Gove Reveals His Own Trojan Horse Plot – PREVENT push into Islamic Seminaries, Mosques


I have been waiting for inevitable to rear its ugly head. After all, it is Michael Gove at the helm of the Education sector, an anti-Muslim, neocon who is fulfilling Henry Jackson Society bedfellow Douglas Murray’s aim of “making the lives of Muslims in Europe difficult”.

If we recall, the “Trojan Horse” plot, a name which is one of the chapters of Michael Gove’s “anti-Muslim diatribe” Celsius 7/7 and a title given to Muslims of Europe by Geert Wilders, was found to be fabricated. Nevertheless, pressure from the prejudicially compromised Department for Education and headless Ofsted meant investigations were launched into a number of schools in predominantly Muslim areas. Schools previously rated as “outstanding” were soon placed into “special measures” as Ofsted inspectors conducted themselves in a highly anti-Muslim, unprofessional and inconsistent manner.

I stated previously that this had nothing to do with an “Islamic takeover”, but rather a furore had been architected to justify an intrusion on a much grander scale – the “Lee Rigby effect”.

Birmingham City Council’s, after their investigation into the Birmingham schools concluded there were no links to extremism.

The PREVENT Push into Madrassas

This is important, because on the back of the farcical Trojan Horse plot, which was more to do with disgruntled employees getting revenge as opposed to genuine issues of concern, Michael Gove has released plans to push PREVENT into madrassas, and in essence write the religion for Muslims.

According to reports,

“The code will make sure that all teachers are CRB [Criminal Records Bureau] checked, and that no corporal punishment is dealt out,” the official said. “The schools may also be required to teach a standard syllabus, because right now they can teach whatever they want. The syllabus will be supportive of the government’s preventing-extremism strategy, so there will be no fundamentalist teaching”

There are several issues here.

Firstly, madrassas, to which parents voluntarily choose to send their children to, are not “faith schools” in the educational establishment sense. They exclusively teach religious scriptural sciences.

Secondly, Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB), a regulatory body which regulates mosques and Imams already exists. It is already promoting good governance and the teachers are already CRB checked.  Using this channel to further encourage other seminaries to be regulated would make more sense.

Thirdly, standardising the syllabus of a religion is akin to colonialist educational apartheid and is a blatant attempt at controlling a minority. It is a sign of a weak establishment which fears the people and free thought and is resorting to what despots generally do: brainwash and restrict the education of the people.

Fourthly, the government’s prevent-extremism strategy is in itself a discriminatory policy document, which targets Muslims as a threat but deems right-wing terrorism as a lesser threat. It further defines “Islamism” as those who hold normative, mainstream Islamic beliefs and “extremism” as someone opposed to “British values”, which is an attack on the non-derogable right to freedom of thought. The breadth of these definitions can include officials of the government like Theresa May. Based on this, the removal of “fundamentalist” teaching will most surely censor aspects of the material which is considered a mainstream part of Islam.

Fifthly, since the inception of MINAB’s promotion of good governance, the education of Islamic institutions regarding the illegality of corporal punishment has already been underway and as a person engaged in various madrassas, can confirm this is no longer the case. Thus to highlight this is to discriminatorily associate this practice with the Muslim minority. The reality is this exists in other communities too, for instance Ofsted have reported that corporal punishment is practiced in Jewish schools. Where is the furore?

Sixthly, this entire “Neocon Trojan Horse madrassa education takeover plot” is highly discriminatory. On what premise have Islamic seminaries been made to be associated with extremism? PREVENT was targeting an “Islamist” reading of Islam. Are all madrassas now predisposed to extremism? These are incredibly outrageous statements to make which are backed up by non-existent evidence. In fact the evidence is completely contrary; according to the MI5, terrorists tend to have very little Islamic education!

Furthermore, where exactly are the policies, procedures and restrictions targeting Sunday schools? Britain First claim to be following Christianity and are handing out army Bibles. Where is the PREVENT policy for tackling Christianist extremism?

Zionism is preached in Jewish seminaries. For instance, in one Jewish seminary, the Year 5 syllabus for the History of Israel, Zionism is promoted. In another Year 5 teaching guide references, along with the website address, the London Beth Din court. On the site under litigation it reads,

“In Jewish Law, civil disputes between Jewish parties are required to be adjudicated by a Beth Din adopting Jewish law as the law to be applied to the resolution of the dispute.”

This used to read:

In Jewish Law, Jewish parties are forbidden to take their civil disputes to a secular court and are required to have those disputes adjudicated by a Beth Din.”

Does this mean that the rejection of British values is being taught in Jewish seminaries? Are these breeding grounds for a rejection of the British legal system? Are Jewish girls being indoctrinated to be “gender discriminated” by going to the Beth Din? And is there going to be a thorough investigation into these schools and proposals set forth to root-out “fundamentalist” teachings?

Sweety for the Colonised

The British East India Company established the “zamindari system” in 1799, utilising the existing royalty structure in place, in order to manage the tax collection. They administered the land and placated the people away from rebellion. The official British government status of “zamindars” allowed them to retain a percentage share of the tax collected from the common people. A reward for the economic destruction and colonisation of their own land.

Regarding the PREVENT push into the madrassas, a Whitehall official said,

“The incentive for the supplementary schools is that the DfE [Department for Education] will consider publishing their names on its website to give them a bit of prestige and differentiate them from the unregistered schools.”

In other words the reward for the mental colonisation of the Muslims will be a “prestigious” publishing of their names on a government website.  The colonialist hallmarks of this entire plan is repugnant.

The madrassas, mosques and the Muslim minority of Britain must reject this colonialist move by Michael Gove. It is voluntary now, however, just as the definition of an “extremism” has shifted to now include mainstream, normative Islamic beliefs, the voluntary will soon slip down the slope and become mandatory.

This is a discriminatory attack on Islam and the Muslim minority of Britain. This needs to be stopped in its tracks now. It must be rejected.

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