The Legacy of the Neocon Failure: Michael Gove

The anti-Muslim, agenda-driven Michael Gove has been removed from his post as Education Secretary and according to the BBC report “fresh faces” needed to be brought to the fore.  With a face like Gove’s, I couldn’t agree more.

A celebratory brief look to his twisted legacy is certainly worthwhile.

The BBC report highlights a few controversies regarding the education reforms, but for the Muslim minority, his notoriety will remain the damage he dealt wholesale from Whitehall on to the schools in Birmingham.  Thanks to his own neocon motives and his idiotic decisions, he has caused a wave of scrutiny upon himself which was only limited to those who knew of the neoconservative threat to Britain.  Over time though, especially due to the Trojan Hoax plot that never was, people will now recall him as:

The Neocon Gove

Gove’s neoconservatism is well known. The ideology which is based upon lies, deception and a capitalisation of the fear of the people, architected or otherwise, is a dangerous one and one which has spread out through the government.

The Anti Muslim, Anti-Islam Agenda-Driven Gove

He wrote of the “Trojan Horse” threat referring to Muslims, in a book (Celsius 7/7) which Geoffrey Wheatcroft described as a “Muslim-bashing diatribe”.  Whitehall officials confirmed that he regards practising Muslims as extremists and is “anti-Islam”.

The “Nepotistic” Gove

There have been allegations of Muslim teachers being moved into senior positions, Michael Gove has done exactly that within Government; he manoeuvred in key people into certain positions to maintain control over key departments in the government.

The Biblical Gove

Despite supporting and encouraging the war on Muslim-majority schools on the basis of religious adherence of teachers, he himself spent £370,000 sending Bibles to schools.

The Zionist Gove

He is a slave to the racist ideology that is Zionism and an unfettered supporter of the terrorist state of Israel which is currently engaged in massacring the civilian population of Gaza.

The Despised, “Unstable” Gove

The public, and in particular the teachers in schools hate this man.  In one petition, which has reached 112, 585 signatures at the time writing, the petitioner highlights,

“It is absolutely absurd that, in this day and age, the secretary for education, who has the power to make important changes, has no grasp on the education system and what teachers do.”

In another petition, which calls for his removal and has reached 144, 524 signatures at the time of writing, the campaigner address David Cameron:

“Teachers, writers and educational experts across the country are driven to distraction by the unstable behaviour of Education Secretary Michael Gove.  He is single-handedly wreaking havoc on the morale and practice of school learning, apparently unchallenged by anyone within his own party. Quite simply we urge you to get this misguided man to step down from government office.”

The Paedophile-Apologist

With the middle-class paedophile network stretching from public services into the government, calls were being made for a public inquiry.  Michael Gove, sounding like an apologist for paedophiles stated,

“I think it is important both that we analyse what has happened in the past when a different culture prevailed, but also it is really important that we ensure that those who are keeping children safe now – teachers and social workers – are supported”

The Fabricated Trojan Horse Plotting Gove

And finally his greatest “achievement” in his position as Education Secretary – The “Trojan Horse” investigations and his appointment of his muscle: a war-profiteering, former head of Counter-Terrorism and former assistant police commissioner involved in the 2006 “intelligence led” 2.2 million pound terror raid of two Muslim brothers in Forrest Gate who were subsequently released without charge, Peter Clarke.

The appointment was so outrageous that even the police, on top of community members, criticised the decision. What is more, evidence is surfacing that the plot seems to be an evangelically led one, as opposed to an “Islamist” one.

Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan seems to be less ideologically-driven. Being a “church-goer”, her religious affiliations are clear, however, it is hoped she is not as war-mongering as Gove.  Speaking at Bright Blue, a major Conservative think-tank, Morgan was seen to be criticising the right-leaning elements with the Conservative party.

Roger Scrutton, the Muslim-hating Douglas Murray’s ideological inspiration, lamenting the removal of the “pride in empire” criticises Bright Blue stating,

“Demographic changes, highlighted by the recent census, further emphasise the difficulty in reformulating the philosophy of “us.” Far easier, you might think, to replace “us” with everyone, to dissolve the country and its culture in the abstract idea of human rights, and to march with Nick Clegg into a transnational future, leaving England on the dust-heap of history. That, in effect, is what the “modernisation wing” of the Tory party is hoping for—a new kind of conservatism which conserves nothing, changes everything, and is guided by the very same rhetoric of equality and human rights that shapes the left-liberal agenda. If that is where we are, then conservatism is dead.”

A recent Telegraph blog piece also decries her for, in essence, having a liberal-leaning take on Conservative philosophy.

It is hoped that a more balanced approach is taken in the education sphere, both in general policies and in the treatment of minorities.

Concluding Remarks

It is quite possible that the blustering of the neocon Gove over the Trojan Hoax affair and the fact that the original allegations of “extremism” are largely unfounded, has contributed to a removal of Gove before the final two investigations surface. It is also possible that the Conservative party are trying to soften their image in the face of upcoming 2015 elections and possibly deflect the increasly shambolic paedophilia allegations running into the Party.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that the toolset which was utilised in bringing hell on Birmingham is still alive and present.  In the broader discourse, the discriminatory, human-rights-violating PREVENT strategy is still in place doing its damage to the Muslim minority. The arbitrary definitions of “extremism” and “Islamism” which are so broad they include normative Islamic beliefs, are still being applied and the Third-Reich-style Germanisation-esque process is now pushing record numbers of children through the Channel deradicalisation programme.  Syria has been highlighted as a cause for the increase in referrals, however two things are still continually being ignored:

  1. The public service surveillance by inexperienced professionals who are being given shoddy ill-devised frameworks to spot arbitrarily defined “signs of radicalisation”
  2. Nothing is being done to counter the biggest source of “radicalisation” – neocon interventionist foreign policy.

First came the tacit support of Assad’s regime, and now it is the government’s stance in its disgraceful support of the terrorist state of Israel without any support for the Palestinians, or condemnation of the truly despicable carnage in Gaza conducted by the Israeli Defence Farce.

The road to removing the tyranny which the neocons have wrought is a long one.


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