To My Brother, Maajid Nawaz – Continued


Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh brother Maajid,

I have tried to contact you a couple of times on Twitter. Please do forgive me if it seems like I am harassing you. That is not my intention.

You mentioned you would appreciate a dialogue so let us have one in-sha’a Allah. I have already pasted my email address for your convenience in a tweet so we can have a thorough conversation. I would like to stay away from the term dialogue, or discussion as this presupposes that I wish to contend with you. By Allah, this is not in fact what I wish to achieve by contacting you.

A hearty conversation from one brother to another, nothing more. It may be a naïve wish but I hope to see you become like Imam Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak (rahimahulla) became; a genuine, sincere leader of the people, a people who see you and are reminded of Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala. You have the capacity for greatness my brother. You are a man of intellect, I am certain you know this. I am waiting. The Messenger, Saeedul Anbiya, Muhammad sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam, is waiting.  He Whose Mercy encompasses all, Al-Haleem is waiting.

I pray for you in my du’aat regularly, I request the same from you my brother. Please forgive me if I have upset you, or offended you in any way. May Allah subhanhu wa ta’aala have mercy on you and me. Ameen.

I look forward to hearing from you, preferably via my email address in the aforementioned tweet.


Your beloved brother in Islam.


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