ISB’s Dangerous Liasons and Usama Hasan’s Neocon Clique-Endorsed Fatwa


My previous articles (here and here) on ISB and the deconstruction of Islam project highlighted the dangers of organisations like ISB which propagate a dumbed-down version of Islam suitably fitting a neocon narrative.

The ISB “luminaries” and others platformed by them who have an agenda to serve their neocon paymasters at the expense of the Muslim minority of Britain has led to an Islam re-engineering industry which seeks to undermine classical scholarship and Islamic orthodoxy through promotion of confusion, selective textual analyses and rendering of sources of Islamic law “weak” or “ambiguous”.

It was highlighted in the previous piece on ISB that perhaps it was the monochromatising of the Colour of Allah producing an insipid Islam tainted with post-modernist deconstructionism which prevented them from issuing a supportive position on the brutal massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.  The articulation of usual excuses of “not in our remit” rhetoric by reformationists like Dilwar Hussain and others as their consciousness struggled to reconcile themselves with the catastrophe in Gaza, came forth. A simple position on Palestine and Gaza against the Zionist entity was tip-toed around and even a drafting of a statement was kicked about by ISB members.

It is perhaps the same “flavour” (to use ISB lingo) of British Islam which has now freely allowed ISB to take a formal stance on the admittedly insane, neocon policy-pretext-perfect ISIS. In a letter drafted by the continually devolving Usama Hasan, the dime-a-piece “scholar” at Quilliam Foundation, key individuals and organisations put their names to calls to ISIS leader for him to desist from his actions.

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Crosspost By: Dr Adnan Siddiqui

As the anniversary to the September 11th attacks approaches, Dr Adnan Siddiqui asks whether or not the British government’s stance on returnees from Syria represents an evolution in thinking from the knee-jerk reaction we saw on that day in America 13 years ago.One can’t help feeling a sense of déjà vu as David Cameron prepares the UK for air strikes against IS­­­and tells the public that we should be prepared for a “generational” conflict. Last year he was saying the same thingabout the war against Al-Qaeda, yet now he is talking about an adversary that even Al-Qaeda has disavowed.As we approach the anniversary of 9/11 and 13 years of the War on Terror one must ask what progress have we made? Are we any safer with the terror threat level being raised last week? Are Afghanistan and Iraq bastions of democracy? After 7/7 and the introduction of the PREVENT and Channel programmes has this stopped, or even reduced, the numbers of young Muslims, both men and women, travelling to conflict zones or ending up in the criminal justice system? We know the answer to all these questions, yet the Government seems to believe that upgrading to the “War on Terror 2.0” and proposing the same solutions will somehow result in a different outcome.
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The Ironies of Neocon Zionist Michael Gove

And so the legacy of the paedophile-apologist, anti-Muslim, virulent neocon Zionist Michael Gove continues.

Recently, Gove made some extremist statements in the context of Israel’s actions.  Gove highlighted the rise in anti-Semitic attacks, which I believe we can all agree is a legitimate concern: attacks against people and their places of worship for who they are, the manifestations of their beliefs is reviled and must be condemned. What is also condemnable is when governments on the basis of their own (neoconservative) ideology formulate Nazi-esque policy to tackle “extremism” explicitly targeting a minority, erode liberties of all citizens in a claimed defence of liberty, and do everything they can to minimise government scrutiny when the breadcrumbs of crime lead to a door on Downing Street.

Gove’s criticism of the BDS movement in the discourse of anti-Semitism smokescreens the reality of the Zionist entity and attempts to delegitimise a legitimate struggle.  The Zionist entity has repeatedly and consistently violated international law in breaching the most fundamental of human rights of the Palestinians.  It has also, to the defiance of the world continued in its characteristic land-grabbing of Occupied Territories.  When a state violates international law, the UN Security Council can be used by States to formulate some response or intervention. This can be military or through the use of economic sanctions (a call made most recently by a Jewish senior MP).  Since the US, France and the UK, are allies of the Zionist entity, any meaningful response to restrain the lunacy exhibited by the Zionist state can be vetoed by any of the three accomplices to the Zionist entity’s crimes.   Any action thus is impossible and the only solution, besides a State invoking its right to military humanitarian intervention, is to engage and promote popular movements to force the offending state to desist.

