Inside Knowledge of Inspections and “Christian Extremism”


In a previous blog I applied Clarke’s test of an “orchestrated plot” to neocons to ram the Trojan Hoax fiasco in the Muslim minority to achieve the broader aims of cementing the neocon PREVENT strategy into legislation. Anyone with a general awareness of the policies being employed by the government at the foreign and domestic policy level can clearly see this.  The neocons are resurgent.

A recent report shows that there was a “coordinated plot” between Ofsted and one of Michael Gove’s “model superhead”, Rachel De Souza which resulted in the particular schools having advanced time to prepare for the inspections. Michael Gove has said that his ideal schools policy would be to clone De Souza 23,000 times. Continue reading

Humza Arshad – A Bad Man with Bad Strategy?

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When the question amongst the scholarly milieu arose regarding the status of India under British colonialist occupation during the 19th century as to whether the land had become a place of war or not, those scholars who gave a sympathetic view to the British were supported and paraded. This, despite the fact that the British fully knew and acknowledged the correct position according to Islamic jurisprudence was that the land indeed had become a land of war.  The manipulation of religion and people to meet policy ends is nothing new then.

Let us now turn to a question:

How far can you caricaturise a serious issue replacing a detailed discussion with false premises and reductionist one-liners to foster a strategy which has discriminated against the Muslim minority of Britain and set the course for the erosion of liberties and “British values”? If Humza Arshad’s video is anything to go by, very far would be an understatement.

I was planning to write on his video in detail, except that Fahad Ansari has done a better job than I ever could, lucidly enunciating the problems with giving credence or support to the controversial PREVENT strategy, hence I have re-posted it on this blog.

There are a couple of additions I would add.

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Mr Graham Hardy: Threats of Beheading Young Children and Potential Sexual Harassment

Al-Hijrah School, before the forced takeover

Al Hijrah School is an independent Muslim school with an Islamic ethos. Shock and horror, other schools representing other faiths like Orthodox Judaism and Catholic Schools, are also permitted according to law to run their school baseds upon a specific religious ethos.  In some cases they can discriminate, I am told, on even marital status – there have been instances of senior Catholic teachers forced to leave because they have divorced their spouse.

One would think it would be normal to have teachers and governors who would adequately represent this ethos as they are best placed to actualise it. For instance, how would the Jewish community of Stamford Hill react if their school’s entire governing body along with their school’s senior leadership team were replaced with Muslims/Christians/Athiests who would then mock the Jewish ethos?  Not terribly well I would presume.

Al-Hijrah School and the parents of the pupils are suffering worse.  The entirety of the interim-governing body is non-Muslim, and there are growing allegations that the governing body has been actively pushing out Muslim teachers and replacing them with non-Muslim teachers from another school: Calthorpe Academy.

There is a clear atmosphere of intimidation and bullying of the teachers who are afraid to say anything against the Senior Leadership Team, and any complaints which are made are currently falling on deaf ears.

Threats of Decapitation to Children


Graham Hardy has serious allegations against him which need investigating

On either the 15th or 16th of September, Graham Hardy, who is the head of Calthope Academy and who has taken charge of Al-Hijrah, is alleged to have threatened children as young as 6 and 7, that if they did not behave, then he would “chop off” their heads, and on another occasion, chop/pull off their ears.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

Hardy has admitted that he has said these things, but in jest. He has also allegedly confirmed, startlingly, that he has said this on a number of occasion to pupils at Calthorpe who have then gone on to reiterate the same back to him.  One would question what values are being instilled by such an individual.

Parents have complained to David Willey, the Chairman of IEB (Interim Executive Board – the governing body which has taken over), to Social Services in the Council and the Police. However, the response to these shocking allegations have been far from electrifying and somewhat slow. The parents are legitimately asking, what would the response be if it was a Black or Muslim Teacher?

