The Pleasured Optic Nerve: GCHQ Webcam Spying and the Surveillance State

It has been revealed by the Snowden documents and Guardian that GCHQ has been collecting images from webstreams, without consent from users nor with the knowledge of Yahoo! The appropriately named Operation “Optic Nerve” collected images, including sexually explicit material, totalling 1.8 million in a span of sixth months alone.

The domain of consent has been ripped away from the people and firmly planted into the hands of some dangerously capable and untrustworthy hands. For those who argued along the lines of “we have nothing to hide they can check my mail and my messages” can now comprehend the danger of such an argument. The slippery slope it leads to is what it has now culminated in: surveillance in our homes at any time without our knowledge. The irony is that, when it comes to the government revealing it’s secrets, it has done everything to prevent such scrutiny.

The Government is to be transparent and public and the lives of the people private. The situation we now have is that the people are now completely transparent to the point of nudity, and the government is becoming more and more opaque.

If we hadn’t hit the Orwellian nightmare with the amount of CCTV cameras in Britain, silencing of activists and journalists, we have now, with the intrusion, without our knowledge, in our homes.


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