The Henry Jackson Society and the Neoconservative “Trojan Horse”


Imagine if a group of people with an ideology which completely tears apart principles of human rights, democracy and rule of law and which had an ideologically driven hatred of a minority were advising and influencing government policy, how would the public and hyperbolic media react? If the group were Muslims, the media and politicians would be crucifying the Muslim minority multiple times a day for several months and then building policies implementing a “fix” for those pesky Muslims. The bigoted “counter-jihad” movement would be out in their hate-filled troves talking about how the “Trojan Horse” Muslims have “taken over” Britain. In fact we saw what would happen when such allegations were made in the education sphere. Michael Gove went berserk.

Cue the Henry Jackson Society, a strongly neoconservative outfit which has been involved in two critically important areas which have maximally impacted the Muslim minority – homeland and international security. Neoconservatism is the “mode of thinking” which has resulted in the rule of law and human rights being continually eroded in Britain. It philosophically postulates one language and thinking for the people and one for themselves which they abide by. For those who think Cameron et al’s rhetoric of “British values”, democracy, human rights and rule of law is sincere, one merely has to look at the PREVENT strategy, Counter-Terror Bill and their rubric around the Human Rights Act to see the aforementioned values being shredded to pieces. Neoconservatism is about duality at every level. Hence even in the context of foreign policy, neocon Britain thoroughly enjoys lecturing Russians about adhering to their international obligations but becomes asphyxiated when it comes to critiquing the Zionist state about its observance of obligations. The love of liberalism is an emotional façade for the people which the neocons can abuse to attain power. The reality of how neocons regard liberalism is as stated by Irving Kristol, the “godfather” of neoconservatism,

“…liberals were wrong, liberals are wrong, because they are liberals. What is wrong with liberalism is liberalism…”[1]

In fact Kristol, his son William Kristol and other contemporary neocons like David Brooks assertively reject notions of secular rationalism and the Enlightenment idea of choice (all aspects I will address in later blogs). Yet we have yet to see an “ideological war” against neocons who as officials, are already in government propounding militant strategies, whilst the rest of the political parties are being led down the neocon path which undermines the blusters and claims they claim to uphold, by think-tanks like the Henry Jackson Society (and how can we forget the Quilliam Foundation, the counter-extremism organisation which fails to see to neoconservative “extremism” already pervading Britain “imposing an interpretation” of governance through law). The demand for respect for the arbitrary “British values”, needs to be led by example. The government has so far only trampled on these values.

More disturbingly, since the report in the Guardian which exposed the Henry Jackson Society’s refusal to disclose their donors was published, no other mainstream media outlet (with the exception of Herald Scotland), at the time of writing, has ran the story. The implications for democracy, the threat to freedom and human rights, all aspects which are central to the secular imposition following the Trojan Hoax affair, are simply incalculable yet no “national debates” are being called for to discuss the undermining of democracy and therefore “extremism” on the part of the neocon “Trojan Horse”; not a squeak has been heard from MPs in Parliament and media propagandists like Andrew Gilligan. Make no mistake, when an inquiry is needed to architect a pretext in order to pursue an agenda at the expense of the Muslim minority, we have every government apparatus summoned to conduct inquiries. Reports are produced within weeks, and draconian legislation months later. When the finger points back at the government, as witnessed with the handling of Westminster paedophilia by the disgraced Theresa May, all manner of skirting mechanisms are employed to delay and stall the inquiry.

I echo my last blog on the hate-mongering Henry Jackson Society. As it has already operated in a public capacity potentially impacting policies affecting Britons, there is a legitimate public interest for the Henry Jackson Society to disclose its donors. An inquiry must be demanded to ascertain this information. Furthermore, a charity it is clearly not. Raise your concerns about the links key members of HJS have to extremists and hate-mongers mentioned above to the Charity Commission Complaints Form: Raising concerns about a charity.

Articles which can be additionally cited are as follows:

The Guardian article: “Rightwing think-tank pulls funds for Commons groups after disclosure row”

Henry Jackson Society Funded by the Islamophobia Industry Must be Stripped of its Charitable Status

The original complaint by Hilary Aked and other MPs and responses can be found here.

Analysis of the Henry Jackson Society as a charity (including a brief legal analysis): The Henry Jackson Society – “Political Propaganda Masquerading as Education”



[1] Irving Kristol, Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea,New York: Free Press, 1996, p.486

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