Richard Kerbaj, Murdoch Corruption and “Trojan Horse 2”


Sunday evening I received a link to an article in my inbox: “Trojan Horse 2”, it read. I hoped it was a trailer for an unoriginal sequel to the Troy, or even perhaps a remake of the Brad Pitt version, probably starring Michael Gove as Menelaus whose wife gets stolen and Michael Wilshaw as Agamemnon, his warmongering elder brother.

Nope. It was another derogatory reference to Muslims as a fifth column supposedly brainwashing children and another Muslim majority area under “investigation”, as the Times reported:

“Tower Hamlets is expected to be the next Birmingham”

The report also stated,

“According to government sources, officials at the Department for Education (DfE) are concerned that the situation may be worse than that uncovered in the “Trojan Horse” scandal earlier this year”.

I wonder if those sources come from the counter extremism department set up by Michael Gove, whose “expert consultants” with regards to the extremism are the Quilliam Foundation, incidentally supported by Gove?

Richard Kerbaj, Murdoch and Corruption

Another interesting point I have noticed is the Times was amongst the first to peddle the Trojan Hoax lies back in March 2014 and the author of that piece was Richard Kerbaj (and Sian Griffiths). Their articles cited “Whitehall officials” then as they have done now. Michael Gove wrote for the Times, whilst his wife, Sarah Vine, was also a writer for the neocon propaganda outfit and now is a columnist for the Daily Fail. Michael Gove is “close mates” with Rupert Murdoch too and incidentally, Murdoch happened to move Richard Kerbaj to the Times paper. It therefore, doesn’t take a genius to work who that “Whitehall official” may have been. Perhaps Peter Clarke should be called into look into this “orchestrated plot” to continue pushing a neoconservative agenda at the expense of the Muslim minority.

richardkerbajRichard Kerbaj seems to write frequently on all things negative about Islam and Muslims. His works includes opportunist rehashing of stories which happen to coincide with upcoming government incursions (Trojan Hoax investigations).

As a young journalist, Kerbaj wrote for an Australian Murdoch tabloid papers and there too he seemed to have focussed on anti-Muslim reporting (see here for an interesting discussion about his coverage on Muslims). In line with the disgraced Murdoch corruption and his policy of disguising facts on the ground, Kerbaj was shifted personally by Murdoch from Australia to London, purely to supplement an agent provocateur’s (Mazher Mahmood) task of discrediting Palestinian supporter Mohammed Ali, CEO of Islam Channel TV. As Robert Lambert noted,

“Most telling, is the credence that Murdoch journalists gave to corrupt dictators – such as Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt – happily now deposed and discredited. Indications of Murdoch’s personal interest in discrediting Mohamed Ali became apparent when considering the role of journalist Richard Kerbaj, who was transferred by Murdoch from The Australian to The Times in London – not least because of his contacts with corrupt security regimes in North Africa and the Middle East.

Suffice to say, Kerbaj supplemented Mahmood’s dirty work on behalf of The News of the World with his own supposedly authoritative reporting for TheTimes In Ali’s case, Mahmood was clearly briefed that his intended victim was a former “terrorist”, ultimately on the discredited word of a corrupt dictator. Had the Fake Sheik [Mazher Mahmood] succeeded in his sting against Ali, News of the World readers would doubtless have been treated to an account of Ali’s “terrorism” that echoes Kerbaj’s version – and is now wholly discredited.”

In other words, Kerbaj is a journalist in disrepute seemingly being used by the neocons friendly with Murdoch, to push the neoconservative agenda against Islam, Muslims and any voice against their policies.

The Daily Fail typically decided to regurgitate the report as a purely Muslim issue in its headlines, whilst slipping a single sentence that Jewish and Christian schools were amongst those visited by Ofsted recently and then sandwiching the sentence with the point that terror arrests had been made in the areas of London and Stoke, and then resuming the Muslim-bashing propaganda, reminding Daily Fail readers of the farcical Trojan Hoax investigations of Birmingham. And just to maintain the pro-Zionist slant, a section is dedicated to Tower Hamlets and its Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, “who sparked controversy by calling for the Palestinian flag to be flown above the town hall in a show of support Gaza”.

Concluding Remarks

The Trojan Hoax issue was blustered as a “jihadist” counter-extremism issue but turned out to be more of an alleged problem with governors which purportedly, evangelical Christians were not happy with. Furthermore, there have yet to be any investigations into the allegations against Tim Boyes and his alleged involvement in the actual letter which triggered this all off.  Ian Kershaw concluded in his report that there was,

“…no evidence of a conspiracy to promote an anti-British agenda, violent extremism, or radicalisation in schools in east Birmingham”

Yet all this is now being used to oppress other Muslim minorities throughout the country.

As ever, the blatant Muslim minority discrimination in the media reporting is obvious as is the lack of any Government investigations into schools in Stamford hill which are known to slap pupils’ hands, where girls are treated as “nothing” and are “not taught anything”; where “most children are not taught to speak English” and “Jewish studies replace the secular curriculum.” With corrupt Murdoch journalists pervading the media, I don’t see change in this dire situation any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Richard Kerbaj, Murdoch Corruption and “Trojan Horse 2”

  1. I’ve been reading the Times for some years but it has become nothing but a blatant Murdoch mouthpiece. The geriatric needs to be put out to graze instead of trying to stir up anti religious rubbish. No wonder his latest wife dumped him.
    As for Kerbaj, he only has 2 stories – write anything anti islamic with backup quotes from whitehall tea lady & make sure the phrase Trojan Horse is mentioned every time. His only other story is anything anti Qatari since in the eyes of the Times, they robbed the British of the world cup. They seem to forget they only got 1 vote.
    It’s not journalism but just scaremongering, very much like the 1930’s in Germany when a certain Mr H came to power using the same kind of selective targeting. We all know what happened then.

    • Thank you for taking your time out to comment,

      It certainly is concerning, history is there – if we don’t learn from it, recognise the signs from it, then we are fools. The moment journalists stop punching up and start punching down, we will have a problem.

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