The Future is “Brown” According to David Cameron, but What Type of Brown?

Source: Sky News

The future is bright. The future is, well brown according to David Cameron who, addressing the Asian awards ceremony, spoke of wanting to see more Asians in “top positions” of government and in particular as a Prime Minister.  Whilst reading the report I simultaneously laughed and felt a tinge of irritation.

As Muslims understood the schooling system and started to implement it in accordance to the demographics of the area, Michael Gove wielded his neocon anti-Islam sentiment-driven hammer on Asian areas of Birmingham (exclusively). This eventually resulted in senior Muslim teachers being removed from their position at the alleged dictation of the DfE, and Muslim (Asian) governors and senior teachers being removed and replaced with white, non-Muslims. Children are allegedly being threatened with beheading without fear of sanction if they do not listen to new senior teachers. I am still waiting for Jewish and Christian schools to be investigated with the same level of politicisation, derision and intimidation through allegations of extremism, with key individuals being plastered across the media as “hardliner” and “extremists”. Instead we note the opposite from the media when similar policies are applied to Christians and Jews where their respective faith schools are investigated in a more civilised, less media-caricaturised manner.

Of late Mayor Lutfur Rahman, who claims to have embarrassed the political establishment in achieving upliftment in his area, has been politically bludgeoned by the Tory Eric Pickles who described Tower Hamlets as “rotten” despite finding no evidence of corruption or fraud. One wonders when other boroughs are going to be investigated with the same fine toothcomb. The irony is that claims of “rot”, if we take Tower Hamlets as a watermark for decay, are coming from the most rotten of all places: Whitehall.   Pickles himself is a man who spends £76,000 a year of taxpayers money on tea and biscuits.  And then we have a government which literally shreds evidence to pieces in an effort to prevent further investigation into scandalous MP expense claims.  Yvette Cooper for instance, who is pushing for control orders, is alleged to have used the expenses system to pay for a £655,000 house.  Though the Data Protection laws allow for the destruction of the expenses records, Alistair Graham, former Chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life said that “the people concerned should know better. There was a strong public interest in retaining this information so that people have access to it, and I’m really very surprised”. This is in addition to a catalogue of attempts by the government to cover-up its alleged dirty work. More recently, news has surfaced of “establishment cover-up” with regards to a “white” (race and religion omitted in the report) paedophile who befriended children before molesting them in classrooms, dormitories and his private quarters. Perhaps there is an esoteric sign in the giant fatbergs of congealed slime found blocking the sewers beneath Whitehall.

Returning from my slight tangent, one of the many lessons I have derived from the Trojan Hoax fiasco, and the treatment of Muslim, “Asian” individuals in positions of power is that, if you do not toe the line of the establishment then prepare to be put down. The establishment here is one which is imbued with the neocon thinking.

Obama was originally touted as a saviour of the left and the right attacked him for being a closet Muslim.  Even Muslims claimed the same as his superficial friendliness to the Muslim world was architected.  Then, it later it emerged that he was having dinners with neocons William Kristol and George Will which shocked the left and the right.  Guantanamo Bay is still open, drone attacks have massively increased in Muslim lands along with civilian death tolls, and another war is being waged in Iraq.

Closer to home, as already highlighted, we have David Cameron who, pandering to Muslims, rejected the label of “Islamism” and wanted Britain to integrate with Muslims. Now Islamism is the main reason for radicalisation and the Muslim minority are being forced to adopt arbitrarily defined “British values” which are not even adhered to by government officials.

The question is, what kind of Asian would most likely be seen in top positions in government?  Lady Warsi comes to mind, but even she epically resigned from her Cabinet post when she realised she could not “speak freely” in her “top position” on the issue of Palestine, only to be bullied through passive aggression by Tories for diverting from the establishment narrative.

Who else can we look to then? In making his statement Cameron said he would like to see a British-Asian take the keys to Number 10 and then looked at Sajid Javid and joked “just not immediately”. Javed became a cabinet minister in just over four years. Coming from a Muslim background, he himself does not believe in Islam and maintains strong right-wing neocon, pro-Zionist views. As Michael Rosen addressing Javed said,

“No matter you are of working class origin and your cultural background is a million miles from the Etonian toffs, you are now part of the class (yes), that runs the ludicrous world of the mega-rich gamblers who have caused millions of people across the world to lose their jobs and welfare.”


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