Gaza: An Expression

With the victory of Gaza in the hands of the Palestinians, it is worth remembering the resilience, tests and trials of the Palestinians against a brutal oppressor. The emotions of Ummah have constantly juggled between shock, anger and sadness. The poem below was written by Another Concerned Muslim and perfectly encapsulates those feelings and emotions as the world looked on.

 Guest Post: Another Concerned Muslim

No Title Because I have No Words…

Humanising Palestine, here are the faces of families, connections and dreams buried under rubble.
The grey of concrete sterilises the horror, bar a splatter of blood to show the world we all bleed the same

We are going after the terrorists, they say , we are besieged they say; we are justified they say,
And if we believed the manufactured word of justifications , provocations and subjugation
Then our indignation is nothing short of humiliation for all it does is highlight our inaction.

Boycott and protest and beseech the world to show some humanity
Yet Governments sway silent
Torn between proving their democratic civility , the upholding of liberal ideals
Look how civil we are, condemning the condemned for firing rockets…

Oh we are sorry we didn’t realise we have just killed women and children, aren’t they all combatants we dropped leaflets before we dropped bombs?

Feel our pain bear witness to our suffering, the ether-net has become our voice for us the voiceless.
We beseech our Muslim brothers and sisters, many who wonder what they can do.

Wringing their hands awaiting permission from their non-Muslim colleagues to legitimise any criticisms, for fear of falling into the schism that defines you a terrorist

The flat screen vortex on my wall that shows me visions of child and mother torn apart
My breath catching in my chest as I superimpose the image of my child on what I see
Before my breath catches again in relief that I am holding my child
And then my soul shattering that for a split second a grief so overwhelming I shared but for a moment.

Allah showing me reminding that I am merely a guardian of all that is in this world for all things must return to Allah

I close my eyes trying to shakes the chains of fear, try to find my voice, try to fight the internal jihad

And should I succeed, one day I will say I am standing, I coming, I am friend and I am Muslim

Another Concerned Muslim


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