Andrew Gilligan’s Neocon-Driven Distortions and Lies Exposed (Again)

Andrew GilliganLiar

Andrew Gilligan.  How can this man still be employed as a journalist?  Neocon Hype-Whore maybe but journalist?  Despite being completely obliterated in a previous blog and exposed for his selective information, distortion and outright lies, Gilligan released another piece, again riddled with lies, distortions and his usual quotes regarding “Islamising agenda”, which as we shall see, paints a doctored, small portion of the picture. Anything this man brings out is tarnished by the clear fact that he repeatedly toes a deceitful neocon narrative, is brutally disingenuous and a liar.

Gilligan has a habit of attempting to smear Muslims who perhaps take a stand against his fiendish fetish for lying and contributing to an atmosphere of hate against the Muslim minority.  The most recent attack is carefully worded; it seems the legal team in the Torygraph are comprehensively vetting his hatchet-jobs and inserting “allegedly” before unsubstantiated accusations to ensure he is not liable for defamation.

Gilligan Insinuates Support for Police State

Through his meticulous insinuations, the sock-puppeting Gilligan has launched an attack against some members of the Muslim community in Birmingham, Belal Ballali for instance has been smeared through the use of innocent statements on his Facebook page and the challenging of harassment by Mi5. Challenging unwarranted harassment is evil now is it Gilligan? Gilligan, falling from his high pedestal of exposing the fabricated Iraq dossier, thereby contributing to upholding government scrutiny, is now a full-on supporter of the establishment and its actions, including those by the State which are more akin to the Orwellian nightmare than the liberal democracy which are told to be living in.

The other horrifying crime perpetrated by Ballali is his active support of the human rights campaigner Moazzam Begg, who has been arrested on fickle charges for, what is widely believed to be, an attempt at suppressing Begg’s revelations of UK Government torture collusion in Syria. In other words, in a true neocon-supporting move, Gilligan seems to be smearing Ballali for supporting Government scrutiny, something Gilligan, as a journalist, is meant to be doing. Presumably, Terry Holdbrooks, a former Guantanamo guard who has come out to lend support to Moazzam, is also to be condemned for supporting Moazzam.

Gilligan Falsely Insinuates links to Terrorism

Attempting to link Ballali to terrorism, Gilligan highlights a video on his YouTube profile. Gilligan’s distortion is ridiculous here. In an attempt to depict Ballali as someone encouraging terrorism, Gilligan in fact proves the opposite. In a strong rebuttal by Ballali dealing with the lies hurled at him from Gilligan, he responds that the title (which is in Arabic) of the video is incorrect and far less sinister than as made out by Gilligan’s Google translator. He clarifies the content of the video too:

“It speaks out against ISIS [in Syria] and other extremist organisations and does not in any way promote them”

Gilligan’s Whatsapp Distortions

Gilligan is not the only one with access to the Whatsapp group.  In an anonymous leak, I have had the opportunity to peruse through approximately 5000 lines of messages, and can report that Gilligan has once again, massively misrepresented the content.  His warped version can be seen in his report here, where selective statements are cherry-picked, sewn together and portrayed in a manner which supports the fabricated take-over plot.

The entire group messages consist of various links about education, offering support to underachieving schools and common banter. The key part of the discussion which Gilligan references relates to accommodation of religious practices for Muslim children and the need to encourage this in order to cater for their needs and therefore better achievement.  Below is the conversation reproduced with context:

05/02/2014 22:03:30: Mr Rauf: Great news; at small heath school we have appointed Shanaz Khan… Was a hard battle but in the end decision was unanimous. Excellent for the children, and community…

05/02/2014 22:04:50: Person A: Well done we are seeing a lot of women education leaders in schools

05/02/2014 22:07:35: Person B: Great news. First agenda item is to apply for a Determination (which previous HT didn’t bother with for 25 years):

The acts of Collective Worship will be appropriate to the family & faith backgrounds of pupils. They will be wholly, mainly or broadly of an Islamic character.

05/02/2014 22:09:26: Rauf: To add, I believe its the first muslim appointment onto the senior leadership team. Ever. Unbelievable considering make up of children and community

05/02/2014 22:21:02: Person A: …we need more balance or men women from diverse backgrounds as role models and leaders for our younger generation

05/02/2014 22:27:44: Faraz: Collective worship shouldnt be first on agenda

05/02/2014 22:28:15: Faraz: All middle and senior leaders are not Muslim

05/02/2014 22:28:52: Faraz: She has to establish her self with minimum controversy for first 6 months

05/02/2014 22:29:17: Faraz: And lead the ppl to believe in her b4 they believe in her policies

05/02/2014 22:29:40: Person C: That’s wise

05/02/2014 22:32:49: Rauf: My exact words to her rizwan. However at macro governor level ball needs to start rolling….

05/02/2014 22:36:52: Faraz: Please dont pressurise her to start the Islamising agenda first, that will be alot easier when she is respected as a leader

05/02/2014 22:37:14: Person D: That’s really good lets see what change she can bring within 5 years or so

05/02/2014 22:37:57: Faraz: Hopefully less time than that

05/02/2014 22:38:29:  Rauf: Looks that way. Since ive been there weve had no conflicts or battles at gov level… Dynamics have finally changed.

