Is Alleged Architect of Trojan Horse Letter & Riverside Church-Linked Tim Boyes a Liar?

timboyesDfEclaimsThe previous article describing allegations of supremacist attitudes and financial mismanagement as well as takeover plots on the part of the Tim Boyes and procedural impropriety and mismanagement at Golden Hillock School on the part of Reverend John Ray drew some interesting reactions.  Defenders of Boyes claimed a state of denial on the part of Muslims in Birmingham, yet stubbornly refused to acknowledge that the very same issues which Muslim teachers and governors have been accused of exist amongst evangelical Christian teachers as well.  This is the purpose of these blogs, to highlight this hypocrisy, a point which consistently failed to register in the mind of the commenter.  Claiming that possibly problematic practices by governors and teachers are Muslim-exclusive grossly misrepresents facts and is a highly discriminatory supposition.  In the end I had to quote white non-Muslim sources to ram the point home.

As the comments progressed, a disturbing mind-set problem on the part of the defender of Boyes surfaced; there is a latent supremacism in the claims of such people which makes them believe they are riding on a higher perceived moral ground which trivialises or rejects problems amongst white, evangelical Christian teachers, yet similar acts possibly conducted by Muslims is seen as evil beyond comprehension.

I thought this attitude was endemic of the colonialists of yore and the current neoconservative government which still basks in the glory of colonialist crimes, but clearly this sickening mentality still exists in the lower echelons of society.

Most of my points have yet to be challenged, however one particular question, which was raised in the article and repeatedly asked in the comment section, could not materialise a reply from the Boyes defender: why has Tim Boyes, one of the Riverside-linked, alleged architects of the Trojan Hoax letter not repeated the claim he made in a BBC interview that he raised the Trojan Hoax claims to the Department for Education in 2010?

And here is my answer.

When the claims were made, it resulted in the Department for Education (DfE) being damned somewhat for not taking any action despite the allegations being made four years ago.  This of course reversed the spotlight back onto Michael ‘anti-Muslim, neocon paedophile-apologist’ Gove and seemed to have highlighted a failing in his Department.  Theresa ‘the governmentally recognised extremist’ May then used this against him, resulting in an embarrassing political punch-up between the two which required David Cameron to intervene. The effect of this was multiple.  On the one hand it cemented the notion that there was a “Muslim-problem” in Birmingham vis-à-vis the Trojan Hoax allegations, and on the other it reinforced the controversial PREVENT strategy definitions of extremism, as Gove and May wrestled to prove who was the most anti-Muslim.

Boyes’ claims proved scandalous for the DfE.

According to sources close to meetings which have taken place regarding the Trojan Hoax in the Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore highlighted that the reason these claims were not mentioned was because the DfE got in touch with Boyes soon after he made the claims.  They revealed minutes of the meetings which took place between Boyes and the DfE which showed that he in fact had not raised these concerns then.  The DfE also informed him that if Boyes continued with such false claims, they would release the minutes to the press proving Boyes’ claims to be false.

And there you have it, according Albert Bore, Tim Boyes is a liar. Boyes, a person who was concerned about “community tensions” resulting from these blogs, but was allegedly lying to support an attack on the Muslim community of Birmingham.

Taking the above allegation into account, this is an extremely risky path to traverse to simply stoke fire against the Muslim minority of Birmingham. Surely there must be another reason to take such a risk.  I believe there is, and this will be revealed in the next blog.

One thought on “Is Alleged Architect of Trojan Horse Letter & Riverside Church-Linked Tim Boyes a Liar?

  1. In much of equality work over 40 years, I have stressed the point that people within most social groups have differences between them. This is equally true for white people, Christians, evangelical or otherwise, as it is for Pakistanis, Muslims, Brummies, Aston Villa supporters etc.

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