David Cameron’s Opportunistic Chanuka Speech Exposes Link between UJS and Muslim Minority Subversion


Is this one of the most hypocrisy-filled speeches ever? As I watched the video from Number 10 depicting David Cameron’s Chanuka Speech, I was surprised at seeing the number of bearded, skull-capped orthodox Jews in the presence of the Prime Minister. Compare this to the Eid message for instance in which he psychologically conditioned the “I am sorry” mentality in Muslims. Hardly any of the orthodox Muslim (“extremist”) community were present. On the contrary key discredited counter-extremism figures were visible. It was quite the contrast.

His Chanuka speech was exemplar material in demonstrating state Muslim minority discrimination. In an age of the PREVENT police state, which has resulted in a relentless re-engineering and then criminalisation of Islam in effort to make it devoid of its uniqueness, and shaping it to conform to Government ideals, the hypocrisy of Cameron being present giving a speech commending Chanuka couldn’t be more sharp. As Cameron himself explains, Chanuka celebrates the reassertion of the Jewish religious and cultural identity which was being targeted for erosion. For Cameron though, despite this celebration, the Jewish community have been a “model” community which has integrated with Britain whilst maintaining “important issues of religion and culture”. The message is clear. Jews can have their religious beliefs and culture supported and protected; Muslims are open season for social programming through “British values”.

The “model” integration aspect of course has been typically skewed to pander to the Zionist lobby. Later on Cameron talks about how great Jewish schools and colleges are. Let’s remind ourselves how “integrated” some of these schools, and the Haredi Jewish community, are and ponder over the comparative inaction on the part of the government and the absence of smearing in the media:

  • Stanford Hill is like “Living in the Middle Ages”
  • “As kids we were told that the outside world hated us…”
  • “We were taught that non-Jews had no soul and that our duty in life was not to fall into the trap of going into their world”
  • “Children don’t need to learn anything. They grow up controlled and put into arranged marriages.”
  • “Jewish studies replace the secular curriculum”
  • “TV and secular newspapers are banned”
  • “Girls are treated like nothing. They’re not taught anything.”

But how can these issues of integration be seen or investigated when “Britain is a friend of Israel, a good, a candid, a trusted, friend of Israel”. Viewed through the veneer of extreme sycophancy such issues will of course be glossed over. Viewing issues in this manner will also mean accentuating the crimes of the “ideological enemy”. How opportunistic it is then for Cameron to highlight the tragic killing of school children in Peshawar, whilst masking Zionist state terrorism,

“There is no moral equivalence between an Israeli government that wants to defends its people and territory against attack and terrorists that want to kill as many people as they can with the weapons, the bombs and the missiles that they throw over Israel’s borders…”

The spin in the above statement has been a Western policy defence of the indefensible. Cameron is right, there is no moral equivalence between the firecrackers shot over the border and 70 Zionist deaths (nearly all from ground-fighting), 64 of them soldiers, and the weapons arsenal supplied by Britain and US which lead to 2100 Palestinian deaths, 578 of which are children. There is no moral equivalence when one terrorist state which implements the Dahiya doctrine and deliberately shells children playing on a beach. What is indiscriminate and who pursues a terrorist policy is for the world to see and Cameron and his neocon buddies to ignore.

“Terrorist” killed by Zionist “defence”.

Muslim Speaker Subversion and UJS link Exposed

David Cameron very candidly exposes the networking between the Union of Jewish Students and PREVENT-type activity on campus to subvert lectures and talks by Muslims and/or Palestinian activists. Recently, journalist, writer and researcher Hilary Aked exposed emails sent from a pro-Zionist Jewish university student who undermined student democracy when motions condemning the humanitarian crisis caused by Israel’s bombing of Gaza in November 2012 were being considered. The student invoked an argument implicating the university with “radical Islam”. The report demonstrates the way in which the vague discourse of “Islamist extremism”, otherwise known as “radical Islam”, is used as a smokescreen to suppress anti-neocon/Zionist narratives. Threats of making complaints to the Charity Commission were followed through which led to the Charity Commission then harassing the student body on spurious grounds. Aked notes that there was also a possibility of assistance from the neocon front organisation for the anti-Muslim Henry Jackson Society, Student Rights which also uses the “Islamist extremism” smear to shutdown Muslim speakers and activists.

What this demonstrates is that a network of subversion is used to suppress, control and shape the discourse on the Zionist entity and neoconservative policy. What David Cameron’s speech so blatantly demonstrates is that not only does he acknowledge such behaviour on the part of UJS he openly endorses such dirty tactics:

“I am delighted that the Union of Jewish Students is here tonight and we will continue to work with you to stop these Islamist extremist preachers coming on to campus and threatening the peace and stability of our country. I hope you’ve noticed in recent days we’ve passed a new law that puts on an obligation on every single public body in our country to stand up against extremism, persecution and prejudice.”

And there you have it. Let the day of this speech be remembered as the day in which institutional subversion of the Muslim minority and the political activist community was officially supported through Zionist organisations by the Prime Minister of Britain himself.

One thought on “David Cameron’s Opportunistic Chanuka Speech Exposes Link between UJS and Muslim Minority Subversion

  1. My brother, neocons or liberals they all follow the same policies. Unless we muslims change ourselves to bring back ‘Al khilafa’, the west rulers won’t change those people react only to force.

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