Colchester Murder of Muslim Woman – Media and Political Complicity to a Holocaust in the Making

muslim woman

The saddening and tragic death of a Muslim woman, 31 year old Nahid Almanea in Colchester, Essex, who was beaten and then stabbed 16 times to death “allegedly” as a result of her Islamic attire, raises some serious questions and highlights the massive discrimination the Muslim minority faces.  The Saudi authorities as well as all other Arab countries from which Muslim students travel to the UK to study and contribute millions to the British economy as a result, should be warned about the threat the Muslim minority faces in Britain.

Were this a murder by a suspected Muslim of a non-Muslim white-woman, the entirety of the media spectrum would have given 24 hour coverage of the terrible act.  Muslim names with speculation of “Islamism” and “extremism” possibly influencing the suspects would have been “alleged”.  Discussions and debates would have ensued treating allegations as facts and “broader” debates would have been triggered within 48 hours of the death culminating into a boiling pot of questions surrounding integration, and the “Muslim problem”. The right-wing Daily Fail digesting media would have been raving and ranting in the comments attacking Islam, Muslims and dragging completely disconnected topics like Iran and Saudi Arabia into it, as if their governments represent the bastions of model Islamic governance.

In this case of the murder of the Muslim woman, we saw minimal coverage on news broadcasts, next to no discussions on far-right/neocon extremism which could have influenced the perpetrator of this potential terrorist attack, and definitely no discussions around inclusiveness of white supremacists who have vitriolic hatred for anything brown and covered or brown and bearded.  Instead we saw incredibly reserved, highly circumspect comments in articles such as the Daily Fail:


 “they should find out the facts first”

“surely this is speculation…”


It would be great if the same level of nuanced analysis was extended to Muslims who are constantly smeared in the media.

On the 18th of June, the day on which the murder was first reported, watching BBC News 24’s evening programme “The papers”, which shows the following days paper headlines, I noted down the topics they discussed. Of the several papers (approximately 10 in total) only two reported the murder on the front page and only one (the Metro) reported it as a headline. Contrast this with the murder of Lee Rigby, where Muslims were on the front pages, but as perpetrators of a crime and the victim was depicted on every front page of the papers.  In fact, Sky News sought to portray their Facebook image with a depiction of fighters with guns!

Report of murder linked to foreign fighters

Report of murder linked to foreign fighters

And yes, Gilligan the hype-whore did not have a piece exposing the racist, white, Trojan Horses fuelling this violence.

With about 4 more papers for the presenters to go through, I expected the one paper which actually did have the murder of the Muslim woman as a headline to be touched upon – lo and behold the programme ended without the news item even being discussed.  The Daily Fail instead chose to spin the entire incident and paint in the colour of terrorism, headlining calls by ISIS fighters to conduct revenge attacks.  Of course, they ignored the fact that ISIS was trained by the US. Even more shockingly, veteran Quilliamite Ed Husain sought to blame the victim of the death in using reasoning reminiscent of those who blame rape victims for dressing “provocatively”:

Ed husain tweet

As of writing this piece, not a single politician has issued his disgust at this “allegedly” ideologically-driven attack.  No Cobra meetings being chaired by David Cameron for the Muslim woman. No “muscular liberalism” being flexed on the white folk of Britain to combat religious prejudicial extremism which leads to violent extremism. Muslim blood is too cheap for such activity.

If there ever was an acute demonstration of minority discrimination through the marginalising treatment of Muslims by the media and politicians, this is it.

This is not only the murdering of a Muslim woman and a violation of her honour. If the motivation of the assailant was religious clothing, then this is an attack on the Muslim minority.  This is the endpoint of the propaganda perpetuated by the likes of Andrew Gilligan, the Daily Fail, Sun and all the other papers read by bigoted GCSE failures.  It is the endpoint of the concerted effort on the part of the neoconservatives such as Douglas Murray and his Henry Jackson Society, Michael Gove and William Shawcross, with their links to far-right extremists and provision of narrative-support for extremists and terrorists such as Anders Breivik, Michael Piggin and Ian Forman, who have architected and fuelled a climate of fear and hatred against the Muslim minority.  This is the beginning of a holocaust in-the-making.

14 thoughts on “Colchester Murder of Muslim Woman – Media and Political Complicity to a Holocaust in the Making

    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comment.

