Borris Johnson the Child Snatcher Needs to Have His Own Child Taken into Care


With presumption of criminality continuously being applied to Muslims, Borris Johnson added a further attack on the Muslim Minority, this time in the guise of targeting Muslim children and snatching them away from their parents.

Typically, his language is ambiguous and broad-brushed as usual, which widens the remit with regards to the target audience.  The critical issue with his suggestion to begin with is that his column cites Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale to lead into his opportunistic discussion on how to tackle extremism, itself a term which is so broad that Theresa May could be called an extremist. This point though, will be expounded upon another day.

His solution, similar to how the Nazi’s would forcibly kidnap children and “Germanise” them, seems to be to remove potentially radical children from their homes. The two Michaels though, had Christian parents and one of them frequented the Church regularly. Perhaps it was his latent violent Christian urges which were carried into his new faith of Islam. If this sounds baseless, then the theories propounded by PREVENT and Borris Johnson are based upon far shakier notions.

Following Hitler’s “simplify and propagate” strategy, Borris equates what he calls “Islamic radicalisation” (which he fails to define and blurs ambiguously with the two Michaels), paedophilia, and FGM.  He concludes that the failure to intervene in these cases have led to children suffering.

He calls FGM an evil thing, yet he again simplifies the types of FGM into the worst one and ascribes it implicitly to Muslims. Furthermore, besides being an absolutely disgusting equivalency between paedophilia and Islam, he forgets one thing; Church related paedophilia has reached an epidemic.  However there have been no “deradicalisation” initiatives, no PREVENT programmes to counter this extremism, and all the while children are continually suffering, and their lives being destroyed. All under the possible protection of the Pope.

In a true case of Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? (Matthew 7:3, something I learned in my Church of England school), a whistleblower has leaked that his Police superiors warned him not to investigate certain paedophile suspects, including a senior politician and a judge. According to him the justice system is “rotten to the core”:

I was called into the office of a very senior officer and told what I was doing would damage the police.

He warned me to keep my mouth shut. It left me a broken man. Any system that patronises this behaviour is corrupt, rotten to the core.      

This is the very system Borris wants Muslim children, based upon their own legitimate beliefs, to be ripped from their homes into a child stealing system, watched over by a justice system which covers up governmental child abuse. Great suggestion Borris.

Finally, Borris has been involved in affairs, from which he even fathered a child.  This recklessness has serious consequences.  According to one researcher, the effect of extra-marital affairs on the child from the age of 5 include the following,

  • Nightmares
  • Behavioural problems and regressive behaviour such as bed-wetting and thumb sucking
  • Depression and sickness
  • Drink/drugs problems
  • Isolation in school because of their parents being called “slags” or “whores”
  • Problems sustaining relationships.
  • When they become adults, they may have problems with intimacy

There is more and those wanting to read the full extent of the damage can refer to the findings here. In short the effects on the child can be devastating.  I think some intervention by the child care services is due here, because in the words of the researcher,

There’s something badly wrong with society when we put our entitlement to sexual stimulation and release above the needs of our children.

Borris, is a sex extremist who needs deradicalisation. His child, due to the possible psychological effects of his selfish escapades, should be taken into care to avoid psychological damage, which may lead him to becoming a rapist or a killer or even both.  In his own words,

We can have a great, glorious, polychromatic society, but we must be firm to the point of ruthlessness in opposing behaviour that undermines our values

Which includes family values.

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