So That’s Why John Ware Used Cheap Shots Against a Muslim Journalist!


The neocon-compliant John Ware referenced the below event with some quick footage in his propaganda Panorama documentary about “British Islam”. The question did cross my mind as to why he didn’t play some snippets from talks at this event, against a backdrop of sinister music and darkened composition knocked together by a seemingly over-zealous amateur working with Adobe After Effects. After all, he did refer to the journalist in the below video, Muhammad Dilwar Hussain, as a “mouthy young Islamist”. What must have twiddled his whiskers to such an extent that he had to copy and paste cheap-shots from Harry’s Place?

Upon watching it, I realised his latent tension. Had he had done so, he would have exposed himself and the very strategy targeting the Muslim minority which he tried (and failed) to prop: the PREVENT Strategy.

The talk deftly highlights facts opposed to John Ware’s heavily discredit opinions garnered from his choice, hand-picked, Home Office-approved Muslims. Facts which indicate towards an overwhelming conclusion that the system, be it media or state, has become increasingly xenophobic.

Definitely worth a watch:


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