My Response to Alleged Architect of “Trojan Horse” Letter, Tim Boyes


A week ago, upon the authority of Reverend John Ray, I exposed the alleged architects of the Trojan Horse letter: evangelical Christians Cecil Knight (with the possibility of Peter Slough), Matthew Scarrott and Tim Boyes. Straight off the back of that particular blog, Karen Slater, a former teacher at Golden Hillock School, added to the chorus, rather hypocritically given her little Riverside Church circle consisting of Jo Tyler and co, were purportedly perpetuating the same.

Since then there has been much frenzy. The articles have had a mention in Peter Clarke’s flawed report, however Clarke, rather conveniently, chose to ignore the allegations made against the Riverside Church attendees citing absence of evidence (DfE Investigation Report, p.9). Ironically, his report and conclusions suffers from the same especially in the face of conflicting evidence. Perhaps it was the wrong religion being implicated. It is after all, difficult to posit Christianity as the governmentally defined “Islamism”, especially when no definition of “Christianism” exists. On a tangential note, his report, as well as the Birmingham City Council’s findings will be subjected to an analysis in upcoming blogs.

The articles have also caused many to come into contact with the blog, but wished for their source details and comments not to be published in the comments section. Substantial damning allegations have been made, including those which reinforce the claims made in an earlier exposé. Muslim teachers have also been pushed out it seems and there are allegations of supremacism against particular Riverside Church-linked teachers.

Tim Boyes, head teacher of Queensbridge School has tried to find out the sources of these blogs through a proxy. It has reached me that Tim Boyes wanted to convey the “truth”, but only if I was sincere. Other, reliable sources in Birmingham have confirmed that Boyes as well as Riverside Church are looking to “lawyer up” but do not have a subject to direct their litigation against.

My message to Boyes is this: thanks for the offer Boyes, but no thanks. Actions speak louder than words and I have doubts about your “sincerity”. I am told that this could inflame community tensions, however it seems that the entirety of the mountainous negative impact of the Trojan Horse affair on community cohesion, allegedly architected by you, has completely escaped you and your respected messenger.

The Muslim community of Birmingham feels violated, attacked and subjugated. Teachers have fallen ill, gone on stress leave and the education of mainly Muslim children has been detrimentally affected. All the while Muslims, as Muslims have been smeared. Islamic orthodoxy has been repugnantly attacked under the guise of “extremism”. You failed to express any concern about the effect this was having on the community during the entire period. On the contrary, you Boyes, added fuel to the government and media flamethrower aimed at Muslim-majority schools and Muslim teachers and governors by making false (yes false) statements that you raised concerns of extremism in 2010.  Why were there not any concerns regarding community tensions raised then?

All manner of misconduct and negative behaviour has been attributed to Muslim teachers and governors. Peter Clarke concluded there was a “strain” of Islam aggressively trying to control schools, whilst Kershaw detailed the “evidence” of governance issues and financial mismanagement, but concluded the opposite: there was no anti-British agenda or an extremist takeover plot. Both however, critically failed to adequately give due weight and attention to,

  • conflicting evidence and witness testimony submitted, which are not even referenced in the reports
  • allegations of evangelical Christians authoring the Trojan Horse letter (despite the name of the source of the allegations being clearly referenced)

During the course of my research I have uncovered startling allegations, similar in nature to those attributed to Muslim teachers and governors in Clarke’s and Ian Kershaw’s reports. These allegations will be highlighted against particular individuals linked to Riverside Church, which is close to Queensbridge School. This will culminate in key evidences being elaborated upon which will suggest that amongst these individuals is a key beneficiary of this hoax plot who is linked to a particular “strain” of Christianity. The strong signs are revealing of a takeover plan, not by Muslims, but rather, by mainly practising, evangelical Christians. The coming week is going to be interesting indeed.


3 thoughts on “My Response to Alleged Architect of “Trojan Horse” Letter, Tim Boyes

  1. The role of Richard Kerbaj needs to be looked at in this whole affair as a character in this jigsaw. He has quite a history in gutter press stories against Muslims.

  2. Omg…I cant believe it….tim boyes was my drama teacher bk in 99….I had the utmost respect for him….well……its obv he had wool pulled over my eyes didnt he…..its tragic… least I was never taught by Mathew scarrot….he was only deputy n math teacher bk then. …never really thout much of him….and I still dnt…glad I finishd sch yrs ago x

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