The pertinent points from the above exposition are:

a)      The vote-in for the new teacher was unanimous

b)      There was praise and encouragement for women taking leadership roles, something the government has been encouraging through their own PREVENT programme. In fact there are examples of encouraging women in education throughout the Whatsapp messages.

c)       There was encouragement for people from diverse backgrounds to come forward and be role-models

d)       The “Islamising agenda” was in fact referring collective worship – appropriate to the demography of the children at the school. This is perfectly legal and acceptable in a liberal, secular society which propounds pluralism and respect for people of diverse backgrounds (or so we were told once upon a time)

e)      Faraz’s advice to not make sudden changes does not seem problematic given the context. In fact, it could be argued that there is a climate of apprehension in accommodating practices more suited to a majority within the schools, which demonstrates discriminatory treatment of Muslims.  Will Wilshaw and Gilligan challenge this? Or is it only when a change is encouraged against the personal beliefs of Gove and the neocons?

Gilligan missed out key parts, namely the celebration of a Muslim woman in a leadership role, the fact that the context of the discussion, or “Islamising agenda” is referring to the perfectly legal Islamic collective worship, to paint a sinister picture. The desire to encourage the religion which happens to be the background of pupils of the school has been spun into a “takeover plot” agenda.

Gilligan knows this. And this is why he is unable to find any other selective, “incriminating” evidence against Faraz/Rauf or anyone of the other participants, pointing emphatically to a “takeover plot” amongst the thousands of messages within that group.  On the contrary, a look at other messages seems to suggest the complete opposite. In order to find out why the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher resigned, they inquire as to the happenings of that particular school.

01/10/2013 22:08:36: [Name Omitted] At [school omitted] some staff were unhappy that a child was reinstated into school following an incident where he had a knife.

01/10/2013 22:19:02 [Name Omitted] I guess they have had safeguarding issues in relation to having this pupil back esp having a knife

01/10/2013 22:19:02 [Name Omitted] So why has the HT and DHT resigned then?

Clearly a group hell-bent on taking of schools by forcing out head teachers then.

In another message, when one person highlights that Birmingham Central Library has a prayer room but is called “Contemplation”, others ask what the problem is with catering for other faiths.  Faraz states, “it has to be inclusive”.

Furthermore, after discussing Muslim pupils being banned from keeping beards in a Roman Catholic school and the religious discrimination which this may cause to Sikh and Muslim children the group highlights the need to have “a balanced and broadly-based curriculum” is discussed. In addition, good practices amongst governors are encouraged and a real concern for the pupils is demonstrated. All of this is conveniently ignored.

Gilligan, your deception knows no bounds. Anyone can stitch together multiple comments from separate topics and completely change the intention of the discussion, and this is what Gilligan has done.  I challenge Gilligan to find more examples of this “Islamist take over plot” in the Whatsapp messages.

Gilligan’s “Extensive” Interviews

From my own investigations, Gilligan seems to have resorted to further deception against Oldknow school.

In an attempt to inflame religious tension, Gilligan irresponsibly reports that Christmas celebrations were cancelled, yet according to sources close to the school, the school engaged in staff and student Christmas meals, held a Christmas card competition, had a post-box in school to post Christmas cards and arranged for children to attend St. Benedict’s Nativity play.

Straight after this lie, Gilligan mentions subsidised “trips to Makkah”. My personal opinion on this is in fact in concurrence with the DfE report: if there were students, even a minority, who were unable to go to the trip, then this constitutes discrimination against those children and this should be rectified by the school. The school has confirmed that this has been rectified.

Incidentally Bhupinder Kondal, who is referenced in the report as claiming to be resisting the “Islamising” agenda, was in fact the one authorising the trips. It was also under her helm that policies related to extremism were not updated and yet, the school previously received a high Ofsted rating. For Gilligan to disguise this point is convenient and unconducive to his agenda; it is harder to give credence to an “Islamising agenda” when the one authorising such actions is a Sikh who may have failed to update key policies.

The remainder of the claims made by Gilligan are unheard of to parents, children and sources close to the school. As one source stated,

“If Mohammed Zabar was concerned about the child, then surely there should be records of complaints to the school.  It is the first the school or anyone else has heard about.”

All other accusations are completely unsubstantiated. A comprehensive response is available on the schools website here.

Concluding Remarks

The problem is, for Muslims, allegations are enough to criminalise them. Gilligan continued his legacy, in-line with neocon philosophy, of unsubstantiated claims and distortion to perpetuate an agenda. In twisting facts and lying outright in some cases, Gilligan has demonstrated his complete ineptitude has a journalist and a dirty cog of the neocon warmachine, destroying British values in the process.

Gove’s push and Gilligan’s assistant smears, distortions and lies have contributed to a climate of intimidation and fear; where lawful allowance of faith practices is becoming penalised as “extremism”, and the PREVENT policy is provided with further justification to erode human rights and target the Muslim minority. There is no takeover plot.  There is only a concerted efforted on the part of Muslims to get involved in the lives of their children in the educational sphere.  Perhaps Gilligan, Ofsted, Michael Gove and all the other cogs warring against Muslims in Birmingham ought pay attention to the UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which the UK Government claims it is committed to. The Resolution calls on States to:

…foster religious freedom and pluralism by promoting the ability of members of all religious communities to manifest their religion, and to contribute openly and on an equal footing to society


One thought on “Andrew Gilligan’s Neocon-Driven Distortions and Lies Exposed (Again)

  1. i don’t understand how you conclude the islamising agenda refers to collective worship. that’s not the impression i get at all. faraz clearly states ‘collective worship should be first on the agenda’, and then says ‘Please dont pressurise her to start the Islamising agenda first, that will be alot easier when she is respected as a leader’, which implies the islamising agenda is a different thing to collective worship.

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