      No need to apologise, as my intention is never to offend the memory of those who have passed away, however your comment reinforces my point (which you seemed to have missed:

      “It would be great if the same level of nuanced analysis was extended to Muslims who are constantly smeared in the media.”

    • A woman, walking down the street, or wherever, who I don’t believe, in eyes of God, an innocent in whatever attire had to stop leading a pious, life. She, looked like what? A muslim, and that man murdered an innocent, hell fire blazes are beckoning.

    • What does somebody know about what would happen!! It’s not exactly nice what has happenned to the female. She didn’t exactly seek worldly attention for being in the paper. No, more like you’re not understanding, why she died!

  1. At this point in time the two cases are completely dissimilar, the poor girl was murdered be unseen assailants for unknown reasons. Lee Rigby was pub,ically murdered by delared islamist extremists. We should be helping console her friends and family not trying to make political capital, I wont say any more on the matter, its seems innapropriate until we know more.

    • I actually mostly agree with you. The material facts are different but not “completely”, both include deaths of persons in a brutal manner – it is only the motivating factor, as well as the assailant which needs to be ascertained.

      However it is the coverage of both events which I wish to bring to attention. And I have made this perfectly clear in my article; were the suspect a Muslim, the coverage would have been very different, it would not have merely been spread across one newspaper the following day for instance. Helicopters and journalists would have been outside the area within hours reporting live updates, including the lines of enquiry being taken. Headlines about the incident would have been spread across all papers the following day. In other words, similar to the coverage of the Lee Rigby tragedy. The same has happened in many cases when houses of Muslims were “terror-raided”, with round the clock publicity being shown and papers publishing headlines to a demonising effect, however the coverage of charges being dropped in some cases is not reported.

      I am not pulling the above analysis without substantiation, it is based on a reasoned analysis and experience as a Muslim. I would recommend reading Nathan Lean’s The Islamophobia Industry/Petley and Richardson’s Pointing the Finger, for a complete analysis of the point I am making.

      Finally, and again, your comment supports my point, questions about the facts would have no where near the same level of scrutiny as is being afforded to this latest murder case – and this is my crux point. I absolutely agree with you, we should focus on the facts and political capital should not be made – but I ask that such a standard is extrapolated across all people.

      I pray that the ordeal of the family is made easy.

      Kind regards,

    • We seem to be going in circles here – the police made an indication that the attack may be motivated due to her attire, which points to an ideologically-driven motive. You have ignored this point. To (again) clarify, I acknowledge it is yet to be established, however were the situation reversed, the line of enquiry would have been given dominant coverage, as though this is the only possiblity – and countless coverages attest to this (see RE the texts I have referenced in the previous message). As for the BBC report, it proves nothing because in principle we both agree on how the media should cover, and I extend this by saying the same treatment should be given to all minority groups – to not do so is minority discrimination. There is no “sensitivity” here – only a highlighting of double standards.

    • Hi,
      Just three relevant points to consider. First, as far as I know what happened to Lee Rigby was an English man killed by another English man whose religion is Islam though there are other points we should bear in mind here (was he originally Muslim or he became a Muslim later in his life + does the non-Muslim community around him have an effect on this?). In spite of these facts, the blame was directed to Islam and Muslims in the whole world. Second, the Daily Mail recently attacked a Muslim sheikh in its front page and said that he possibly affected jihadis Britons, but with no evidence at all. Before this happens, a Muslim woman was stabbed to death 16 times in the middle of England and one possible cause, according to the police, is the Muslim dress and one possible murderer, according to the video and description released by police, is an English man. In spite of these things, the Daily Mail never refereed to this murder in its front page, as is the case with the other media.

      What do you call this attitude of the media?

      A. A.

  2. No circles as far as I am concerned. You insinuated that the MSM had “ignored” this murder because the poor lady was Muslim. I completely disagree with that hypothesis. I think your post insensitive, incorrect in its assumptions and disrespectful to the ladies memory. A woman was murdered. A single police erroneous comment does not warrant your sense of “unfairness.” It looks however as we will have to agree to disagree, as regardless of your politeness, you still hold to your view that the press have ignored her killing due to her being Muslim, that is not the case.

  3. Update: Main stream BBC news tonight, air time, loads of police, lake dredging, I think you were too quick off the mark. But, no mention of motive, just a baffling daylight murder.

    • Thanks Steve for your updates. Took quite a bit of time for the media to get into the flow. You are still missing the crux of my article. But as you said, in an earlier comment “lets agree to disagree”.

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