his reporting by targeting the Jewish community? No Gilligan. One tokenistic piece is nothing compared to the targeted harassment of Muslims you have dished out over the six months and the continued surveillance you or your cronies subject victims too.

Despite some similarities in the allegations made about the Muslim faith schools/madrassas in the UK, and the Jewish schools (that they are insular, non-integrative and “indoctrinating”), there has not been an outcry regarding the Jewish community and the fallaciously constructed possibility of terrorism, despite the fact the British Jews are serving in the IDF. Neither have any of the neocons in Government blustered over the “shocking” revelations which are unseating “British values”, whatever they may be.  After all according to the report, a number of Jewish schools stop teaching secular subjects to focus on yeshivas (religious studies), with Yiddish being the sole language being taught. In spite of this, no allegations, by Gilligan, are made of “hardliners” pushing “hardline” beliefs (as was done in the context of Muslims) and neither was the appellation “extremist” used to describe any of the aspects of the school’s “preaching”. Zionism is taught in their syllabi. Will Wilshaw be forming policy suggestions based on the potentially extremist nature of their curriculums and link it the fact that Zionism is a supremacist ideology which has been condemned as racism?

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The Legacy of the Neocon Failure: Michael Gove

The anti-Muslim, agenda-driven Michael Gove has been removed from his post as Education Secretary and according to the BBC report “fresh faces” needed to be brought to the fore.  With a face like Gove’s, I couldn’t agree more.

A celebratory brief look to his twisted legacy is certainly worthwhile.

The BBC report highlights a few controversies regarding the education reforms, but for the Muslim minority, his notoriety will remain the damage he dealt wholesale from Whitehall on to the schools in Birmingham.  Thanks to his own neocon motives and his idiotic decisions, he has caused a wave of scrutiny upon himself which was only limited to those who knew of the neoconservative threat to Britain.  Over time though, especially due to the Trojan Hoax plot that never was, people will now recall him as:

The Neocon Gove

Gove’s neoconservatism is well known. The ideology which is based upon lies, deception and a capitalisation of the fear of the people, architected or otherwise, is a dangerous one and one which has spread out through the government.

The Anti Muslim, Anti-Islam Agenda-Driven Gove

He wrote of the “Trojan Horse” threat referring to Muslims, in a book (Celsius 7/7) which Geoffrey Wheatcroft described as a “Muslim-bashing diatribe”.  Whitehall officials confirmed that he regards practising Muslims as extremists and is “anti-Islam”.

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Exposed: Evangelical Senior Teacher Behind Channel 5 “Exclusive” on Golden Hillock School


A couple of days ago Channel 5 ran an “exclusive” which stated that officials had ignored warnings over extremism. The comments were made by an “anonymous” former senior teacher at Golden Hillock School, depicted in a shadowy short-clip in which she made her revelations. As with most of the reports regarding the Trojan Hoax allegations, most of the sources have not been named. Wilshaw claims to have spoken to many heads in Birmingham for instance, however, dubiously, he does not mention the names. I say dubiously, because given the agenda of some evangelical teachers in Birmigham, his track record, and affirmations from (non-Muslim) sources that he is a Gove-lackey, an extra level of scrutiny is required with regards to the allegations which come out.

As for the “exclusive”, who is the source for this report?


karenslaterTHSlater is another practising evangelical Christian linked to the controversial Riverside Church and is alleged to be the “whistleblower”. Her background is interesting. Slater had applied for a deputy role at Golden Hillock School against the advice of Matthew Scarrott, the head teacher. Sure enough Slater did not make the grade (much like most of the students who have been let down there for the past 4 years) and fell through the recruitment process against stronger candidates.

The above would generally be sufficient to dismiss her claims as a disgruntled employee getting her own back. However the “plot” thickens.

Matthew Scarrott was married to a Christian Indian lady. According to sources in Birmingham, it is a well-known fact that when the couple separated a close relationship developed between Scarrott and Slater, to the point that even school children in the playground made jokes about them.

In other words, Scarrot and Slater are linked and given the fact that Scarrott is one of the alleged individuals behind the Trojan Horse letter/instigation of the investigations, it is more than a mere coincidence for Slater to come out and add to the chorus of allegations against the schools in Birmingham.

Allegations against Golden Hillock School

Sources in Birmingham have been able to confirm whether the allegations made by Slater have any validity. Many of her allegations distort and ascribe falsities to the school and their governors.

Slater: “they banned sex education, pressured some staff to wear headscarves and ran a campaign to oust non-Muslim senior teachers.”

According to sources in Birmingham who have confirmed with the school, this is a,

“patently false claim which is deliberately designed to feed into the Trojan Horse claims”.

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Exposed: Evangelical Christians Behind Trojan Horse Letter


I would like to state from the outset that the intention of this exposé is not to inflame communities, or to posit one community against another. It is rather to establish the truth which has been the first victim of this war against Muslim-majority schools in Birmingham.

Before delving into the purported names and details of the individuals alleged to have written the Trojan Horse document and actively instigated the Gestapo-esque investigations, it is worth getting some history on the schools in Birmingham.

Most of the schools targeted were previously failing schools.  New governors have come in and results have drastically improved. A governor whose school was one of the schools targeted in the press as well as the Trojan Hoax investigations, highlighted that,

“Traditional leadership were in their comfort zone. There was no sense of a drive for achievement. No real concern that some of schools were hitting barely 30% GCSE pass rates.” 

The reason for this was that the governors consisted of broadly two groups.  The first group were mainly Muslims, who really did not know what their responsibilities entailed.  In many cases in Birmingham, the governors barely spoke English. The second group was somewhat passive; they did not really engage the school teachers, but seemingly made the effort to be there.  For instance, Lynn Morris, a practising Christian and the former principal of Joseph Chamberlain lives in Shropshire, yet would travel down to attend governors meetings at Golden Hillock school. Incidentally, her successor at Joseph Chamberlain College, Elly Tobin, is known to be a “racist” according to employees in the college and has allegations of use of intimidation against employees when her anti-Muslim attitude was brought to the attention of local MPs and the college was investigated in 2011.

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