Mr Graham Hardy: Threats of Beheading Young Children and Potential Sexual Harassment

Al-Hijrah School, before the forced takeover

Al Hijrah School is an independent Muslim school with an Islamic ethos. Shock and horror, other schools representing other faiths like Orthodox Judaism and Catholic Schools, are also permitted according to law to run their school baseds upon a specific religious ethos.  In some cases they can discriminate, I am told, on even marital status – there have been instances of senior Catholic teachers forced to leave because they have divorced their spouse.

One would think it would be normal to have teachers and governors who would adequately represent this ethos as they are best placed to actualise it. For instance, how would the Jewish community of Stamford Hill react if their school’s entire governing body along with their school’s senior leadership team were replaced with Muslims/Christians/Athiests who would then mock the Jewish ethos?  Not terribly well I would presume.

Al-Hijrah School and the parents of the pupils are suffering worse.  The entirety of the interim-governing body is non-Muslim, and there are growing allegations that the governing body has been actively pushing out Muslim teachers and replacing them with non-Muslim teachers from another school: Calthorpe Academy.

There is a clear atmosphere of intimidation and bullying of the teachers who are afraid to say anything against the Senior Leadership Team, and any complaints which are made are currently falling on deaf ears.

Threats of Decapitation to Children


Graham Hardy has serious allegations against him which need investigating

On either the 15th or 16th of September, Graham Hardy, who is the head of Calthope Academy and who has taken charge of Al-Hijrah, is alleged to have threatened children as young as 6 and 7, that if they did not behave, then he would “chop off” their heads, and on another occasion, chop/pull off their ears.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

Hardy has admitted that he has said these things, but in jest. He has also allegedly confirmed, startlingly, that he has said this on a number of occasion to pupils at Calthorpe who have then gone on to reiterate the same back to him.  One would question what values are being instilled by such an individual.

Parents have complained to David Willey, the Chairman of IEB (Interim Executive Board – the governing body which has taken over), to Social Services in the Council and the Police. However, the response to these shocking allegations have been far from electrifying and somewhat slow. The parents are legitimately asking, what would the response be if it was a Black or Muslim Teacher?

No doubt a spread would have been plastered in the Daily Mail with Headlines “ISIS IN BRITISH SCHOOLS”, whilst Andrew Gilligan would have had another “Trojan Horse Only Tip of Iceberg with Threats of Beheadings” and the full combined force of the EFA, Department for Education and the Birmingham City Council would be applied.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Young Girls Touched

Perhaps the most shocking allegations are related to Graham Hardy’s conduct. He has undermined and attacked the Islamic ethos of the school.

My sources have personally spoken to witnesses and parents and can confirm that there are instances where Hardy may have behaved in such a manner. There are two instances in particular which serve as a cause for alarm.  The first alleges that Hardy mocked the Islamic ruling which does not allow a male and female to be alone in a room together.  Thus Hardy allegedly mocked a female Muslim teacher saying that a male teacher “wanted” her in a room alone “all to himself”. The female staff member is said to be very upset and disturbed by this incident.

In other instances Hardy has mocked Muslim female staff stating to them that they will be cooking for their husbands when they go home, reinforcing a condescending stereotype.

The second issue relates to touching of young girls. My sources however have not been able to confirm exact names involved and what the extent of the allegation is. The only point of confirmation from parents is that somebody from amongst the new staff members has/have touched young girls “inappropriately” and against “parental expectation”.

No Action on Complaints

The teachers were (and still are) intimidated by the IEB and Hardy and therefore had not made any complaints.  However according to sources, repeated complaints have now been made to the Birmingham City Council. Despite this, the BCC has not acted upon the complaints and is allegedly trying to suppress the information.

Parents and those concerned have been trying to bring these issues to media attention however, it seems the media has not been too keen on the dangerous allegations being made. Parents I have spoken to have confirmed that video recordings with the BBC were made with vexations highlighted, however the BBC did not publish it anywhere.

In an attempt to get their voices heard, some parents have set up a rudimentary forum upon which they update each other about this situation at the school.

Squandering Finances

Based on the key incidents which a source has confirmed, there seems to be a concerted effort to destabilise the school.

One of the issues surrounding Al-Hijrah School was the concern of the Birmingham City Council (BCC) about its deficit, notwithstanding the fact that the BCC was the body which was signing off the cheques. Since the takeover of the school by Hardy and the BBC, sources are alleging money is being used on things not required, and “to protect their own backs”.

The CCTV camera equipment, though perfectly adequate, has been replaced by a brand new system, which is linked over the web through to Calthorpe.  This has occurred without obtaining parental consent for their children to be viewed from another premises. Furthermore, questions are being raised as to whether the strangers who may have access to this feed have got the necessary DBS/CRB clearance. Alongside this, an additional £5,000 has been spent on checking electrical points (despite it being validly checked and passed in Easter 2014 and the certification being valid for 5 years).

