Inside Knowledge of Inspections and “Christian Extremism”


In a previous blog I applied Clarke’s test of an “orchestrated plot” to neocons to ram the Trojan Hoax fiasco in the Muslim minority to achieve the broader aims of cementing the neocon PREVENT strategy into legislation. Anyone with a general awareness of the policies being employed by the government at the foreign and domestic policy level can clearly see this.  The neocons are resurgent.

A recent report shows that there was a “coordinated plot” between Ofsted and one of Michael Gove’s “model superhead”, Rachel De Souza which resulted in the particular schools having advanced time to prepare for the inspections. Michael Gove has said that his ideal schools policy would be to clone De Souza 23,000 times.

The Guardian reports,

The Observer can now reveal that De Souza did not only see an inspection schedule for one of the schools she oversees but was in a position to converse with Ofsted about the timings of inspections. 

For there can be no doubt that De Souza was in command of information that most people running schools would dearly love to hold. “Only three weeks or so till Ofsted due at Victory too! Let’s keep focused”, De Souza wrote in a group email sent three weeks and two days before the school attended by Harris’s daughter was inspected on 14 and 15 May 2013.

Questions are now being raised as to whether Ofsted were colluding with De Souza, given her proximity with the regulator and of course, her link to the Department for Education: two of the schools run by her are part of the Inspiration Trust academy chain venerated by the government, and sponsored by the Tory donor and Department for Education non-executive director Theodore Agnew.

So Peter Clarke, no neocon-orchestrated plot here to prop schools formally praised by the neocon Michael Gove?

Are Christians Now Extremists?

Elsewhere Christian groups are challenging a school’s demotion by Ofsted for not preparing pupils for British society because they have not sufficiently taught about other faith representations.  In a Telegraph news piece, it is reported that the Christian Institute is challenging the assertion of “British values” to combat extremism as having “disturbing consequences” for faith schools. The deputy director of the Christian Institute said in a letter to Education secretary Nicky Morgan that,

“Worryingly, evidence is already emerging of how the new regulations are requiring Ofsted inspection teams to behave in ways which do not respect the religious ethos of faith schools… The new requirements are infringing the rights of children, parents, teachers and schools to hold and practise their religious beliefs.”

The entire report paints a positive criticism of the Ofsted’s behaviour and their guidance.  In fact it attacks Muslims in a subtle manner in that Ofsted’s criticism is that they “failed to invite an Imam”, even though Ofsted was clearly referring to engagement with different faiths.  Muslims: it’s their fault whether act or omission, by them or by someone else.

The reality is that the same criticisms have been coming from Muslim majority schools and Muslim faith schools for the past several months which have fallen on deaf ears. Instead the complaints have been dressed in the garb of “extremism” and the schools bullied into submission.

Al-Hijrah School has had its governing body and senior leadership team purged of Muslims with non-Muslims who have allegedly denigrated the Islamic ethos of the school.  State schools which have sought collective worship of an Islamic character, perfectly within the framework of the law, have been smeared as extremist and Muslim teachers have been removed at the alleged control of the Department for Education whilst purported issues surrounding evangelical Christian teachers is being ignored.

The comparatively positive way in which the report deals with these issues in the context of Christian and Jewish schools speaks volumes about the Muslim minority discrimination which exists at every level of society: locally by “whistle-blowing” opportunist evangelical teachers, through to the media which supports the establishment policies lock, stock and barrel to government officials themselves.

Will the government, media and all the cogs in between label the Christian groups “extremist” for highlighting to the government that their “British values” agenda is riding roughshod over Christian ethos and they differ with their interpretation of “tolerance”?

Of course not.

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