The Ventriloquism at Park View Trust Post-Trojan Hoax


Park View Trust which was at the centre of the neocon incursion into Birmingham had its governing body dismantled, despite exposing many of the lies which were being pedalled by the media. In a mutual agreement between the governors and the Department for Education, strong assurances were made to governors and parents that there will be transparency in all the process in selecting the new leadership team. As mentioned in a previous blog, Colin Diamond, head of academies and free schools, promised parents and former governors at Park View School, Golden Hillock School and Nansen Primary, that the process of choosing governors would be influenced and driven by the community and parents.

Opaque Appointments and Policies

Parents of children at the school and other sources have confirmed that there is absolutely no transparency at the school. Appointments and policies are being discussed without any consultation or discussion with the parents.

The Executive head of Park View Academy is Adrian Packer. As of now, parents are unaware of how he was appointed. A concerned parent who did not want to be named told my source:

“We have effectively been shut out. It seems after the Trojan horse lies, this is how us Muslims will be treated when it comes to appointing senior members of the leadership of the school.”


Jo Tyler is friends with “whistle-blower” Karen Slater

The same is happening at Golden Hillock School, where Tony Wilson has assumed the role of a principal, again without any communication with parents. He was previously a head at a small school, Shepton Mallet, Somerset before heading for consultancy work with a company in Bahrain in 2009. Coming from a school in which the local demography is 98% per cent white to a school which is approximately 99% Asian/Muslim has raised serious concerns amongst parents about his suitability for the school. No advertisement was given for the role.

It is being alleged that currently Jo Tyler who is accused of nepotism and having her career fast-tracked, and is also a Riverside Church-linked friend of Karen Slater (the alleged “mysterious” whistle-blower who fuelled community tensions in Birmingham), is advising Tony Wilson.

Kamal Hanif: A Proxy for an Anti-Islam Agenda?


Kamal Hanif, Chair of Park View Trust

Kamal Hanif was appointed as the chair of Park View without any consultation. He has been described as a brown face which is carrying out the commands of the DfE and David McVean, the Director of Academies, for the Central Region for the Education Funding Agency.

It is being alleged that his Muslim name is being used to push forward an anti-Islam agenda by the DfE and specifically McVean. It is suggested that Hanif, at the behest of his ventriloquists Diamond and McVean, is looking to revoke partial determination, which allows for worship to include universal values of morality, not specifically linked to Christianity but other faiths as well. The partial determination, which is legal as per the Education Act 1993, has been used for a number of years as it reflected the 95% Muslim demography of the school. Hanif is, it is alleged, looking to put a halt to Friday prayers too, which would be completely ridiculous as there are Church of England schools which cater for the Friday prayer! According to sources, there are also discussions amongst parents that there may be changes to the school uniform which may target the Hijab for removal. My source informed me that this would be unlikely as most of the parents would strongly object to such a change.

Kamal Hanif Insults Parents

Parent Mohammed Ashraf has been vocal about his concerns about Park View

Parent Mohammed Ashraf has been vocal about his concerns about Park View

Kamal sent a letter of congratulations “celebrating the many successes of the students of Park View and Golden Hillock” to the parents of all the children at both these schools. This was despite the fact that the grades have declined: Golden Hillock was expecting to achieve 57% A*-C grades but in fact achieved only 45% , whilst Park View school was aiming for 76% but achieved 58%. Other schools in Birmingham, such as Waverley (headed by Hanif), St.Albans and Moseley Schools increased on their year on year grades.

Many children have not been able to get into the courses and colleges they desired, such has been the impact of the Trojan Hoax affair, as schools fought fires set by the neocon anti-Islam Michael Gove and fuelled by opportunist parents and teachers. The parents of Park View and Golden Hillock are angry, upset and feel completely insulted by Hanif’s letter.

Concluding Remarks

Contrary to the assurances made, some of the Park View Trust leadership is behaving in an occultist manner, failing to engage the parent community in key appointments. Policies are allegedly being pushed through a puppet, who seems to be carrying out the wishes of the DfE. Perhaps Hanif feels this will propel his career, or maybe there other motives, I cannot say for sure. One thing is certain: once this scandal becomes more widespread and known, it will be another Asian with a Muslim name taking the fall for the decisions.

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