A Musical Chance


Music. It is the distillation of the desire of people and it rouses the emotions and/or desires of others. Islam, as every other facet of life, has given us guidance on this particular act.  Whilst a minute , albeit vocal minority has declared the usage of musical instruments and singing permissible, the vast majority of the scholars of this Ummah have declared it impermissible.

Suppose a person suffered from a potentially fatal injury.  The doctors inform him that there are two possible procedures which could save his life.  The first has a 80 percent chance of success. The second, though has proven to be effective, has a 20 percent chance of success. Which would be the rational choice?

Now we have an act which can affect our Iman depending on the ruling. Between one opinion which declares it haram (the overwhelming majority) and one which declares it halal (a minute minority – in fact, a view and rationale based upon a defunct school of fiqh), which would be the most prudent choice?

For the objective individual the answers are not exactly difficult.  What is difficult is to attain that objectivity.  Those who listen to music, qawwalis, the facade that are the “nasheeds” today, their reliance on these forms of haram expression taints their rationality.

May Allah give us the ability to realise that which is most pleasing to him. Ameen.  I will over the coming posts slowly elaborate the arguments promulgated in favour of music, expounding at the same time the weaknesses of this particular opinio juris. I finish with the statement of a man who placed Islam before everything else in his application of law and order in his role as Khalif, Umar bin Abdul Aziz (Rahimahullah):

Their [musical instruments] beginning is from Shaytan and their end is the anger of Al-Rahman.


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