Birmingham Schools Investigation: Michael Gove’s Neocon Coup of the Department for Education/Ofsted


In my recent Facebook page update I remarked how though everyone assumed Quilliam’s involvement, it had now had been proven. This is of course, just the tip of the iceberg. The latest report on this issue, by Assed Baig, spells out a most of the neocon-linked personnel infiltrating influential government positions.

Anti-Muslim/Neocons links with the DfE

According Baig’s report, a former Quilliamer, Ishtiaq Hussain left in 2009 to work for the Department of Education (DfE). He is currently now one of the lead investigators, investigating a baseless plot in the Birmingham schools.

DfE employees have gone on to serve at the notorious, Muslim-hating Henry Jackson Society:

In 2012 Emily Dyer joined the Henry Jackson Society leaving the DfE where she worked Higher Executive Officer for the Preventing Extremism Unit, where she wrote several papers on extremism within educational settings.  Before working at the DfE she worked at Policy Exchange where Gove was a founding chairman.”

The other person being consulted is “ex-Muslim” Maryam Namazie, whose views on Islam are as follows:

“Religion should come with a health warning like cigarettes: ‘religion kills.’”

“there is a distinction to be made between religions in general and Islam in particular, but for no other reasons than that it is the ideology behind a far-Right regressive political movement…”

“Moreover, when it comes to the veil, much more needs to be done than banning the burqa and neqab and the veil from public spaces. The veil is a symbol like no other of what it means to be a woman under Islam – hidden from view, bound, and gagged.”

And more in context with the current discussion:

“Faith schools must be abolished. Religion in general and Islam more so because of the rise of Islamism, indoctrinates children – often violently.”

So why are government officials asking a person with such repugnant views about Islam and more specifically completely antithetical to schools linked to Islam about the Birmingham schools fiasco? It is like asking Joseph Goebbels for a PR statement on Jews.

Neocon Intervention in Ofsted

What is even more pertinent is the continued neocon takeover in various parts of the Government. As a result of this infiltration the Department for Education and Ofsted have been compromised, which at least explains why Ofsted has been behaving so unethically. According to one report,

Lady Morgan hit out after she was told she would not be appointed for a second three-year term in the autumn, claiming that she was the victim of a “determined effort from No 10” to remove her.

A source close to Mr Laws, a key ally of Mr Clegg, said: “David is absolutely furious at the blatant attempts by the Tories to politicise Ofsted.

“The decision to get rid of Sally Morgan had absolutely nothing to do with her abilities, or even education policy, and everything to do with Michael Gove’s desire to get his own people on board.

From another similar report,

He said Mr Laws is being “undermined” by his own secretary of state who is attempting to take Ofsted in a “political direction”.

Like the Charity Commission, the Ofsted has become victim to neocon political ventriloquism. And the person pulling the strings is the veteran neocon, Henry Jackson Society-linked, anti-Muslim, Michael Gove. He is the author of Celsius 7/7 which Geoffrey Wheatcroft referred as a “Muslim-bashing diatribe”.

Despite Baroness Morgan’s tenure ending in autumn, the question remains, who is really in control of Ofsted? The extent of the neocon coup does not end here however.

Neocon Coup of DfE

Allowing the row triggered by the sacking of the Ofsted head to cool off, Michael Gove appointed his 28-year old policy adviser, Tom Shinner to the very senior, circa-£105,000-a-year position of Director of Strategy for the DfE. His biography highlights his career as a qualified secondary school teacher and of course policy advisor to Gove no-less.

In comparison to the previous Director of Strategy, his experience is practically non-existent.

Shinner was however the co-founder and vice-chair of governors Greenwich free school in Southeast London (before being moved into his current position like a chess piece). Michael Gove had previously praised the school as a success.

According to the Ofsted report for the school, published a few days ago, the school has received the second lowest Ofsted rating in its first assessment. The report highlighted some serious issues:

“Lower-ability students fall behind in some lessons because the teaching does not cater for their needs. In addition, disabled students and those with special educational needs are not achieving the standards they are capable of in English and mathematics.”

There are other issues of concern with the school. In sum then, the man instigating the DfE investigation (Michael Gove) in Birmingham schools, targeting Muslims, is the same man who,

a)      Hypocritically praised a poorly-rated school run by his policy advisor (Tom Shinner)

b)      Appointed his own pawn/policy advisor without merit, as the Director of Strategy for the DfE

c)       Also happens to be linked to an additional former DfE employee through the Henry Jackson Society/Policy Exchange, Emily Dyer.

There is little doubt his pawns, Shinner and Dyer, will be exercised fully by Gove in his “targeting” of the Birmingham schools. As if Michael Gove had any credibility with the Muslim minority, his integrity is now completely shattered in general. Can such a man be fit to be the Secretary of State for Education when he is openly anti-Muslim and his philosophy is based on deception and manipulation (neoconservatism), aspects he as exemplified through his manoeuvring-in of key individuals into strategic official positions in the government to the dismay and shock of other MPs, not on the basis of merit but on the basis of ideology?

Furthermore, can the institutions, which have been compromised by this neocon coup be trusted to investigate matters objectively? Or will they simply seek out to establish the neocon narrative of “Islamist extremism” as espoused by Michael Gove, William Shawcross, Douglas Murray and the Henry Jackson Society? If the reports regarding the irregular behaviour of Ofsted are anything to go by, it would seem the latter is the case and the DfE will yield a similar, biased result.

Neocons, neocon-sympathisers and outright Islam-haters have been rallied into attack the Birmingham Muslim minority.  Government institutions are being used and abused for political purposes to pursue a dangerous political agenda. There are MPs, thinkers and academics who know this is happening. Indeed they have suffered through the foul play of the neocons. The time is nigh for them, and the broader British community, to stand up against one of the greatest threats to Britain: neoconservatism.

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