No doubt a spread would have been plastered in the Daily Mail with Headlines “ISIS IN BRITISH SCHOOLS”, whilst Andrew Gilligan would have had another “Trojan Horse Only Tip of Iceberg with Threats of Beheadings” and the full combined force of the EFA, Department for Education and the Birmingham City Council would be applied.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Young Girls Touched Continue reading

Post Trojan Hoax: 10 Asian Teachers Targeted, Favours for Contracts by Riverside Church-Linked Jo Tyler


According to a senior source in Park View Education Trust a total of ten Muslims, and one Sikh have been suspended since the new trustees, again as alleged by the senior source as being regarded as puppets controlled by Colin Diamond and Dave McVean, have taken charge of Park View Education Trust.*

The Return of the Whistle-blower?

The senior source also states that there is reason to believe that the Deputy Head of the school (an Asian) will be replaced and the name being circulated is none other than the “whistleblowing”, notorious Riverside Church-linked, evangelical Karen Slater.

The teaching community in Birmingham feel the suspensions have been deliberately targeted with a lot of them happening on fickle grounds, whilst non-Muslim improprieties are being supressed, overlooked and deflected.

Safeguarding Issues

My sources reveal that very recently, in one particular instance at Golden Hillock School, a white, non-Muslim teacher took Year 10 students on an overnight trip in Wales. In one of the activities the teacher left the group of teenagers in a forest on their own to trek back to their base. In this duration, one of the female students fell and injured herself. Male students then picked her up and took her to the nearby roadside, flagged an anonymous car down and went with the stranger to a farmhouse to ring the teacher as there was no reception in the forest. An argument broke out between a male and female student at which point the female student was also molested. Continue reading

Sara Khan: The Feminist Who Abused Women in the Pages of the Sun


Sara Khan’s credentials have taken a battering with her latest attempts at “tackling extremism”.  Her links with Quilliam illuminaries and her endorsement of all things reformationist, have completely ruined her credibility amongst the mainstream Islamic community. Much can be written about Sara Khan and her organisation, Inspire. And I mean a lot. Her reformationist outlook which spills into marginalising (and here) the mainstream within the Muslim minority who uphold an alternate view to her, the endless “news” on ISIS and “extremism” in the news section, but complete silence on the issue of Gaza (and the comparative inactivity and inaction against the Zionist state of Israel – a possible factor in “radicalisation”), support from devolved reformationists like Usama Hasan and of course, how can we forget the Trojan Hoax plot – her diatribe recycles the lies and twists and even positively cites discredited anti-Muslim Andrew Gilligan. And that’s just a superficial anlaysis of  her “work”.

Her latest charade involves her “Making a Stand” against ISIS, with the full support of David Cameron and Theresa May, both “extremists” using the PREVENT defintion and both of whom want to scrap the Human Rights Act to the rebuke of more reputable human rights organisations. No campaigns against them Sara? Continue reading

Maryam Namazie – Anti-Religion Hate Preachers come to Town

Crosspost: Kamran Ijaz

Fanatics from anti-Muslim organisations have sought to make life very difficult for countless everyday innocent, law-abiding Muslim Britons for years. They have done this by campaigning for restrictions of their civil liberties (such as what clothes Muslims choose to wear, or what they teach their children), or inciting hatred against Islamic organisations in the media and the authorities.

The Council of Ex Muslims is one such organisation that purposefully targets mainstream Islamic organisations – those dedicated to providing a balanced message of Islam.  They do this through various campaigns of ideological hatred such as inciting the distrust of religious communities and organisations through their various events.

One of their events is being held over this weekend at an esteemed Hotel in London, entitled The Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights.  Below is a short synopsis of some of the writings and speeches of the CEMB and one of its main speakers – Maryam Namazie.

Maryam Namazie: Ideological Hate Preacher

The CEMB consists of members who describe themselves as “ex-Muslims”. The organisation has been set up to challenge religious orthodoxy and normative Islamic traditions and values.

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