Counter-Terror Bill: Time to and “Prevent” the Stasi-State

A community campaign has been set up to stop the Counter Terror Bill which is being rushed through Parliament.

One of the key aspects being pushed is Part V of the Bill which enshrines the legal enforcement of the Stasi-State creating PREVENT Strategy. The impact of this that, far from being a non-intrusive state founded on traditional liberal principles, we have one of the most heavily regulating governments in history, and that regulation is of thoughts – a non-derogable, absolute human right. The impact is on every citizen of this country.

Any effort to counter the push of this Bill is to be welcomed.

Please support, share and find out what you can do at

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Analysing the Impact of the Counter-Terror Bill

One thought on “Counter-Terror Bill: Time to and “Prevent” the Stasi-State

  1. Thank you for highlighting this community response CoH, I can at least say i protested in good conscious about this bill. I do not want to be counted amongst those who will bemoan the bill after and when asked did you register any concern or issues with bill i. The right way when you had a chance? Who will then shrug their shoulders and say ‘but I’m only one’ … The story of the starfishes being thrown back in the sea one at time springs to mind. One can make all the difference!!!!

    another concerned muslim

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