French Shooting of Jews and Mental Instability


Someone asked me what I thought of the incident in France where a person, conveniently to the agenda of the right-wing shot a few Jews including children.  My reply was thus:

“I consider these acts, the same as the 2011 Norway attacks by right-wing, EDL influencing extremists and the act by Americans on the lands and homes of the Muslims of Iraq and and Afghanistan, as well as the acts of the Israelis against the Palestinians.  The only difference is the response to these attacks.  The West views the French attacks as an ideologically instigated act only, whereas the reports related to the Norway attacks are dampened by supposed reports of mental instabily.

In sum when non-Muslims do it, they are mentally unstable, when Muslims do it, it can only be the violent ideology known to humanity as Islam.  I find that somewhat discriminatory, not against Muslims but against the mentally disabled. Using the far-right’s logic, surely they must all be terrorists.

*This was written closer to the time of the incident but not published until now.


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