David Cameron Highlights “Islamist Extremism” in the Land of “Jewishist Extremism”

Photograph: Kobi Gideon/EPA

In his visit to Netanyahu, David Cameron couldn’t control his innate neoconservatism and proceeded to target Islam once again in his speech, this time rather symbolically in the Muslim land of al-Quds, and specifically Jerusalem.  He claimed that the,

“Danger and threat of Islamist extremism… must be combatted”

An Islamist extremist as defined by everyone but normative, orthodox Islam and Muslims, is a Muslim who “deem[s] Western intervention in Muslim-majority countries as a ‘war on Islam’, creating a narrative of ‘them’ and ‘us’. They seek to impose a global Islamic state governed by their interpretation of Shari’ah as state law, rejecting liberal values such as democracy, the rule of law and equality”

In short if you oppose the illegal British intervention in the US led pillaging of Iraq, if you oppose the failed invasion of Afghanistan and interpret it as a war on Islam, you are worthy of being  marginalised and even jailed for your beliefs. If you also happen to posit the khilafa as an obligation, and consider the primacy of the Shari’ah as an imperative, rejecting the materialistically founded liberal values, then you will need to be countered and your rights to hold this belief curtailed.  In other words if you subscribe to an alternate world view which happens to be rooted in an Islamic paradigm, the absolute, non-derogable right  to hold any belief or thought is being violated.

The definition of “extremism” has been dealt with in an earlier blog. It suffices here to say that officials of the government such as Theresa May, fall foul of their own definition and violate principles of democracy and rule of law.

So what is the significance of the above? Netanyahu recently imposed a condition on Mahmoud Abbas insisting that he recognises Israel as a Jewish state.  The entire foundational premise of Israel is theologically based and this recent demand reinforces this notion. It annexes the Jews to the Land of Israel based upon a scriptural reading. Even the orthodox religious Jews are exerting a massive influence on the government of Israel.

In other words the selection of Palestinian Muslim land through Judaism as a religion has been used to drive a racist political ideology (Zionism) to establish a Jewish state of Israel.  Zionism far exceeds the definition of “Islamist extremism”, as embedded in the philosophy are aparthied and resultant racial supremacy of the Jewish people, in the context of Israel, over the Palestinian people. The manifestation of it, is the invasion of Muslim land and the non-compliance with restrictive UN resolutions, crimes against humanity and violations of international law.

What is more is that British Israelis have gone and fought in wars against the Palestinians in which International war crimes have been perpetuated. There are no discussions of a blow back of Jewish extremism however. And why would there by when Prime Minister has given support to everything Jewish. In terms of Jewish practices as per his Knesset speech, he stated,

“The Jewish community has been an absolute exemplar in integrating into British life in every way but integration doesn’t mean that you have to give up things that you hold very dear in your religion”

The same vigorous support is not afforded to the Muslim minority of Britain.  His support also includes the right to bomb a group of people (Palestinian Muslims) into an abyss (and thereby violating the principle of proportionality).

It could be argued that British Israelis are nationals fighting for a national army, however the truth is that in the case of Muslims fighting in Syria, they are fighting against an oppressor who has committed war crimes and perpetrated gross human rights violations. In the case of Israel, British Israelis are joining an army which has conducted war crimes for a state which is a known violator of international human rights instruments and a violator of International law.  This is something which even David Cameron acknowledged in his Knesset speech albeit in a manner pandering to Israel:

An end to the ridiculous situation where last year the United Nations General Assembly passed 3 times as many resolutions on Israel as on Syria, Iran and North Korea put together.

So Cameron, no talk of fighting Jewishist Extremisms?  Of course not, his Jewish heritage coupled with his poisonous neoconservative ideology will ensure the preservation of the Israeli outrages even it means maintaining the hypocritical and discriminatory stance against Islam and Muslims in Britain and the rest of the world.

The treatment of Muslims in policy and in practice, especially with the recent huge number of arrests of Muslims coming back from Syria based on “suspicion of terrorist activities” is testimony to a growing fact, that the Muslim minority is being targeted and discriminated against. Cameron to the Knesset stated,

“I want every child in Britain to learn about the Holocaust and to understand just how vital it is to fight discrimination and prejudice in our world.

Fitting hypocrisy coming from the man who, in the name of fighting “Islamic extremism” (yes, Islamist extremism became Islamic extremism in his Knesset speech), is creating the prime climate which existed for Jews pre-holocaust in Nazi Germany, for the Muslims in Britain. He has ensured a climate of fear through the PREVENT taskforce, curtailed the rights of law-abiding Imams who have orthodox beliefs, attacked Muslim practices and fostered the right-wing to promulgate media propaganda which rivals Joseph Goebbels efforts.

The greater threat to British values is not the manufactured Islamist extremist. It is the policy emanating from neoconservative elitist club driving the government and media in synchrony which is decimating the Habeas Corpus, principles of rule of law and democracy.

There is a danger and threat which needs to be combatted. The danger and threat exasperated by David Cameron to the Muslim minority, needs to be combatted.


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