As Neocon British Tyranny Continues, Should we be Surprised at Muslim Bank Closures?

Source: Telegraph

I recently wrote regarding the degradation of Britain towards a tyrannical regime, where the public services stretching from the hospitals to schools were now being employed for, in essence spying on the public.

The PREVENT strategy guidance and training has also been extended to Landlords and optometrists, just in case your friendly, bespectacled lodger who takes out the trash for you is a wannabe terrorist. Just to remind the readers the implication of PREVENT is far reaching. The strategy is one of the counter-terrorism strands of CONTEST 2 and has been primarily devised and encouraged by neocon sympathetic counter-extremism think-tanks, such as CENTRI and Quilliam and pronounced and supported by neocons like Theresa May and Michael Gove.  It involves invasive measures to disrupt the lives of people, young or old on the basis of a controversial definition of Islamism, which entails Islamic orthodox beliefs, and extremism, which catches those who slip through the net of the Islamism definition. Using a vague vulnerability framework criteria to determine the propensity of individuals towards extremism, people are picked out and referred to PREVENT police to be then analysed for signs of radicalisation. From here, individuals deemed unacceptable will be deprogrammed via the Channel programme.

As dystopian as this sounds, this is the reality of 21 century Britain today. In fact, it is far worse.

The toxic mix of the PREVENT strategy as well as key neocons in government positions has resulted in the discriminatory targeting of Muslim charities under the auspices of neocon William Shawcross’ Charity Commission, Michael Gove’s Department for Education, whose policy is now being implemented slavishly by Nicky Morgan in her cry to rescue terrorist toddlers, and neocon Chancellor George Osborne’s Treasury. If we recall, the Treasury was implicated in the closure of CAGE’s accounts, whilst Sayeeda Warsi exposed the fact that Osborne is also a Zionist, being described as a “good friend of the Israeli government”.

The case of CAGE coupled with the latest spate of bank account closures of prominent Muslims makes some for some troublesome deduction.

Since the Charity Commission was unable to directly investigate CAGE, it circumvented CAGE and prodded at CAGE’s charitable donors, reminding them of their risk assessment.

The rhetoric with regards to HSBC’s closures is the same. In justifying their closures of renowned charity Ummah Welfare Trust, Finsbury Park Mosque, Anas Tikriti, and now Syrians and Palestinian activist Azzam Tamimi, HSBC stated that their decision was not based on religion or race (despite all the victims being Muslim) but based upon “risk appetite”.

The hungry bank cannot digest Muslim money it seems, or rather its mouth is being controlled by Zionist neocons. The strand which flows through all of these organisations is their humanitarian support for Syria/Palestinians and/or condemnation of the Israel and government excesses (in the case of CAGE). The underlying reason thus is the opposition to neocon domestic and foreign policies. Failing the propaganda war which has resulted in world-wide condemnation and utter silence from Zionist neocons like anti-Muslim paedophile apologist Michael Gove and others like the Islam-hating Douglas Murray, George Osborne and William Shawcross, the pressure to restrain humanity is being syphoned through government organs and the control they exert over banks. It is these same institutions, driven by the same policies which are turning a blind eye British Zionist terrorists committing war crimes in Palestine.

HSBC’s MI5 Head

There is an additional factor at play here too. On the board as a non-executive Director for HSBC is a former MI5 head Jonathan Evans, an “expert” on Al-Qaeda and has led counterterrorist operations. His distinctly hawkish thinking is evident by a report which revealed his thoughts and positions which tests an individual’s leanings. The case of former Guantanamo Bay victim Benyamin Mohamed, where the Court of Appeal found MI5 and MI6 operatives colluding in extraordinary renditions and torture agitated Evans’ MI5.

Evans lobbied Whitehall to get the decision overturned and boasted that “if he could not get his way at the Supreme Court, he would persuade Mr Cameron to grant it through an Act of Parliament”. He wanted the damning evidence of torture to be heard in secret. He thus argued against government scrutiny of actions which were deemed illegal and encouraging government tyranny where damning evidence could be covered up on the mere declaration of it being considered “sensitive”.

It is little wonder then, that anti-Muslim neocon think-tanks like the Henry Jackson Society (see here, here and here) and anti-Muslim hate preacher Douglas Murray (see here and here) frequently quote him.

Has HSBC become an arm of the MI5? If public services have become part of public surveillance there should be no surprises about private institutions following suit. It does however mark a disturbing trajectory. The only domain remaining are private companies. PREVENT-trained managers to spot radical computer programmers? This is only a matter of time.

3 thoughts on “As Neocon British Tyranny Continues, Should we be Surprised at Muslim Bank Closures?

  1. Howfunny i was just thinking this afternoon what your thoughts on the bank situation and muslim charities would be. Also interesting to note is the charity comission is currently advertising a vacancy on the audit and risk committe. The application pack for the post made for interesting reading … Have look see what you , you will u derstand after you habe read it.

    Another concerned muslim

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