UK Government Tyranny – the Islamist Extremism Smokescreen and the Blusterous Neocons


Some of the members of the Neocon cabal threatening British values

In a recent article, which is a textbook example of lies, twists, distortions and a perpetuation of the old British policy of divide and conquer (Salafi/Sufi divide) – all of which have been pretty much exposed on this blog – the Telegraph writer Charles Moore argues that “a weak establishment is letting Islamists threaten British values”.

Of course he uses the common premise currently with all the neocon politicians and supporters, from Michael Gove to even Tony Blair, and that is the fabricated “Trojan horse” plot, which has been rejected by the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of Birmingham. The only exception in Birmingham is the lone voice of  the known neocon Khalid Mahmood who is also most likely perpetuating the hyper simplistic Sufi/Salafi divide. Why he may be doing this is going to be the subject of a future blog.

I have to partially agree with Moore though, there is certainly a weak establishment. But it is not letting Islamists threaten British values. It is the deafeningly silent ignorance regarding the government penetration of neoconservatism through the likes of William Shawcross, George Osborne and Michael Gove, which has not only threatened, but already decimated British values. One only needs to glance at the signatories to the Statement of Principles of the Henry Jackson Society, the anti-Muslim neocon organisation, to see the number of MPs involved.  This neocon overt policy drive is all happening under the pretext of the smokescreen of “Islamist extremism”.

We have already witnessed how the government has repeatedly prevented government scrutiny, a hallmark of modern democracies. We have seen how there has been a concerted effort to repeal the Human Rights Act and specifically the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights as it was preventing the neocon Theresa May from freely committing human rights abuses. We have also seen how Theresa May was secretly, without judicial scrutiny and on the basis of pure suspicion, stripping nationalities and having British citizens drone-attacked. GCHQ mass surveillance has been exposed to the shock and dismay of the public. In the Muslim context, it has been leaked that there is a document listing 25 Imams in possession of the government which is intended to restrict their rights despite them not having broken laws. Recently I have been writing about how neocons have been manoeuvred into influential positions, especially in the case of the Charity Commission and the Department for Education/Ofted, in order to remove scrutiny of neocon organisations and to now fulfil the function of demonising Muslim charities and Muslim majority schools. Then of course you have the PREVENT policy and the Channel programme, which human rights organisation CAGE says, creates a “cradle to grave police state”.

As Sarah Harrison, the investigations editor states, the government is riding “roughshod over our traditions”.

All this and more has been happening under the force of the neoconservative elements within the current establishment.

Whenever the above incidents have happened, the government and the media have worked in synchrony to perpetuate some sort of deflection tactic, usually in the form of smearing a high-profile personality organisations thus providing tacit justification to the government’s tyrannical policies and actions.

In the past month there has been a much more aggressive propaganda against the Muslim minority using the Islamist extremism agenda. Deconstruction of the Quilliam-developed, fallacious, and widely incriminating description, “Islamist extremists” has already been done on this blog many times, yet still we see it being used to reinforce the neocon policy of ruling through fear. As Canadian academic, Drury states regarding the father of modern day neoconservatism, Leo strauss

“…endorse[s] Machiavellian tactics in politics – not just lies and manipulation of public opinion, but every manner of unscrupulous conduct necessary to keep the masses in a state of heightened alert, afraid for their lives and their families, and therefore willing to sacrifice themselves for the nation.”

Mayor of Hamlet, Lutfur Rahman has been in the “Islamist-link” spotlight once again through the neocon media. Tony Blair, a neocon through policy and action and a war criminal, in his recent speech blamed the world’s problems on “Islamist extremism” calling it a “dangerous and corrosive” ideology, despite admitting that it is not necessarily a violent one. Of course the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood, who in the face of violence did not respond with violence, would drive a horse and cart through such a notion. The Ofsted, now a compromised political tool and feeling the neocon pressure has been conducting itself in an incredibly biased and procedurally irregular manner. Michael Gove, the neocon extremist has then launched a government level investigation into the Birmingham Muslim schools fiasco and has appointed the highly controversial Charity Commission board member and ex-Counter Terrorism Unit head Peter Clarke to lead the investigation. William Shawcross the anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist neocon Charity Commission Head, admitting the threat is small has stated that nevertheless we need to deal with the “Islamist threat” and legal powers of the Charity Commission (which are going to be open to further abuse through the targeting of the Muslim minority) should be increased to deal with such a “threat”.

In short, the very people who adhere to the neoconservative philosophy of deception and ruling through fear and whom have been heading the British government towards tyranny through erosion of liberties and removing government scrutiny have been in a symphony shouting “fire! fire!” in a perceived threat of the architected “Islamist extremism”.

I remember listening to a John Pilger documentary, in which he stated that before the liberal West engages in war, there has always been a concerted effort through the media to comprehensively vilify and demonise the people and leaders of the particular nations they wish to attack, be they Communists, Vietnamese, Iraqis or Afghanis. In light of the aforementioned, it would seem the neocon lobby is preparing the ground for something big.

From Cameron’s recent pandering through to the Church to the vociferous propaganda against in essence, large parts of the Muslim minority, the Conservative party is trying desperately hard to lay down the foundations in the local elections for the general elections next year. After isolating the working-classes/UKIP crowd with the Islamist Extremism rhetoric, which is intrinsically linked to immigration and the attack on the European Court of Human Rights, the neoconservative elements are attempting to pull the UKIP crowd. The “hardened” approach is a possible response to the dwindling support of the Conservative-UKIP pact. After all, members of the neocon club that is the Henry Jackson Society have supported UKIP and have urged the Conservative party to work with them. Raheem Kassam stated last year that not working with UKIP cost the Conservatives the General Elections. Conservatives should work with UKIP as “by 2015, there will be little other choice.” He goes on,

“By late 2014, if not earlier, Conservatives should be in talks with UKIP counterparts.”

Douglas Murray, the Muslim-hater neocon extremist, states his admiration for Nigel Farrage and the concern he shares:

“With millions of immigrants flooding into Europe and high-level terrorists given sanctuary, the elites have said there was nothing they could do and this was just something we must live with. The public have not accepted this.”

Perhaps the neocon blusters which have intensified of late are attempts to appeal to the grass-roots, EDL/UKIP-type voter. UKIP has, in many ways, forced the Conservative party to adopt UKIP’s policy on immigration and the EU. In the local/European elections Farrage’s party last year managed to secure nearly a quarter of the votes; if the Conservative party, or more specifically the neocon elements within the party can pander to this group and pull their votes, then it will set them up for a stronger indication towards the Conservative majority come election time.

Or perhaps there is another neocon motive at play. As I mentioned in an earlier blog regarding the “Lee Rigby effect”, the pretext is still being solidified for a bigger erosion of liberties targeting primarily the Muslim minority. What this is, only time will tell.

What is certain is that the public need to recognise, and deal with, the enemy within which has permeated key influential government positions and is hell-bent on tearing up British values – the neoconservatives.


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