Is Muslim Teacher Purge Being Orchestrated from the “table of David Cameron”?


Much has been happening over the past couple of months regarding the Trojan Hoax fiasco and the attack on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which has now spread to other schools in London and the north of UK.

In the last piece on the topic, I highlighted that the collateral impact of the policies forced in by the likes of anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove had started (after Gove’s sacking in July) to be felt by Jewish and Christian schools. Questions asked of young Muslim pupils, around homosexuality, for instance, had previously gone without any concerns being raised by the wider public. Now however, such questioning by Ofsted is being regarded as “anti-Semitic” (Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute think tank on BBC’s Question Time (05/02/2015) explicitly declared Ofsted’s questioning around homosexuality and modest dress requirement as anti-Semitic).

The truth is however, that the measures are nowhere near as discriminatory and militant as they are against schools in Muslim areas or indeed Muslim teachers. We have already witnessed how an Islamic faith school, Al-Hijrah School has been removed of its Muslim governing body and senior leadership teams to be replaced by white, non-Muslims who allegedly threaten children of decapitation without fear of sanction.

A Nazi-Style Purge of Muslim Teachers

Park View Education Trust, which formerly consisted of three schools has now had at least seventeen teachers confirmed and 22 speculatively suspended. All teachers, bar one, are Muslims. This shocking purge is continuing unabated. The reason for these suspensions are merely connected to beliefs or holding of beliefs and values not conformant with the PREVENT Strategy-defined “British values”, thus merging the private and public spheres of influence, control and regulation. It is not at all dissimilar to what happened in Nazi Germany. Capitalising on the low morale of the teachers at the time, eventually, through Nazi propaganda against Jews, “unreliable” and Jewish teachers were “purged” from the education system. The absolute right to hold a belief, free from discrimination, established precisely to avoid the aforementioned abuses of power, is being violated with the blessings of the neoconservative state.

Circumventing Process and Using Duress?

Any allegations are to be assessed through the school’s internal disciplinary procedure. It is being alleged that the evidences being used against Muslim teachers being targeted are not stacking up.

My sources are alleging that the process is being circumvented at the behest of the Department for Education (DfE) by referring the Muslim teachers directly to National College for Teaching and Leadership. The body has the power to revoke their membership thus completely destroying their careers potentially forever. To compound this, teachers which have not been suspended are being required to give evidence at these hearings. If evidence is not given this may result in these teachers being suspended too.

Sources close to the government are claiming that this entire set-up is “unprecedented”. A newly invented process has been realised purely to deal with Muslim teachers, it seems.

There is however, a further twist.

Before delving into this, it is important to take note of a report in the Independent. According to a “source in No 10” Michael Gove is being passed detailed DfE paperwork. It also suggests that there is network of allies loyal to their “old boss” through which Gove has been feeding back his concerns. In a subtle yet far reaching statement, Morgan, upon being questioned whether Gove is still blocking her ideas, said,

“Well, there is always a discussion about things in the party and with No 10, and I’m not entirely sure where ideas get to and where they come from. So I’m not aware that he has said no – or that, if he has, that it has been acted upon.”

Why shouldn’t a minister of education know where the ideas are coming from? If Michael Gove is still “back-seat” driving policies and No 10 is overriding her viewpoints then what of course, is the point of an education minister? More pertinently, how pervasive is this alleged dictation? The set up perfectly fits the neoconservative form of “governance” where a small group of “elite statesmen” guide or “craft” society concordant to their whims because only they, in the words of neoconservative “godfather” Irving Kristol, have “an a priori knowledge of what constitutes happiness for people” which is not found amongst “common men”.[1]

Let us now return to the twist. It seems the extent of this meddling includes dictating the direction of attack on the Muslims in Birmingham. The alleged circumvention of process has, strangely enough, gone against suggestions made by Colin Diamond, the Deputy Education Commissioner in Birmingham for DfE, to Morgan, who is said to have advised against such actions as it will only raise further tensions. Morgan, it is being claimed, replied that she cannot do anything as it came from “David Cameron’s table”.

If true this does not bode well for the Muslims of Britain; Muslims are being targeted in an extravagant orchestration from highest echelons of the neocon government. Beneath the deceptive cloak of “British values”, is the guided dagger of neoconservatism.



[1] Kristol I., Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, New York: Free Press, 1996, p.94-95

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