It is Time for Disgraced Theresa May to Step Down


Sufficient harm has been done to Britain through the actions of Theresa May.   Her neocon narrative-based policies (see here and here) have done more to take away the freedoms of the people, than any crazed terrorist has managed.

I have already catalogued her assault on human rights, rule of law and democratic principles as well as her blatantly discriminatory treatment of minorities and non-white individuals which is yawningly obvious. It is no exaggeration to say that Theresa May would be lauded by the Nazi regime for her attitude towards Muslims and immigrants. It is the practical implementation of the neoconservative and far-right narrative on non-white, Muslim citizens which frames them as a demographic time-bomb, a “Trojan Horse” enemy (known as the “Eurabia” myth and shared with far-right terrorist Anders Breivik).

Take her actions related to stripping citizenships. Though much of the discourse around the power to strip the citizenship of Britons has circled around the “blowback” of Syria and Iraq, May has been indulging in this habit for a number of years. According to a Bureau of Investigative Journalism report, May has been (secretly) stripping nationals of their passports since 2010, and two have gone on to be killed in American drone assassinations. Of course in 2013, when this story broke, it was heavily criticised as an abuse of executive power, where innocent “suspects” were being punished and then killed with impunity – stripping of citizens using secret evidence in secret courts is very hard to challenge. Cue 2014 Syrian conflict, the requisite public fear through an exaggerated threat has been carved to give Theresa May’s medieval powers legitimacy.

Of course problematic individuals will be more easily silenced with this power. What is there to prevent a whistle-blower from being stripped of his citizenship and then later assassinated in another country? Today, it would be a convenient way of handling for example, the two Westminster paedophile whistle-blowers who died “suspiciously” 20 years ago.  The evidence of course, cannot be seen and hence challenged as it is a matter of that catch-all justifier – national security. The implications and impact on those who are victims of May’s exile-orders are huge.

More recently, maniac May stripped a father and two sons of their citizenships preventing their return from Pakistan. The evidenced used has not been disclosed and the family has been told that the reason for the sanction is due to “links” to two (ideologically opposing) groups. The problems as a result of this and the details of this ridiculous action has been outlined in full in a brilliant report here.

Her power-trips have not stopped at “suspects”. Targeting “immigrants”, May wants foreign students from outside the EU to leave Britain at the end of their courses and reapply for a work permit, making the already bad situation worse. It has of course been heavily criticised, but only because it will make Britain a less prospective place to study and therefore damaging to the economy. Nothing of the elephant in the room – the xenophobia embedded in the immigration rhetoric – is mentioned of course.

Punishing those who are non-white has been May’s forte. But getting even an inquiry going to investigate the crimes of middle-class, “white”, possibly murderous Westminster paedophiles has proven a lot more “difficult” for May. If we recall, Lady Butler-Sloss had to resign after her link to paedophiles was revealed by concerned victims. In what is an epic form of victim-mockery, the same issue arose with Fiona Woolf who resigned half an hour after May’s Home Office expressed “full confidence” in her. May now, is looking to disband and replace the inquiry panel after a series of enormous failures. After this was made public vocal MP Simon Danszuk called the situation “a mess” and said that the government does not “want to get to the truth”:

“There is very little faith in government in terms of delivering this. If government are set on doing this then it can be achieved. But you can’t help thinking that they are not intent on getting this right… There is a catalogue of mistakes that have been made, some of them fairly basic, and you can’t blame the survivors of child abuse for wondering – because of the allegations of high-profile figures involved in the abuse – you can’t help thinking that some of this is quite deliberate mistakes.”

In yet more damning words, Shadow Home Office minister Diana Johnson, said:

“The Home Secretary should be utterly ashamed of the process she has overseen.”

If this is the way in which May is handling a government-shaking issue which has destroyed the lives of countless children, and is an issue which implicates serving ministers in government, then how on earth is she dealing with sensitive cases involving the security of this country? Is it one (arbitrary) law for Muslims which results in a sanction every time and another for white-folk in government where an inquiry can’t even be started despite several months having passed?

The power-crazed, maniacal May who has and most probably still is maltreating Britons, and has mocked paedophile victims through her disgraceful actions, must go. She is simply not fit to hold an office of government.

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