CAGE, British Neocons and the Weaponisation of Government Organs

-When describing Britain as a police-state, many have dismissed it as a “conspiracy” and moved on with a degree a nonchalance.  The neoconservative threat to Britain, and the contributory influence against human rights is immense.  With organisations like the Henry Jackson Society so close to Government, and people like William Shawcross running the Charity Commission, various organs of the Government have become political weapons deployed at targets as they see fit.

Human rights have been the thorn in the side of the government preventing arbitrary abuses of power.  When the anti-terror legislation crept in on the back of the fear of a terror threat, the public, through our elected representatives handed our rights on a platter to the government.  Rights, such as detention without trial, which, ironically, is strongly emphasised by David Cameron’s favourite document, the Habeas Corpus, contitutes a pillar of democracy. In an earlier blog I raised the fact that the anti-terror legislation was not even spoken about in media because it affected the Muslim minority, but the application of the legislation was being broadened to inhibit government scrutiny. It seems this is now being raised in the media, as David Anderson QC, citing David Miranda as an example notes,

“Look at the example of journalists and bloggers, who can be considered terrorists if they are seeking to influence the Government and if their words endanger life or create a serious risk to public health or safety… Foolish or dangerous journalism is one thing, terrorism is another” 

The anti-terror legislation, PREVENT and the Channel programme, as well as the new “emergency powers” to tap communications are all erosions of civil liberty which bite the public when, either you are part of the Muslim minority, or, you ask the government and officials the “wrong” questions.  Such erosions enable a psychology of power and unaccountability on the part of government organs and officials which results abuses, as we shall now see.

When British Values Hurt

The effect of the above is simple: the public has increasingly become transparent and government more and more opaque.

The case of Abdel Hakim Belhaj exemplifies this point. He was extraordinarily rendered from Britain and tortured under Gaddafi. As a result he is now suing the MI6 as well as Jack Straw, the then Foreign Secretary for their complicity in this terrible crime. The government is seeking “immunity from accountability” for its officials, violating the rule of law. “British values” are great when caning the Muslim minority into line, not so much when it is being applied to government elite, it seems.

The notion of cover-ups and State harassment is often dismissed as a conspiracy theory or a perception reserved for a Hollywood movie. However in the last months, interesting activity has surfaced which certainly places the abovementioned notions into the realm of reality.

Theresa May ordered a questionable inquiry into the paedophile ring running from public services into the government itself.  The appointment of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss by the neocon Theresa May, despite her connections to an alleged paedophile government official is telling. Neocon Michael Gove, in a spectacular case of paedophile-apologism, seemed to defend the sick, perverted actions of Conservative paedophiles and took a stance against a public inquiry.

Another report highlighted that the cover-ups have been occurring for some time.  It narrates the ordeal a journalist went through when he was handed a dossier exposing the paedophile ring. Upon investigating the claims in the dossier, he was visited by special branch and threatened with jail if he ran the story.

The harassment meted out now is not limited to special branch or the secret services. Under the helm of the neoconservative lobby in the government, the weaponisation of government organs has resulted in a new era of prevention of government scrutiny.

Caging CAGE

CAGE has been campaigning for various prisoners who have been imprisoned without trial in the UK and abroad and who have been subjected to torture amounting to inhumane, degrading treatment – illegal in international law.  They also highlight British secret service complicity to mistreatment of British citizens.  One would think that such a commendable act of upholding principles of justice, government accountability and human rights would be supported by the State. Of late however, CAGE has been subjected to what can only be described as British government tyranny, which has only increased under the current neoconservative government.

Since the arrest of CAGE Outreach Director Moazzam Begg, an activist who was about to reveal British complicity to torture in Syria, the outfit has been subjected to the following:

  • Its bank accounts being closed
  • The Treasury (responsibility for which is held by the neocon George Osborne) lying that financial restrictions have not been applied to CAGE
  • The neocon William Shawcross’ Charity Commission has launched inquiries into the CAGE’s donors resulting in a suspension of their funding
  • Saghir Hussain, a senior CAGE member and prominent lawyer is being subjected to a HMRC tax investigation, despite never having been subject to such before
  • Adnan Siddiqui, a GP by profession and a CAGE director received a letter from NHS’s counter-fraud department

This has happened all in an incredibly short space of time.

Concluding Remarks

Whilst CAGE asks whether there is a plot, my answer is a resounding yes.  William Shawcross, George Osborne, Michael Gove are all part of the neoconservative web threatening Britain. They share an ideologically-driven hate of Islam and the Muslim minority.

The neoconservative elements have turned the government bodies into weapons which have been deployed in the direction of the Muslim minority and those who are exposing government-shaking questions, thus turning the Orwellian nightmare into reality.


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