Richard Johnlittle’s Little Mind: Understanding His Bigoted Satire

Nazi propaganda against the Jewish People

Legoland has been hired out to a radical paedophile Rabbi for a ‘Family Fun Day’. Maybe that’s ‘Fun’ as in Jewish ‘Fundamentalism’.

Rabbi Padwa leads the Stamford Hill-based Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, and is in favour of turning Stamford Hill into a Jewish state.

Rabbi Padwa is an enthusiastic supporter of Israeli apartheid policies, is against marriages to shiksas and shegetz, homosexuals are criminals and those who leave Judaism should be stoned to death (Deuteronomy 13:6–10).

The Jews against Israel, of the moderate, the Neturei Karta, said: ‘Like all extreme Judaists, he uses fascist language about non-Zionists and refuses to sit next to women on the bus.’

Rabbi Padwa’s repugnant views are as abhorrent to mainstream Jews as they are to the rest of us and have led to him being boycotted by academics.

8am Morning prayers. Conducted by the former toddler-killer, Ariel Sharon, live by satellite from his grave.

9am Coaches leave for Legoland. Males and females to travel on separate coaches. Strictly no fraternisation, no iPods and only kosher phones being allowed. Anyone found with a bacon sandwich will be burned.

9.50am Coaches approach Parliament Square. As Big Ben strikes ten, IDF forces, en route to Wailing Wall, will bomb mosques. In the event of heavy traffic, he will launch air-strikes on hospitals and schools.

10.30am Arrive Legoland, Windsor. Coaches containing women and girls to use segregated car park and entrance at rear. Guests are reminded that music and dancing are punishable by death. Non-kosher mobile phones which can call and surf the web are also prohibited, because the security personnel may accidentally shoot each other.

11am Mid-morning prayers, conducted by Mad Mel. Today, she calls for all Jewish apostates and self-hating Jews living in Britain to be stoned to death, with Lego.

Midday Lunch in the Legoland family Kosher restaurant. Unfortunately, all meals have been cancelled because it is Yom Kippur and therefore is a fast day. Anyone caught attempting to smuggle in a Mars Bar or kofti kebab under their Sheitel will be executed.

1pm Community chanting. Netanyahu leads the family funsters in a popular chorus of ‘death to human rights in Palestine, Death to the Muslims!’ The quartermaster of the Stamford Hill branch of the IDF will be handing out leaflets showing how to disguise Semtex as bricks  of Lego and give them to Palestinian children before blowing them up.

2pm Members of the Israeli Stamford Hill defence force will stage a Gaza-style attack on the Windsor Legoland Resort Hotel. Includes instruction in how to build phosphorous grenades out of Lego.

3pm Guests assemble at the Palestinian Shores attraction, where they will be treated to a re-enaction (sic) of a flotilla raid. Thrill to the true story of the evil flotilla carrying evil aid to assist the enemy, as brave IDF freedom fighters defeat the might of the Great Satan’s “humanitarians” and kill unarmed civilians.

4pm Afternoon prayers, conducted by Regev, live via internet from the occupied Territories of West Bank. Followed by a seminar on how Lego can be used to increase settlements and rob Palestinians of their olives and dates.

4.30pm All girls to report to the Kingdom of the Beta Israelis for full FGM inspection. All boys to report to the IDF recruiting tent outside the Promised Land for onward transportation to the usurped farms of the Palestinians.

5pm Practical demonstration on how to take model photos while standing over dead bodies and persecuting Palestinian children. Younger children will be taught how to build walls and checkpoints to prevent pregnant Palestinians from going to hospitals.

5.30pm Early evening prayers (women and girls only), conducted by the infamous IDF pole dancers, live by satellite phone from their safe house in Israel. Their sermon tonight: ‘how to pole dance your way to human rights violations’ She will also give helpful advice on how lessons learned during the Bait Hanoun Massacre can be applied to any future attack on women and children.

6pm All visitors to assemble at the Imagination Centre, where a member of the Stamford Hill IDF will demonstrate sniping pregnant women made out of Lego and missile attacks on the al-Aqsa Mosque, striking a blow at the heart of the Islam.

7pm The spectacular climax of our Family Fun Day. First, fireworks and a bonfire complete with burning  effigies of Yassar Arafat, John Kerry and that twerking harlot Miley Cyrus, all made from Lego.

As the flames rise high into the night sky, our spiritual leader Rabbi Padwa will symbolically enter into a Mosque and kill all the people praying in there as a celebratory reminder of the Temple Mount Massacre of 1990. We hope you all have a fun day.


What would you regard the above as? Racist? Vitriol hatred? Does it remind you of Joseph Goebbels? Nazi-esque propaganda against the Jewish? Anti-Semitic?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then I wholeheartedly agree. It is disgusting. It is unacceptable and is written in a fashion to inflame hatred against a community.

Replace “Jewish”, “Judaism” and “Rabbi” in the above with “Muslim”, “Islam” and cherry-picked individuals and events of a political nature, apply gross distortions and lies and you have what Richard Littlejohn has done to the Muslim minority of the UK. If it is not acceptable for the Jewish community it is not acceptable to the Muslim minority of the UK.

Richard also needs to read the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (1966) Article 20(2) which stipulates:

Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.


DISCLAIMER: The above is to appreciate the magnitude of the issue and nothing more. All forms of racism, which includes anti-Semitism is to be rejected in all its guises. Discriminatory treatment against any minority which includes the Muslim Minority in Britain, is to be rejected.


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