Hoax Tojans and Hoax WMDs: Call to Ofsted – Don’t Wage this Neocon War

ofstedattackingIslamGoveThe media sold to the masses the impending threat of weapons of mass destruction from Iraq. Millions protested the war, yet the neocon Tony Blair pursued his crusade which cost hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, the UK taxpayer £9.56 billion between 2003 and 2009 and left an aftermath of destruction in a country which has yet to stabilise.

Today we have the Trojan Horse plot, now known as the Trojan Hoax plot.  On the pretext of an fabricated letter to the Birmingham City Council, a war is being waged against the Muslim community of Birmingham and the schools in those areas. We are witnessing an unprecedented level of scrutiny followed by unprecedented levels of degradation of schools by an ideologically driven Ofsted which is being abused as weapon by Michael Gove on the basis of hype stirred by Michael Gove and his lying media pal Andrew Gilligan.

As with any war, the first casualty is the truth and then the oppressed. The oppressed victims are the children and high-achieving teachers who have worked tirelessly to raise and uplift the community

Sources in London, where a protesting is taking place outside Ofsted office near Holborn station, have spoken to Waseem Yaqub OBE, who has stated,

“The Trojan Hoax was first used in this context by Michael Gove in his book. The Trojan Hoax is another WMD Hoax”

“It has been seven months since the letter was received by the Birmingham City Council, why has the government not used its resources to investigate the source of the letter, is it because they perhaps do not want to?”

An angered parent who is currently outside the Ofsted office commented on Michael Gove,

“The Birmingham City Council jumped on the bandwagon to put a spanner in Michael Gove’s Academisation program. This is a spectacular own goal Michael Gove. Gove should go now!”

Michael Gove has a clear anti-Islam agenda and has been called the “real extremist” by John Prescott. Picking up on the casualties of the neocon crusade, he writes,

“What is beyond doubt is that Gove’s bullying tactics as a neo-conservative who appears to be on his own personal crusade against what he says as Islamic fundamentalism, is affecting the kids.”

As already mentioned, the timing of the Ofsted announcement is detrimental to children and teachers who are working hard to achieve grades. Were the concern really for the welfare of the children this would not have turned into a media storm.

Asking about the reaction of the parents, Waseem Yaqub OBE responded,

“You can see for yourself. The knee-jerk reaction by the Prime Minister is a kick I the teeth of all parents – It’s time for parents to kick back”

#Trojanhoax #OFSTEDlies #handsofourschools


2 thoughts on “Hoax Tojans and Hoax WMDs: Call to Ofsted – Don’t Wage this Neocon War

  1. Please keep writing, your balanced perspective on this topic is refreshing and vital. Ignorance is the platform on which deception relies. The better informed people are and the easier it is too see through the falsehoods presented by the media, Birmingham city council, DofE and our loving friend Micheal Groan!

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