Malcolm X – Were He to Visit Neocon Britain Today

Were he alive today, and were he attempting to enter Britain to support the motion, extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice at the Oxford Union as he did in the above video, the event most likely would have been attacked and campaigned against by various neoconservative outfits like Harry’s Place and StandforPeace. Malcolm X would be deemed “militant” in his assertion of his black “anti-integrationist” identity, anti-Semitic for his criticism of Zionism and the Zionist entity, “unconducive” to “British values” for his mockery of the Vietnam War and his staunch opposition to the Western power structures exploiting the world.

Quilliam Foundation and the Henry Jackson Society would probably be working behind the scenes to advise the Home Office on how to “deal” with this “extremist”, whilst someone like Rashad Ali would probably have been sent as a spy into the Muslim community, which would be supporting Malcolm, to “expose” their “extremist support” by feeding information to Andrew Gilligan.

Eventually, Theresa May the extremist would “prevent” his entry into the country.


Malcolm X would have brushed it off as a further demonstration of Western hypocrisy and colonialism, which Britain has been unable to shake itself of.

With the global neo-colonial threat neoconservatism poses to the world, and its influence in British politics today, reminiscing over his legacy fifty years after his demise is not enough. We need a Malcolm X today.

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