Is Alleged Architect of “Trojan Horse” Letter Tim Boyes Beneficiary of “Trojan Horse” Plot?


Over the course of the blogs published on the alleged Christian evangelical involvement into the instigation of the takeover plot, several key allegations have emerged:

  • Tim Boyes is closely linked to controversial Riverside Church which is known to convert Muslim teenagers to Christianity
  • Tim Boyes has allegations of being one of the architects of Trojan Hoax letter
  • Tim Boyes has a history of instigating takeovers of schools
  • Tim Boyes has supremacist views towards Muslims
  • Tim Boyes lied about raising Trojan Hoax allegations to the Department for Education in 2010

Recently, through my own research, I have come to realise that these pieces of information fit into a potentially broader narrative. I will stop short of calling it a “plot”, but based off Peter Clarke’s criteria of establishing a “plot”,

“The tactics that have been used are too similar, the individuals concerned are too closely linked and the behaviour of a few parents and governors too orchestrated for there not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened,”

there seem to be strong grounds here of a particularly grand evangelical plot taking place.

The question which needs to be asked is, aside from the neocons who have now the pretext to further push their anti-Islam agenda, constricting the Muslim minority in any way they can, who has benefited from the Trojan Horse allegations in Birmingham, the epicentre of this entire scheme?

Birmingham Education Partnership

Launched 6th November 2013, the BEP is the brainchild of Tim Boyes and Sarah Smith, with them being Chair and Vice Chair of the organisation, respectively. Tim Boyes’ affinity with BEP is strong. He registered the domain for the BEP website (strangely, from Paris) and the sign-up return address is the Finance Office of Queensbridge School, which also provides a base for Riverside Church services at a discounted rate. The purpose of the BEP is to sign-up schools to the organisation which will then provide a network of head teachers to steer the direction of the schools for the purposes of improvement. The BEP is partnered with the Birmingham City Council.

BEP Board

A brief look at the board shows that there are evangelical Christian teachers involved. Apart from evangelical Tim Boyes himself, there is Cathy O’Driscoll, also alleged to be linked to the controversial Riverside Church, and Christine Mitchell who is purportedly known to have Christian “religious values”. David Gould’s St Alban’s Academy (formerly a Church of England school) has taken children, mainly of Muslim background to the neighbouring Church for assemblies. This was the case before the School was funded by ARK, an aggressively evangelical charity which has allegations of intimidation and bullying of teachers. My sources have confirmed that the school still takes children to the local Church in many cases without the knowledge of the parents.

BEP “partners” takeover Park View Trust

Colin Diamond, head of academies and free schools, promised parents and former governors at Park View School, Golden Hillock School and Nansen Primary, that the process of choosing governors would be influenced and driven by the community and parents. However this has not happened. Instead governors have been asked to resign and hand-picked governors have been instated.

The replacements include Pat Smart, Yvonne Wilkinson and Kamal Hanif (who is the Chair for Park View Trust). Pat Smart is listed as a board member for BEP, as is Kamal Hanif who has been supported by the neocon-associated, Michael Gove-serving Khalid Mahmood.

It could be argued that having a Muslim name on the board somewhat dampens the “plot”. However, the presence of Hanif is somewhat tokenistic, being described by sources close to Park View Trust as a “brown-sahib”, a puppet whose ventriloquist is David McVean, the Director of Academies, for the Central Region for the Education Funding Agency. Up until April 2013 McVean was the deputy director for Michael Gove’s Department for Education before assuming his role as the Director of Academies.

Yvonne Wilkinson is from the King Edward Foundation which runs the Kind Edward Grammar Schools. One of the King Edward Grammar schools has representation on the board of BEP. It is interesting to note also, that Peter Slough, a possible alleged instigator of the Trojan Horse letter, who has resigned from Small Heath School has in fact taken up employment at the Kind Edward Foundation.

The post-demonisation coup of Park View Trust seems to have been done by those directly or indirectly linked to Boyes’ BEP. A Riverside Church-linked takeover plot? Of course not: they’re too “white” and not Muslim enough for such an allegation!

Boyes the Beneficiary?

The BEP has the potential for serious funding, if it picks up that is. Reputations are based upon integrity, and if the past blogs are anything to go, Tim Boyes has everything but integrity according to the allegations made therein.

My sources in Birmingham state that the key beneficiary of the entire Trojan Horse plot will be Boyes and his BEP. One of the recommendations coming out of Peter Clarke’s biased and methodologically flawed report was that

“The Department should also consider the benefits of an accreditation scheme for governor training providers.” (Recommendation 11)

Allegedly, there are strong indications that Boyes’ BEP will receive the contract to train governors and head teachers in schools.

Not only has Boyes and his ilk taken control of one of the highest achieving schools in Birmingham, his BEP is also set to gain monetary benefit through a contract born from the Trojan Hoax recommendations. Is this Boyes’ plot? Referring to Clarke’s criteria for a plot, the individuals involved are too closely linked and Boyes’ statements too “orchestrated” and timely for there not be a degree of coordination.

In the last blog on Boyes I highlighted towards the end that Boyes played an incredibly risky move by (according to Sir Albert Bore) lying to the media and adding false credence to the Trojan Hoax plot in order to simply to stoke community tensions. It seems his little BEP initiative will be the subject of the reward for that risk.

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