Daily Fail Caught Snaring Muslims on Forum

Note: Webcached version of the page can be accessed here.

Below are screenshots of a purported Daily Fail employee attempting to entrap Muslims on an Islamic forum for another propoganda piece supporting the neocon narrative on Syria against the Muslims minority.  The IP address resolves to a Daily Mail workstation belonging to journalist called Richard Ferrer.  He is the editor of Jewish News and Media Group, and is not currently employed at Daily Mail, which makes it all the more suspicious.

If what appears is true, this is frankly disgusting and yet more evidence of the media bias against the Muslim minority.

DailyFailEntrapment1 DailyFailEntrapment2 DailyFailEntrapment3

4 thoughts on “Daily Fail Caught Snaring Muslims on Forum

  1. As Sajid is the post says “Sigh……. “. Really how stupid do these people think we are? I have to say though trolling muslims on a online forum – seems to me the Trojan horse/hoax strategy did not just stop at schools then!! Im still waiting for the purported author of said infamous letter to be announced! Anyway whilst there are savvy muslim people ready expose these lies we can be thankful for something at least. I think for a long time muslims have been played in the media and have felt helpless to do anything about the bias shown. Interestingly with the age on the internet it has helped to counter act some of this bias. Freedom of speech with responsibility in thinking of the impact on others we can only but endeavor to keep trying.

    Also forgot to wish you Ramadan Mubarak

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Khayr Mubarak.

      There are many instances of agent provocatuers dividing the community and providing fodder for the neocons and far-right to attack Islam and the Muslim minority. I will be a doing a piece on this soon. InshaAllah.

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