Post-Trojan Hoax: More Muslim Teachers Suspended, Parents Patronised, Threatened with PREVENT Police Referral


Recently it was reported that the Muslim minority face the worst job discrimination of any minority group. Perceived as a “threat” and “disloyal” fuelled by the continuously increasing anti-Muslim atmosphere, Muslim men were 76% less likely to have a job compared to white British Christians.

The Muslim Purge Continues

The teachers at the Birmingham Trojan Hoax schools, now rendered unemployable thanks to a barrage of lies, twists and imposed interpretation of statements perhaps can relate to the above report. In a previous blog I noted how nine Muslim teachers (and one Sikh teacher) had been suspended. The latest news according to sources is that a further five Muslim teachers have been suspended. And so the Muslim purge continues. If anything the blatant Muslim targeting and discriminatory treatment is exasperated by the fact Golden Hillock School’s evangelical, controversial Riverside Church-linked Jo Tyler, who has serious allegations of nepotism, financial mismanagement and questionable contract-dealings, has still not been suspended pending further investigation.

It is not only the professional section of the schooling structure which has created a discriminatory atmosphere. According to sources, parents of children at Golden Hillock School are feeling the pressure from the agenda-driven incursion forced in by Michael Gove.

The Threat of PREVENT Police

I have heard of many anecdotal reports of PREVENT police acting possibly illegally, from putting off Islamic venues from hosting speakers and events to scaring mosques in order to discourage support for peaceful protests. The PREVENT officers, if reports are to believed, are the slightly timid form of the gestapo.

If we recall, Colin Diamond and David McVean had made assurances that parents will be fully engaged. At that time, repeated attempts of engagement by parents were being ignored.

On Tuesday 25th of November, there was a parents meeting at Golden Hillock School for their input into the school development plan. My sources are stating that the parents were somewhat mute and not contributing much. Upon enquiring as to why this was the case, multiple parents said that if they questioned the school too much especially around religion, they would be reported to the PREVENT team and could be arrested. Another parent stated that the head teacher would refer the parents to PREVENT (though I have not been able to verify this latter claim).

Parents, in other words, have been intimidated against contributing towards the development of the school. One parent, Mohammed Ashraf, decided to ask some questions at the meeting who was promptly deferred by the principal Tony Wilson to the end of the meeting with instructions that questions would be taken then. What happens next is nothing short of shocking. In a letter of complaint to Ofsted, Ashraf has written that,

“Mr Wilson decided to skip the questions (which he suggested earlier) and ask parents to go to their isolated groups. Out of sheer frustration of being ignored once again, I challenged the purpose of the meeting as box ticking exercise for Ofsted and NOT a two way dialogue with parents. At that point it had become clear to me that the school had no interest in listening to parents but fulfilling their parental consultation tick box for the school development plan which Ofsted would see.”

Eventually when he was able to speak and highlighted his concern and the potential impact on his child as a result of an oversight that an external governor’s review highlighted that the previous governing body of eleven governors was insufficient and the new body, constituted of seven governors went against recommendations. Wilson in an alleged display of arrogance stated that, it’s about quality not quantity which the school didn’t have previously. Ashraf found his response during the interaction “patronising”:

“Mr Wilson started to pull faces and kept on rolling his eyes which I found extremely patronizing and unprofessional, something I point out when we were talking”.

Parents Feeling Intimidated

My sources who have corroborated the above information state that other parents in the room were shocked by the way in which Ashraf was treated. They felt bullied and intimidated expressing the notion that, if a vocal person is to be treated like this what chance did they have in contributing to the discussions.

Come on Wilshaw, allegations of bullying, intimidation, using PREVENT officers as a threat, ignoring of white, Christian evangelical teachers perpetrating similar allegations made  against those formerly at PVET, but the mass suspensions of Muslim teachers. This sounds like a discriminatory, racist recipe for institutional disaster!

Whenever there is pressure of this kind exerted on a minority, desperate circumstances will bequeath consequences. The tragic events of Ferguson and the response of the people comes to mind.

In what is a sign of this kind of desperation, when Ofsted did come down to PVET, a group of 30 parents managed to meet with the inspectors and expressed their views about the situation in the school very strongly. The school which had vacancies in the first place, now, as a result of the “Muslim purge” as even more vacancies. The quality of education is dropping. These grievances were aired very loudly, according to sources, to Ofsted and the parents pinned the blame directly on the new-arrivals leading PVET – Executive Principal Adrian Packer, Chair of PVET Kamal Hanif, and his alleged handler, Colin Diamond, the Deputy Education Commissioner in Birmingham for Department for Education.

What is more, my sources have stated that a teacher from within the school vociferously criticised the senior leadership team in the teacher’s discussion with Ofsted. This is pertinent because the teacher is not a second-class citizen Muslim, but a person whose statements greater legitimacy and weight; he or she is white a non-Muslim.

Concluding Remarks

What can I say? The continued allegations of nepotism (and yes, there are more examples of higher-ranking nepotism to come) financial mismanagement (under past employees and those still present), knowledge of snap-inspections and evangelical takeover plots etc. have not twitched the consciousness of government officials and second-rate establishment journalists in the media. I am, through my blogs, practically handing the information of allegations on a platter for investigations to take place and there is nothing but a deadly ignorance of the “white” crimes taking place. The message, in this tacit approval is clear. Wrong religion, wrong race.

Well done Mr Gove.   You have decimated a high-achieving school. Most decent teachers have been suspended, and the schools can’t recruit good teachers because the school’s reputation has been brashly tarnished. In short, you have effectively managed to destroy potentially two generations of young people. Mission accomplished.

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