Post Trojan Hoax: 10 Asian Teachers Targeted, Favours for Contracts by Riverside Church-Linked Jo Tyler


According to a senior source in Park View Education Trust a total of ten Muslims, and one Sikh have been suspended since the new trustees, again as alleged by the senior source as being regarded as puppets controlled by Colin Diamond and Dave McVean, have taken charge of Park View Education Trust.*

The Return of the Whistle-blower?

The senior source also states that there is reason to believe that the Deputy Head of the school (an Asian) will be replaced and the name being circulated is none other than the “whistleblowing”, notorious Riverside Church-linked, evangelical Karen Slater.

The teaching community in Birmingham feel the suspensions have been deliberately targeted with a lot of them happening on fickle grounds, whilst non-Muslim improprieties are being supressed, overlooked and deflected.

Safeguarding Issues

My sources reveal that very recently, in one particular instance at Golden Hillock School, a white, non-Muslim teacher took Year 10 students on an overnight trip in Wales. In one of the activities the teacher left the group of teenagers in a forest on their own to trek back to their base. In this duration, one of the female students fell and injured herself. Male students then picked her up and took her to the nearby roadside, flagged an anonymous car down and went with the stranger to a farmhouse to ring the teacher as there was no reception in the forest. An argument broke out between a male and female student at which point the female student was also molested.


Tony Wilson has been avoid parents, it is alleged.

More issues arose after the teacher in charge allowed the students to access unrestricted Wi-Fi access. Some of the students taking stock of the opportunity were exposed to indecent images and videos.

It is alleged that the teacher then spoke to Tony Wilson, the new head in charge who has been allegedly debriefed by Jo Tyler, but the incidents were not raised, as per process, to the LADO (Local Auhtority Designated Officer) and to the children safeguarding body.

Why is this relevant?

Because when a female Muslim teacher found out and took the necessary steps to report it to LADO, she and her manager (who is the head of pastoral) were suspended. The teacher who took the students to the trip, is still in the school and teaching. This is deeply problematic; he should have been suspended instead so as to prevent undue influence on the children when the inquiry is launched.

Prima facie at least, it seems a white, non-Muslim teacher is being protected at the expense of Muslim teachers. A culture of bullying and intimidation Mr Wilshaw?

Contracts and Favours


Jo Tyler (left) and Karen Slater, friends linked to controversial evangelical Riverside Church

More issues are now surfacing around the finances of Golden Hillock School. Jo Tyler, the Riverside Church-linked friend of the whistle-blower Karen Slater.

In Spring 2013, the school and the governing body had decided to invest in some building work which included new games areas, more learning space, and other improvements. A figure of £500,000 was allocated. The Birmingham City Council agreed to pay about £200,000 for the roofing work. As part of the tendering process, Governors were supposed to be part of getting feedback from the companies.

However the governors were not invited to view the tenders and Jo Tyler recommended CPP, a management firm. Problems ensued when it was revealed by Jo Tyler that the BCC would only use its own firm (ACIVICO). For the same work however, ACIVCO would charge substantially more. The school was forced to pay over £750,000 for the work; an extraordinary meeting had to be called to approve the amount.

It has now emerged that allegedly, not all the facts were put forward to the governing body and some favours were involved. It is alleged by a very reliable source that Jo Tyler was having an affair with someone at CPP. This corroborates with the fact that the relationship between Jo and her husband at the school, was at breaking point and a senior member of staff had to intervene and mediate between the two.

Once the questionable tender was revealed, according to the source, it was covered up.

Concluding Remarks

The hypocrisy of the government and local bodies cease to amaze. When the Trojan Hoax allegations were made, there was an unending barrage of “revelations” of financial mismanagement, favours and nepotism, all given an Islamic “flavouring” cemented in Peter Clarke’s methodologically flawed investigation report. As a result, the lives of teachers were ruined, with many of them unable to find a job and support their families.

The above issues have been perpetrated by non-Muslim, white individuals of Christian, evangelical background and in the case of Jo Tyler, allegedly linked to others (such as Karen Slater and Tim Boyes) who have been key in the Trojan Hoax fiasco, through the notorious Riverside Church. However this “Christianism” will never be investigated because it simply does not fit the agenda of the neocon government.

Ten Muslim teachers, and one Sikh teacher, many in senior positions, are being removed allegedly at the behest of the Department for Education through two individuals: Colin Diamond and David McVean. Don’t expect any “wars” and sensationalist exposés by the likes of Andrew Gilligan and co on the “white folk” of Birmingham.


* Update: A correction to the article and title has been made as amongst the ten Muslim teachers, one would be described as white.

3 thoughts on “Post Trojan Hoax: 10 Asian Teachers Targeted, Favours for Contracts by Riverside Church-Linked Jo Tyler

  1. I shan’t hold my breath CoH , lest i lose it all together. Clearly these allegations no matter how serious don’t fit into the neoconservative agenda so are not worthy of investigation because of of course the persecution of muslims is the norm now!


  2. Outrageous! Cannot believe nothing is being investigated when these people aren’t muslims. Is it ‘innocent until proven Muslim’ now at Golden Hillock School?

    Kamal Hanif seems to be the DfE mascot, the EDL have Abdul…..

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