The Ironies of Neocon Zionist Michael Gove

And so the legacy of the paedophile-apologist, anti-Muslim, virulent neocon Zionist Michael Gove continues.

Recently, Gove made some extremist statements in the context of Israel’s actions.  Gove highlighted the rise in anti-Semitic attacks, which I believe we can all agree is a legitimate concern: attacks against people and their places of worship for who they are, the manifestations of their beliefs is reviled and must be condemned. What is also condemnable is when governments on the basis of their own (neoconservative) ideology formulate Nazi-esque policy to tackle “extremism” explicitly targeting a minority, erode liberties of all citizens in a claimed defence of liberty, and do everything they can to minimise government scrutiny when the breadcrumbs of crime lead to a door on Downing Street.

Gove’s criticism of the BDS movement in the discourse of anti-Semitism smokescreens the reality of the Zionist entity and attempts to delegitimise a legitimate struggle.  The Zionist entity has repeatedly and consistently violated international law in breaching the most fundamental of human rights of the Palestinians.  It has also, to the defiance of the world continued in its characteristic land-grabbing of Occupied Territories.  When a state violates international law, the UN Security Council can be used by States to formulate some response or intervention. This can be military or through the use of economic sanctions (a call made most recently by a Jewish senior MP).  Since the US, France and the UK, are allies of the Zionist entity, any meaningful response to restrain the lunacy exhibited by the Zionist state can be vetoed by any of the three accomplices to the Zionist entity’s crimes.   Any action thus is impossible and the only solution, besides a State invoking its right to military humanitarian intervention, is to engage and promote popular movements to force the offending state to desist.

The BDS movement can be characterised as a popular struggle with an aim to put a stop to the grave human rights violations, brutality against the Palestinian people and complete disregard for any proposed peace processes.

Additionally, Gove states that protesters who are boycotting Israeli goods over Gaza need to be reminded that the Nazi campaign against Jewish goods ended with a campaign against Jewish lives. Irony number one is that in his neocon Zionist blindness, Gove ignored the fact that the Zionist entity’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman urged the same policy against Palestinian Israelis who showed solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Gove is therefore inhibiting one of the few mechanisms which can be employed in forcing the Zionist entity to comply with customary international law.  And herein lies irony number two: Michael Gove forced-in his investigations into the Birmingham schools targeting (only) Muslim majority areas, and blustered his way through in pushing the PREVENT strategy which defines extremism as an opposition to “British values”. These “values” include human rights and yet here we see Gove in effect assisting in furthering human rights violations and even Nazi policies perpetrated by the Zionist entity by criticising a legitimate movement.  Michael Gove is an extremist (as if there was any doubt anyway).

Comparisons with the Nazi Regime

Gove, in a further effort to diminish the reality of Zionist crimes, believes that statements like, “Stop Doing What Hitler Did To You” or “Gaza is a Concentration Camp” crosses the line into anti-Semitism, “trivialises” the Holocaust and helps foster anti-Semitism.

The invocation of the “Holocaust” create a “victim” front for the Zionist entity’s crimes is a well-known tactic exposed by (Jewish) academics like Norman Finkelstein.

Comparisons with past events help to readjust the focus of the context. When one observes the way in which apartheid exists within Zionist territory, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, the progressive expansion of Zionist control and the cordoning off of Gaza which prevents the people from going anywhere when the tiny strip of land is bombarded to bits resulting in an 80% casualty rate, then comparison with destructive policies of the past become necessary. The greater irony (number three) is, that many, including Jews have used similar statements to describe the Zionist state’s actions and policies.

As the Guardian notes, John Prescott has made such a comparison. Elsewhere, the African National Congress refused to alter its indictment of the Zionist entity, comparing its actions in the latest massacre against the people of Gaza to those of Nazi Germany. During the Gaza massacre of 2009 Gerald Kauffman, a Jewish, senior Labour MP in Parliament stated that Israeli military action in Gaza is comparable to that of German soldiers during the Holocaust.

In another report, one of the last remaining survivors of Auschwitz who endured ten months in a Nazi death camp stated that,

“The Israelis tried to dehumanise the Palestinians, just like the Nazis tried to dehumanise me. Nobody should dehumanise any other and those who try to dehumanise another are not human…”

Transcending the left/right dichotomy, a Conservative Zionist soldier broke his silence to the hostility of Zionists and spoke out in his condemnation of Zionist excesses in a lengthy Facebook post, again comparing it to Nazi Germany:

“Israel 2014 is like Germany 1933. Please don’t let Israel 2020 be like Germany 1939.”

Concluding Remarks 

Michael Gove’s neoconservativism continues to expose his extreme bias, which fails to condemn strongly the state terrorism perpetuated by the Zionist entity, yet defends it in the smokescreen of anti-semitism; which highlights attacks against the Jewish people yet ignores his own actions which directly contribute to an anti-Muslim atmosphere, increasing hate-crimes against Muslims. Michael Gove supports the ideology which forms the basis of the perpetration of violence and therefore is complicit to terrorism.

The greatest irony is however, that Michael Gove is part of a political machine whose policies are similar to those employed by the Third Reich. The current atmosphere in Britain, both politically and in the media, is reminiscent of the Nazi era, and Gove has fuelled this in his ideological hatred of Islam.

A person with such virulent, neocon, Zionist views is not fit to hold a position in a public office.

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