Neocon Britain: “Ideology of Ofsted at Odds with British Values” Claim Educationalists

ofstedattackingIslamFinally. My words are starting to resonate. After having comprehensively shown that the Department for Education and Ofsted have been compromised with the destructive ideology of neoconservatism, which I have argued is a threat to British values, it seems the message is starting to percolate.

The Guardian reports,

“An ideology “at odds with traditional British values” has taken hold at the schools inspectorate Ofsted, a group of leading educationalists and Muslim leaders have warned.”

Sir Tim Brighouse and 20 expert educationalists have confirmed what has already been known: the Ofsted is compromised. As per the letter by Dr Robin Richmond to the Guardian,

“… [Ofsted’s] methods are not the objective process that has been assumed and are clearly subject to manipulation.”

The catalogue of procedural irregularities, the psychological abuse of a child by inspectors, and abrupt changes in their reporting (as demonstrated in the Guardian report) are all a testimony to this.

The Ofsted have typically rebuffed the claims stating despite evidence to the contrary that, “Ofsted’s chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, had personal oversight of these inspections… and he is completely satisfied that his inspectors conducted themselves with great professionalism and integrity throughout the process.”

Presumably attacking Islam and fabricating statements comes part and parcel of Ofsted’s “professionalism”, to the “satisfaction” of Wilshaw. After all, he is on neocon Michael Gove’s leash. If we recall, Chris Keates, general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers said that Ofsted had become a political weapon:

“Many of the pronouncements coming out of Ofsted seem to be absolutely equal to things Michael Gove has said. Michael Gove’s view is that the state system is broken. Michael Wilshaw’s view is that he is going to prove it”

Consideration for the welfare of the children is being superseded in priority by an ideological pursuit of a phantom enemy. The abuse of public bodies by the neoconservatives, as well as the retro-viral neocon ideology itself, is a blatant attack on British values. The fight against the neoconservatism needs to start here, and needs to end at the government.

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