The “Alleged” Neocon Ring Leaders of the Attack on Islam and Muslims in the Trojan Hoax Affair


The attitude towards Muslim schools should be exceptional… if any Muslim academies are allowed to exist, they should be funded entirely privately, with no taxpayer assistance and should be subject to uniquely strict regulation and inspection. If such conditions are considered unbearable, then Muslims will have to try their luck in other countries.

Douglas Murray, Neoconservatism: Why We Need It, 2005, p.60

One of the “psychological hooks” for people who are vulnerable to radicalisation, according to the draconian Channel Programme, is a “them and us” thinking. The Trojan Hoax war waged on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which is now spreading to other parts of Britain, however, seems to reinforce a “them and us” thinking on the part of key figures within the Government and members of the media, where religious conservatism, and those that adhere to it, have been brought into the realm of extremism. Indeed, who is to refer these individuals for deradicalisation? It is no coincidence, given the opening quote of this piece, that those driving a horse and cart into Birmingham schools are of neocon background or heavily neocon-connected. A well-oiled strategy has been employed to provide a pretext to justify further draconian measures. Below is a list of the main “alleged” (Gilligan’s favourite word) ring-leaders of the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim crusade.


See also: Birmingham Schools Investigation: Michael Gove’s Neocon Coup of the Department for Education/Ofsted

The main “ring leader” in the war against the Muslim community of Birmingham.  He is a signatory to the Statement of Principles of the anti-Muslim extremist neocon think-tank, the Henry Jackson Society. Whitehall sources have accused Michael Gove of using the fabricated Trojan Hoax plot to “push an ideological anti-Islamic agenda within the Government” and that “he thinks anybody who holds conservative Muslim views is a bit of an extremist.”  He is the author of the Celsius 7/7, a book which has been described by Geoffrey Wheatcroft as a “Muslim-bashing diatribe”.  He actively politicised Ofsted. According to one report,

A source close to Mr Laws, a key ally of Mr Clegg, said: “David is absolutely furious at the blatant attempts by the Tories to politicise Ofsted. “The decision to get rid of Sally Morgan had absolutely nothing to do with her abilities, or even education policy, and everything to do with Michael Gove’s desire to get his own people on board.

In 2012, he defended his decision to spend £370,000 for the purposes of sending Bibles to schools – state schools. But this, of course, is not forcing a religion upon schools, it’s a celebration of literature! His choice is indicative of his religious bias and reinforces his neoconservative impression on Muslims. The neocon war by Ofsted is a direct result of Michael Gove’s extremist ideological war.


Michael Gove


See also: Michael Wilshaw and Discriminatory Ofsted’s Fabrications and Attacks on Mainstream Islam

Predictably the Catholic Wilshaw proved his metal to his master by reinforcing the narrative carved by Gove.  This was to be expected. Michael Wilshaw was appointed by Michael Gove, who called him his “hero”.  The two Michaels share a good relationship.  Upon his assumption of his role as chief inspector, Chris Keates, general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers said that Ofsted had become a political weapon:

“…Ofsted [is] being viewed by nobody as independent from the secretary of state. It’s now being seen by teachers not as an inspection system, but as an arm of government… Many of the pronouncements coming out of Ofsted seem to be absolutely equal to things Michael Gove has said. I think it’s bad for the chief inspector and I think it’s bad for public accountability.”

Keates highlights that Gove’s direction and desires are brought into practice by Wilshaw:

“Michael Gove’s view is that the state system is broken. Michael Wilshaw’s view is that he is going to prove it.”

Some have cited that his recent spat with Michael Gove shows that they are not on good terms. However this bluster shows no substance: Gove and Gilligan had allegations and an aim, Wilshaw fulfilled that aim to the point that the entire approach of biased Ofsted Inspectors changed. Interestingly, Wilshaw has said that “fear and intimidation has developed in some of the schools since their previous inspection.”  And yet he is described as “crude and inconsiderate”, with the “manners of a guttersnipe” and a bully-boy himself.  He has stated,

 “If anyone says to you that ‘staff morale is at an all-time low’ you will know you are doing something right.”

The National Union of Head Teachers’ Mike Curtis criticising him stated,

Fear reigns and confidence wanes as Ofsted waves its stick. We must stand up to the bully-boy tactics of Michael Wilshaw… We deplore his negative rhetoric which is demoralising our members and is creating a climate of fear in schools.

The question is, who will investigate, scrutinise, smear, bully and nationalise the bullying Wilshaw?  It sends a strong message; if Muslims do it, it is extremism, if the white elite in Whitehall do it, it is not.