Sources have also confirmed that Hardy has terminated the contract for the HR department, incurring a premature termination penalty of at least £10,000 and anything up to £21,000.  On top of this he has hired another HR company for a cost of £9000.

Hardy is also purportedly using the BCC Legal Services department inappropriately.  The local MP, Liam Byrne has asked for an exact cost of these “legal services”, however the BCC has not been forthcoming with the information whilst it is still unascertained as to whether the expenses are being drawn from the children’s school budget.

Given the deficit already in place, such wastage of money is reckless to say the least and highly circumspect.

What exasperates this sentiment is the fact that the spending on children’s materials has been halved, thus Muslim school children entering into this academic year have not had adequate materials to work with. Scheduled work around the play around has also been allegedly canned.

Sadly, it seems Hardy and his ported friends from Calthorpe have their own interests in mind at the expense of the Muslim minority and in particular, the children.

Concluding Remarks

Many assurances have been made by the new, BCC-approved IEB governors as well as the senior leadership team which simply have not been met. There has been a distinct lack of communication between the parents and the school, whilst the children are suffering in this agenda-driven bureaucracy. This seems to be the case in other schools which have been attacked through the Trojan Hoax pretext, as already reported in articles about Park View Education Trust (for Muslim teachers being replaced by non-Muslim teachers at PVET see here, for transparency issues at PVET, see here).

Had it been the case that Muslims were making such threats and behaving in such a rash manner, there would be no end to the media reports from the likes of Andrew Gilligan and Richard Kerbaj and Peter Clarke, Michael Gove (gate-crashing of course), Nicky Morgan along with David Cameron would be bludgeoning in with the full weight of the government. As the perpetrators at Al-Hijrah School are non-Muslim, this will not be the case and the abuse, it seems will only continue unless upright individuals brings this to the mainstream public domain. As one of the sources spoken to said,

“The Trojan Horse lies have legitimised Islamophobia to such an extent that we are now suffering in silence while anti-Muslim individuals are discriminately bullying without fear of any ramifications. It’s horrible.”


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8 thoughts on “Mr Graham Hardy: Threats of Beheading Young Children and Potential Sexual Harassment

  1. Hi, Just wanted to check the credibility of this article. As no author is mentioned or sources? This is before I share it with friends so I need to be sure.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for taking your time out to comment. There is a combination here. I have verified the information as far as I can through sources in Birmingham. These sources are comprised of parents as well others who are close to the school.

      I have also referenced the parents forum in the article which contains these details and more. This was set up by parents who were consulted for this article.

      another corrobatory point is that the beheadings allegation has been raised with the police in Birmingham. I have viewed the complaint and seen the crime reference number.


  2. This post is made by Inspector Paul Dutton of the West Midlands Police. I am the local policing manager for area of Al Hijrah School.

    This blog makes a number of allegations relating to Mr Graham Hardy.

    I have spoken with Mr Hardy who has agreed to allow the West Midlands Police to share investigative detail with you to bring clarity to these matters.

    The police have received one allegation of threatening words being used by Mr Graham Hardy towards children at Al Hijrah School.

    Allegations of this nature are taken extremely seriously by West Midlands Police and a full investigation has been conducted by specialist officers from our Child Safeguarding department.

    The investigation is now concluded, the lead investigating officer has assessed that no criminal offences were committed in this incident.

    As a result, West Midlands Police have now closed their investigation into this matter.

    All people involved in this mater have been updated.

    If I can assist you further in bringing clarity to policing matters or helping unravel rumour and speculation please contact me via the West Midlands Police web site.


    Paul Dutton

    • Inspector Dutton,

      Thank you for taking your time and commenting on the blog.  I am glad to see West Midlands police personally reaching out to the community of Birmingham and clarifying issues around Al Hijrah School through this blog.

      Regarding this particular case, there are further issues and concerns of parents and teachers which may require your attention and will be addressed in a follow up blog.


    • To Inspector Dutton

      It seems Mr Hardy clearly has friends in high places, i would have thought that an inspector would have better things to do than post comments on internet blogs. Coolness of hind i would take that as a compliment as cleary your blog is being noticed. The fact that a criminal investigation has found no offeces occuring and the case has been no further actioned (nfa’ed) is tad misleading. Firstly Mr Hardy is what is reffered to as a person who works in a position of trust (POT.) Therfore the fact that the investigation has been closed due to no offences occuring does not absolve mr Hardy from breaching any code of ethics he has signed up to as a teacher and person working in (POT.) Secondly if the comments he made regarding “beheadings” are remotely true which by the way i have had confirmed by a senior teacher at the school, then surely Mr Hardy should face disciplinary action from the IEB or BIrmingham city council, but will he? To cement this point many teachers embroiled in the trojan horse row have been suspended for less, a case in point is a teacher making comments about non muslims over whatsapp. Different horses for different courses it seems. Finally of course others do not have an Inspector defending them on internet forums.

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