“Jihadist” School Takeover Plot a Fabrication

Source: BBC

It seems, going by the constant barrage of reports in the media that the Muslims are taking over everything. First it was the courts, then it was the whole of Britain, and now it is a smaller scale incursion into the depths of the unconquered realm of the education system. Or so the media would have you believe.

The reality is that whenever such reports materialise, the Muslim minority as a whole looks at the report and attempts decipher the motive of the report.  Despite the Muslim minority not subscribing to such hyperbole, it usually takes one unrepresentative, financially motivated sycophantic individual to be interviewed claiming baseless validity to establish such nonsense as a truth.

The “Jihadist school takeover plot” has been eloquently responded to by Tahir Alam. Now however, it has taken an interesting turn. A turn which leads to a conclusion already reached by the Muslim minority: it is nothing more than a smear against Muslims.  The Times has reported that there are serious inconsistencies in the plot which points to fabrication.  Below are some of the excerpts from the report:

The document appears to show that the conspirators were working to remove a primary school headmistress who was actually dismissed 20 years ago.

The document references a case study of Noshaba Hussain as being one of the recent successful targets. However this has found to be a lie:

Ms Hussain was dismissed in 1994. Raghib Ahsan, a former Labour councillor for the area who went on to become chairman of governors at the school, was astonished to be told about the claim in the letter. “That’s a total lie,” he said: “We got rid of Noshaba Hussain. There was no religious issue…”

Parents were unhappy because she had no previous paid experience teaching primary pupils. She was removed when education chiefs found inaccuracies on her application form, the Local Government Chronicle reported.

The crudeness of the apparent forgery is underlined by another error. The letter identifies two Birmingham schools where the plotters claim credit for removing head teachers late last year. However, the author appears to have muddled up their departure dates.
Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said yesterday: “Clearly some very serious allegations have been made. They required investigation but the idea that there was an organised plot . . . seemed far-fetched.”

In short then, “Operation Trojan Horse” is in fact “Operation Smear Campaign” targeting the Muslim minority. The reports try to single out “Salafi” Muslims but it is in fact a latent attack against the Muslim minority as the practices mentioned once again are views and practices held by the Muslim minority as a whole (see the BBC article for instance which explicitly quotes valid beliefs and practices in a sinister context thus delegitimising them and those who hold them).

Will we see the same level of media coverage as was given in publicising this report, to this report being a total farce?  I very much doubt it. Does this constitute minority discrimination? I have no doubt it does.


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