Source: Guardian. Michael Wilshaw

Source: Guardian. Michael Wilshaw


Andrew Gilligan the hype-whore, has been comprehensively exposed on this blog as a liar and a distorter of narratives, selectively choosing and modifying key facts to fufill the neocon agenda. He has a history of distorting facts, compulsively lying (see, here) and making unsubstantiated claims which are proven wrong. When he was supporting Boris Johnson in his campaign to become the mayor of London, he was caught “sockpuppeting”: a cyber-practice where an author of a post poses as someone else and posts comments in support of the post. His “work” has clearly been appreciated by the neocon pedallers.  Douglas Murray has quoted his (distorted) articles, and twisted programs in support of his vitriolic and highly offensive narrative on the Muslim minority of Britain. Anti-Islam extremist Robert Spencer, who inspired far-right Christian terrorist Anders Breivik, has also praised Gilligan’s “journalism”.

Source: Times, Andrew Gilligan

Source: Times, Andrew Gilligan


See also: Warning in 2009/10 of Trojan Horse Made By Christian with Missionary Tendencies

Boyes declared that he had raised the Trojan Hoax concerns back in 2010.  However this individual is known in the Christian community to have missionary tendencies and himself has favoured the employing of Christian staff in Muslim-majority schools. However, this is not all.  Boyes has been involved and condemned for his own “plotting, planning and scheming” with his own network Trojan Horse to take over Moseley School.  There are allegation that a previous head was “forced out”.  According to the Moseley School Parents and Community Association,

Tim Boyes smeared and instigated the removal of the Moseley School Governing Body with the support of cronies in Birmingham City Council… Following the removal of the Governing Body, an Interim Executive Board was established, initially chaired by Thelma Probert OBE. Ms. Probert (OBE) was forced to resign with immediate effect when it became public knowledge that there was a potential and serious conflict of interest. Not only was she the School Improvement Partner for Queensbridge School (a paid post) where Tim Boyes is the substantive Head but when she was Head of Golden Hillock School, she had a Deputy Head called Mr. T. Boyes! 

Questions were raised whether she could really act as a critical friend in her paid role as Chair of Governors of the Moseley School Interim Executive Board. One of the justifications used by Tony Howell to remove the Moseley School Governing Body and appoint an Interim Executive Board was to raise standards under the National Challenge Programme…The best result that Ms. Probert (OBE) achieved at Golden Hillock School [along with Boyes] was 24% of pupils passing five GCSE subjects at grades A*-C including English and Maths. More than three-quarter of pupils did not make it on her watch. 

Source: BBC, Tim Boyes

Source: BBC, Tim Boyes

Khalid Mahmood

For detailed profile of Khalid Mahmood, see here.

The lone voice in Birmingham who has been dancing to the tune of the neocons, coming out and supporting Gove and his attack in every conceivable way. He is perpetrating a culturally-rooted schism and attacking “Salafis”, whilst he himself has pushed “Sufi” Islam under the approval of Michael Gove back in 2010.  In other words, he is fundamental in implementing the neocon agenda in re-engineering Islam. Aside from the fact that he has obediently supported most neocon policies, including the support of the human-rights-violating anti-terror legislation, surveillance programmes and now this baseless attack on Islam and Muslims, he is an advisor to the anti-Muslim, extremist think-tank, the Henry Jackson Society. He has attended their meetings regarding PREVENT.

It is worth bearing in mind the views of the associate director of HJS, who has gone on record to say that conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made difficult across the board, that Islam and the Qur’an are “bad” and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a “bad man”. Mahmood has yet to condemn HJS or Murray. According to sources in Birmingham, respected Pir Allauddin Siqqui is well-connected with Mahmood. My question is, has his anti-Muslim policy support as well as his associations with an Islam and Prophet (peace be upon him) hater been communicated to the respected Pir? His support from all Muslim needs to be withdrawn and his actions publicly condemned.

Source: BBC, Khalid Mahmood

Source: BBC, Khalid Mahmood


2 thoughts on “The “Alleged” Neocon Ring Leaders of the Attack on Islam and Muslims in the Trojan Hoax Affair

  1. Wilshaw and Gove have a notoriously bad relationship for a long time. Wilshaw accused Gove of “setting his attack dogs” i.e. his think tanks (policy exchange and another think tank whose name escapes me) for belittling OFSTED. Gove wanted Ofsted to have an easier criteria for assessing Goves pet acamdemies. Anyhow clearly on this particular matter they have co-operated

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