The Web of Neoconservatism Threatening British Values

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Having broken down the key anti-Muslim, anti-British neoconservative figures in the government and those that influence the government to the detriment of British values over the past few months, I drew up a visual representation demonstrating the extent of the web of neoconservatism enveloping the government.  The damage to human rights and the discriminatory targeting of the Muslim minority has been unprecedented of late.

See below for some of the feature articles on this dangerous threat:


Neocon attack on Islam:

The New Neocon Subversion of Islam: Undermining the Islamic Obligation of Amr and Nahy

Michael Wilshaw and Discriminatory Ofsted’s Fabrications and Attacks on Islam

Gove Reveals His Own Trojan Horse Plot – PREVENT push into Islamic Seminaries, Mosques


Neocons in the Government:

Gove Emphasises the Erosion of Human Rights off the Trojan Horse Pretext

Birmingham Schools Investigation: Michael Gove’s Neocon Coup of the Department for Education/Ofsted

William Shawcross – The Neocon, Zionist, Anti-Muslim Head of the Charity Commission

William Shawcross Shows his True Colours in His Latest Scapegoating of the “Deadly” Muslim Minority

The Henry Jackson Society – “Political Propaganda Masquerading as Education”

Neoconservatism is Threatening British Values and Heading the UK Government into Tyranny

Theresa May is an Extremist According to the Government

 Khalid Mahmood: The Brown Neocon Driver of the “Trojan Horse” Plot



3 thoughts on “The Web of Neoconservatism Threatening British Values

  1. Why has Quilliam Foundation been left out? Surely, Madge Nawaz is a key component driving bridging the gap and pressing on Muslim communities?

    • Valid point and in due time; strictly speaking Maajid is not a neocon, and has publicly differed with neoconservatism, Douglas Murray et al. However there is evidence of Quilliam’s associations with HJS (and previously CENTRI – vis a vis Rashad Ali) and Murray which is problematic and as you rightly say, contributes to the narrative which is pressuring Muslim communities.

  2. what about the international feedback connection with zionist networks in usa, israel, and Mad Modi ? ( remember priti patel, and hindu invited into the parliament)
    I saw youtube video showing how israel deflects attention by coordinated NLP, calling its enemies terrorist/extremist/ and how the media in the UK is their mouthpiece

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