The BDS movement can be characterised as a popular struggle with an aim to put a stop to the grave human rights violations, brutality against the Palestinian people and complete disregard for any proposed peace processes.

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DfE Refuses to Disclose Whether Tim Boyes Lied

timboyesDfEclaimsDuring my previous blogs exposing allegations against Tim Boyes, which include him being one of the authors of the Trojan Horse letter, his supporters came in the comments section to defend him and somehow refute the article.  My question remained consistent in those comments, but yielded no answer: why did not Tim Boyes repeat his claim to the media and elsewhere that he raised concerns of “hardliners” taking over schools to ministers in 2010?

This was then answered, on the authority of Sir Albert Bore through a source, in a later blog. It is alleged that Boyes did not raise these concerns; he had lied.  He had been gagged by the Department for Education (DfE) with a threat that if any further such false claims were made by Boyes then the DfE would release minutes of the meeting which showed that he actually had not raised such concerns.

A fraught parent, Mohammed Ashraf, who firmly believes his child at Golden Hillock School did not achieve the expected grades because of the Trojan Hoax fiasco, made a Freedom of Information request for those minutes of the meetings. The response? A deflection email which superficially adds credence to Sir Albert Bore’s alleged claims. Continue reading

The Ventriloquism at Park View Trust Post-Trojan Hoax


Park View Trust which was at the centre of the neocon incursion into Birmingham had its governing body dismantled, despite exposing many of the lies which were being pedalled by the media. In a mutual agreement between the governors and the Department for Education, strong assurances were made to governors and parents that there will be transparency in all the process in selecting the new leadership team. As mentioned in a previous blog, Colin Diamond, head of academies and free schools, promised parents and former governors at Park View School, Golden Hillock School and Nansen Primary, that the process of choosing governors would be influenced and driven by the community and parents.

Opaque Appointments and Policies

Parents of children at the school and other sources have confirmed that there is absolutely no transparency at the school. Appointments and policies are being discussed without any consultation or discussion with the parents.

The Executive head of Park View Academy is Adrian Packer. As of now, parents are unaware of how he was appointed. A concerned parent who did not want to be named told my source:

“We have effectively been shut out. It seems after the Trojan horse lies, this is how us Muslims will be treated when it comes to appointing senior members of the leadership of the school.”


Jo Tyler is friends with “whistle-blower” Karen Slater

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My Thoughts on the BBC Trojan Hoax “Debate”

BBCTrojanDebateThroughout my blogs on this farce of epic proportions that has been the Trojan Hoax, I have repeatedly highlighted that despite issues in governance, there has been a discriminatory tone and treatment punctuating the discourse specifically targeting the Muslim minority, architecting a perception that governance-related issues, “nepotism” and other allegations were exclusively a Muslim problem.

As evidenced, nothing has been further from the truth.  Similar allegations against, white, Riverside Church-linked evangelical teachers have been made which in turn has indicated towards a coordinated effort on the part of those, like Karen Slater, formerly of Golden Hillock School (one of the Park View Schools which was scrutinised) and Tim Boyes of Queensbridge School, to malign the Muslim community of Birmingham.  This has fed into an even broader possible plot which would benefit Tim Boyes’ Birmingham Education Partnership in the form of a contract to train governors, a suggestion born from the Peter Clarke report.

I didn’t expect all these revelations of allegations made in my previous blogs to be discussed in the “debate” by the BBC entitled, What Faith in Our Schools? I, perhaps naively, thought there would be a sufficient analysis of the counter-narrative, a critique of the reports and even a call for investigations into the authorship of the Trojan Hoax letter, which has caused so much damage to community cohesion and placed undue stress on schools at the expense of achievement of the pupils. However, the opening presentation of the “debate” set the tone which was maintained throughout the programme, as it downplayed the protests from parents and schools as “some” describing the ridiculous scrutiny as a “witch-hunt”.  If anything, my sources who have been present in the meetings for various campaigns against Michael Gove’s anti-Muslim war against schools, have confirmed that the community at large has been very disturbed and firm in the rebuke of this targeted discrimination.

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