Combing Through Shredded Documents? When Will Riverside Church-linked Jo Tyler of PVET School be Investigated?

When the Trojan Hoax plot started to unfold, and as neocon, anti-Islam agenda-driven Michael Gove stood as the “statesman” in charge of sorting out “those Muslims” in Birmingham, I wrote my thoughts on it, parsing through the information as it disseminated through a partisan media via the penmanship of questionable individuals known as “journalists”.

I had hoped to offer a counter-narrative; an attempt to employ standards I believed would be equally applied had the target been Jewish or Christian-majority schools in order to challenge the architected status quo which posited the Muslim as a criminal before discriminatory investigations which targeted Muslim areas exclusively, had even finished. Never have I doubted that there may have been any issues; my contention has always been, if investigations are to be conducted, they should be done equally, targeting all schools applying the same flimsy criteria and tests which have been insidiously used against the Muslim minority. Of course when Christian and Jewish schools are affected, then the media reports the grievances positively without any ascription of “extremism”, and the government accedes to the contentions of the Christian and Jewish communities against the Trojan Hoax policies (see a further example here). If anything, this proves that Muslims can be freely bludgeoned into assimilation without question, but if Christians and Jews are affected by anything approaching the same, then their identity and concerns are voiced loudly and protected. So much for “pluralism”.

Justice: A slow start

In the course of my writing, I have encountered information which much of the mainstream media have ignored and the government has blatantly glossed over. I have tried to reveal the other side of the story which has been muzzled and filtered out through a process of osmosis where the (neocon media) membrane seems to allow through only that information which incriminates the Muslim minority and holds-in similar claims of misconduct when the perpetrator happens to be white and non-Muslim.

Parsing through the information I have received from sources in Birmingham, cross-verifying it and then posting it here is not the most uplifting of tasks. However, with a little contentment that some justice is in motion, I can reveal that due to the previous blog which highlighted numerous Muslim teachers being removed from the Academy at the heart of the Trojan Hoax fiasco, Park View Trust (PVET), two teachers who were supposed to have been investigated for serious safeguarding issues at Golden Hillock School, are now being investigated. Those (Muslim) teachers who tried to follow procedure and who were allegedly being scapegoated have now become incidental to the investigation.

The question remains, however, who will recompense those teachers who have been suspended on fickle grounds, their reputations tarnished rendering them practically unemployable? There are still teachers and employees at the PVET School for instance, who have far more serious allegations of misconduct against them, who are not Muslim and who have not been suspended, further reinforcing the notion that the entirety of the Trojan Hoax fiasco was brazenly discriminatory in its targeting of Muslims.

Jo Tyler?

Joanne Tyler, more commonly known as Jo, is one such individual. A friend of Channel 5 exclusive “whistle-blower” Karen Slater, she is allegedly part of evangelical Riverside Church-linked circle, which is said to be implicated in the architecture of the original Trojan Horse letter. Allegations which have been made against Muslim teachers at PVET, and which have resulted in investigations and suspensions, have also been made against Jo Tyler. To recap, purportedly they are,

  • Fast-tracked career under Matthew Scarrott, the previous head of Golden Hillock School who has allegations of having a hand in the Trojan Horse letter.
  • Familial nepotism in the guise of her mother, husband, nephews and nieces working at the school.
  • Botched tendering processes, which were then “covered up”
  • Waste of school money
  • Favours for contracts

Details of the last three points were elaborated upon in my previous blog. Were Jo a Muslim, there would be an unending barrage of articles mostly regurgitating the same with piecemeal chunks of new information by Andrew Gilligan, the Torygraph and their ilk. The news would have splattered across the media, as we have been seeing throughout the course of the Trojan Hoax affair.

Shredding Papers

Recently, my sources in Birmingham have given some disturbing information with regards to the happenings at PVET and Jo Tyler.

We have heard of MPs shredding details of their expense claims to cover-up their misdeeds, but have you ever heard of people reconstituting them? Sources are alleging that since the new trustees at PVET have taken over, a group of Staff lead by Jo Tyler are going through bins reassembling private, confidential shredded papers at the school. Questions need to be raised: why is this potential breach of confidence and the Data Protection Act being allowed to happen? And on whose direction is this happening? This is stuff of spooks.

An inquiry is needed to investigate why the above is happening. Perhaps the parents of the PVET schools need to question Colin Diamond and Kamal Hanif (who are not engaging with parents as promised), as to what is really going on here. Perhaps in this instance, they will respond.

There is more information that will come out, however the fundamental question remains: will it lead to “muscular” action, with suspensions, media smearing of an entire group followed by policies formulated on the findings? (Eschewing the discrimination), justice needs to be done and investigations need to start. Given light – however minute – at the end of an establishment tunnel has been seen with the investigation into the safeguarding issue at Golden Hillock School, maybe there is hope.

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