The Hypocrisy of Britain in the Treatment of Israel


Over 50 days, more than 2100 deaths with a circa 76 percent casualty rate on a 25 mile piece of land inhabited by 1.8 million residents resulted from the Zionist entity’s largely indiscriminate bombing.  During that same period, a massive 70 Zionists died on the Israeli side of which 64 were soldiers giving a casualty rate of approximately 9 percent.

Cameron threatens MP for raising issue of British Zionist fighting abroad

On the basis of Hamas’ “indiscriminate rocket attacks”, where over 90% of those killed are soldiers, David Cameron reaffirming his unstable claim of Zionist defence against terrorist rocket fire, which doesn’t even sit with international law, threatened Grahame Morris, a Labour MP for bravely raising the hypocrisy of not dealing with British Zionists who have gone on to join the Zionist terrorist army. The Guardian reported it thus,

“Grahame Morris, a Labour MP, asks if British citizens serving in the Israeli Defence Force would be treated in the same way as Britons fighting for Isis.

Cameron says he does not accept that. Israel was protecting itself from terrorist attack, he says. Morris will regret making that comment, he says.”

I expect Morris to be bullied by neocons and his life made a misery after his despicable exercise of freedom of expression.

The vigorous retort demonstrates the double-standards in the treatment of the Muslim minority: where an entire community is castigated through the draconian PREVENT strategy and treated entirely has a suspicious community; where “British values” are imposed upon Muslims (but not Orthodox Jews or other minorities) when the people imposing them fail to adhere to these abstract values themselves. All the while Zionists are given free rein to travel to the Holy Lands and engage in mass-murder which clearly violates international law and can be regarded as being tantamount to state terrorism.

Following on from this humanitarian crisis and the hypocrisy of Western powers, the Zionist entity, driven by a warped understanding of Judaism and the racist ideology of Zionism, has done what it has historically done. It has brazenly stolen 1000 acres of land from the Palestinians and declared it as part of the Zionist entity, tearing apart the notion of a “two-state solution” and increasing the porosity of nation state borders.  Again, the pretext for this abominable act is the lie pedalled by Zionists that Hamas had kidnapped three teenagers.  Given the fact IS has been continuing its potential war crimes and blurring the arbitrary lines set down a century ago by Britain and France at the same time, threatening US “interests” (read: oil) which has resulted in US strikes on key targets, why has the neocon war-drum not been beaten against the Zionist entity in their continued land-grab? Or “tough sanctions” suggested as has been done against Russia? The US as well as UK’s Foreign Minister condemned the action, but words, in a world where the Zionist entity shrugs of such criticism, are nothing to deter it. Furthermore, condemnation in public means nothing when you actively arm an occupying power perpetrating a massacre at the same time.

The wanton abandon with which Netanyahu is acting needs to be restrained. There needs to be an increased recognition of the fact that the Zionist entity is a threat to world peace and Middle East stability. Where words have and are continually failing, there is a need (as per neocon blusters) to consider sanctions and when sanctions prove ineffective, an armed humanitarian intervention to keep the terrorism of the Zionist “barbaric extremists” at bay.  Will Britain’s warmongering calls assume such rhetoric?  Or is military considerations only reserved for non-Zionist states and targets in the pursuit of maintaining political and economic influence?

2 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Britain in the Treatment of Israel

  1. There are so many different types of Zionism that your use of the word as a term of abuse is redundant. Maybe you ought to look at Islamic states that outlaw any religious dissent or belief in any other religion. Israel is not one of those state’s that do not allow political and religious opinions to be aired.
    Again the country is Israel not Zion. When Israel starts behaving like Hamas and IS, then you may be able to take the moral high ground

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