Allegations Against Al-Hijrah Trust only Demonstrate the Height of Xenophobia in Britain

The School Before the Takeover

Birmingham Mail recently saw fit to continue the web of spin and deceit started by the trail blaze of the same by hype-whore Andrew Gilligan. Given the fact that I had comprehensively deconstructed the xenophobic diatribe coming from such news items, I would have thought some were perhaps the wiser with the games of the media in conjunction with government scapegoating. Not so, it seems as I peruse the social network reading the few comments on this waste of a piece.

Graham Hardy

Graham Hardy

The article highlights that the Department for Education and the Birmingham City Council are “aware of the allegations” about financial mismanagement and they are being investigated. Birmingham Mail has yet to publish or follow-up the allegations made by several sources that Graham Hardy threatened children with beheading and dismemberment. Not a word was reported that the police had been called in to investigate the claims (Inspector Paul Dutton actively came on the blog to clarify that there were no “criminal charges”, which does not mean that other guidelines had not been breached). Despite being an Islamic faith school, Hardy is alleged to be undermining the ethos of the school, and in the past has allegedly behaved in a manner with female staff members in what can only be described as sexual harassment. Finances are also have purportedly been squandered under his leadership.

Not news worthy? Of course not. As I repeatedly say on my blog, wrong religion, wrong race. Instead we see the Birmingham Mail (allegedly) actively preventing any successes of the Islamic school from being published.

Below is a press release issued by Al-Hijrah Trust which drives a horse and cart through the allegations against them. What manifests from all this is the crusader like campaign of demonisation of the Muslim minority. Please read and share.




[For immediate release]

Al Hijrah Trust rejects false allegations made against it.

4th December 2014 –

The Al Hijrah Trust categorically rejects the defamatory statements made against it and the Al Hijrah School in several UK newspapers on this week. The allegations suggest that the Trust diverted £1 million designated for a school in the UK to build a school in Pakistan. These claims are entirely false, unsubstantiated and extremely damaging. Al Hijrah Trust demands that the papers in question immediately retract these stories and publish unreserved apologies.

In 1997 the Al Hijrah Trust purchased the site of the Al Hijrah schools in Birmingham. Since gaining Voluntary Aided status in 2002 the Al Hijrah school has been a separate legal entity to the Trust and has been operating as such for over 12 years. As a voluntary aided school, Birmingham City Council has been responsible for managing the financial affairs of the school from commissioning annual official audits to ensuring compliance with financial standards. This removes any possibility of the Trust or governing body using the school’s funding for any other project whether in Pakistan or the UK.

The Al Hijrah Trust, a separate entity is a registered charity that runs many independent projects both in the UK and abroad to advance the provision of education in some of the poorest communities. The school in Ziarat, Pakistan, which was subject to yesterday’s unfounded assertions is one such charitable project. Acquisition of the land and the costs of construction for this school were funded by the Provincial Government of Balochistan with whom the Trust was working in partnership with.

As a registered charity the Al Hijrah Trust raises funds from the public to help it advance its charitable aims whilst complying fully with the law and under the regulation of the Charity Commission. The Trust submits audited accounts to the Charity Commission annually and carries out financial dealings with transparency. As a separate body the Trust has no control or influence over the financial decisions of the Al Hijrah school.

To date, the Trust has not been contacted by any authority regarding any ongoing investigation by the council or about the aforementioned allegations. Nor have they been contacted by the newspapers or journalists who printed these stories as would have been expected of a responsible and professional news outlet. The Trust intends to take appropriate action to ensure these unfounded claims are retracted and the facts documented.


For further information please contact:

Johns & Saggar LLP, 34-36 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8HR

020 3490 1475

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