Corporal Punishment in Jewish School – No Major News Spread Like Muslim Schools

Image from the Hackney Gazette of the Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School in Lampard Road, Stamford Hill

Slapping of the hands, threats to pupils, social and cultural development inadequate, reception classes without adult supervision, history, geography, science, technology and physical education inadequate, an unengaging school (this is my own personal twist on the fact that the school declined to comment – in the Indo-Pak region, we call this “applying masala”, to spice up the news so to speak. Something which is the British media, especially the Neocon papers, do on a daily basis).

Now that is some serious ammo to fire through the media guns at the Muslim community.  The only problem is that the above applies to a Jewish school.

You can imagine the case if it was a Muslim school. In fact you do not even have to imagine it. We know with the recent case of Al-Madinah school in Derby how the media and the government would have reacted.  A mandatory spread in Daily Mail ensued where mentions of Hijabs and “Islamic studies” were made even though they made no material contribution to the report. “Muslim”, “Islamic” and “Dysfunctional” are indeed present in the headline along with a sensationalist verbiage: “forced wearing of headscarves”.  The Neocons even managed to drag in “Taliban” and “Shari’ah” into the discussion!

More to the point, no major news outlet which I commonly check reported this Ofsted report. Not a single one. I conducted a casual search on five major news websites with the search term Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School. The results of the searches are at the end of this article.

Even after a session of Googling, as of the publishing of this article and 16 days after the Ofsted report was first published, only one, relatively obscure local news outlet reported these failings. Only one.

With the Madinah School failings, all of the above news outlets and more published the findings and added their own masala in the process to further put pressure on the Muslim community as a whole.

Granted there are failures, let’s be clear, this is by no means a defence of the failures in schools.  But there is an, in-your-face blatant media and government highlighting of reports related to Muslims. Where the very same failings exist or occur in a different minority, there is a deafening silence from the media and the government.

This constitutes discriminatory treatment against the Muslim Minority of Britain in accordance with Human Rights Instruments, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), ICCPR (1966) and a sane mind. Which is lacking when it comes to the treatment of Muslims.


Screenshots of the search results returned:


The Daily Mail search results


The Guardian search results returned a strange excel file


The Independent search results


The Telegraph search results


The BBC News search results


The Times website was too shocked at the search terms and decided to just not work at all


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