In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

-George Orwell

The words of Malcolm X could not be truer: The powers that be use the press to give the devil an angelic image and give the image of the devil to the one who’s really angelic.  In the context of CAGE, Mohammed Emwazi and the contribution toward radicalisation by the security services, the British media, as I had envisaged, completely trivialised and then steered the discussion way from the excesses of the security services. Echoing the experience of the journalist Gary Webb, the focus of the right-wing media has been to character assassinate those who have come out to share this evidence-supported narrative.

The attack on Asim Qureshi and CAGE has been insidiously appalling from the likes of the Daily Fail and other papers in cahoots with the neoconservative establishment.  This reached its zenith when, in a clear attempt to undermine the lucid arguments of Asim Qureshi Andrew Neil from the British Biased Corporation decided to question his personal theological opinions.

The only card that could be used was that of demonisation through a completely unrelated topic, invoking the presumptuous “do you believing in stoning women?” question, courtesy of a report which references a far-right bigot published by the bigoted Council of Ex-Muslims, such is the level of journalistic rigour at the British Biased Corporation.

A Separate Standard for Muslims

The question is engineered in a way to force a particular answer, the time is short to explain a detailed ruling, and a yes/no answer demanded is sufficient for the neocon-driven media to guarantee a smear through an association with nutters in Syria who have seemingly done everything to tarnish the rulings of Islam. The tactic is grossly discriminatory. Andrew Neil, who asked this question on BBC’s This Week (06/03/2015), justified his completely irrelevant questioning regarding Qureshi’s private beliefs in order to determine whether there was a “jihadist” behind “a moderate face”. Despite rejecting the inaccurate, quote-mined statements, and clearly stating that Neil was conflating orthodox theology with the discussion of terrorism, Neil and his cohorts continued to view Qureshi through the lens “terror-apologism”.


Andrew Neil with prostitute Pamella Bordes

There is a separate standard for Muslims; their views must be adjudged by an Islamphobe to determine their “moderate-ness”.  How many MPs who belong to the white middle-class, have been probed about their sex lives, or the extent of their nihilism founded in liberalism to ensure they are not former Paedophile Information Exchange members? Indeed, has Neil himself been vetted for his views on women, given he has had a brush with a former Miss India-turned-prostitute in the past, to ensure he isn’t a closet pimp? Will Neil’s silence on this issue constitute tacit approval of call girls rendering “services” in the corridors of Westminster?

In short, it is discrimination based on the absolute right to hold a belief. This is a new level of stereotyping.

The recourse to such tactics, if anything, denotes the catastrophic failure of the establishment and corporate media to address the core arguments grounded in due process articulated by Asim Qureshi and CAGE. Instead of triggering national debates on the Stasi Zersetzung methods used by security services, we are witnessing an epic deflection of the problems highlighted by CAGE. The government and associated media have tacitly approved the possible illegalities perpetrated by the security services and as such they have undermined the rule of law.

The attitude of the neocon government is typical of the Western governments. Shout and flout principles from the comfort of an ethnocentric, self-constructed seat of rectitude.

Rendition, torture complicity, defence and trivialisation of torture, exonerating western, secular liberal torturers who have raped their victims in the name of “national security”, suppressing information on paedophiles. All nice and dandy, as long as the person conducting this barbarism is a white, non-Muslim apparently defending secular liberalism. Supporting the only democracy in the Middle East which slaughters innocent civilians and dictatorial regimes which massacre protestors and issue mass death sentences? They are our allies! Interests trump liberal values, didn’t you know? That is of course if you’re not bombing in the name of liberalism in the first instance. Neoconservatism pulsating through government, actively fostering authoritarian fascism and eroding civil liberties? What nonsense!

In addition to exemplifying the hypocrisy dripping with “civility” of the “moderate” establishment through their deflections of the allegations, it also sends a loud message to mainstream Muslim community: you will be attacked, you, your beliefs will be vilified and you will be taken out like a pariah if you challenge the government narrative. Especially so if you hold to traditional Islamic beliefs.

CAGE, the size of a pebble, has stood its ground like a mountain, consistently and firmly for justice. This ground has been stood upon using principles which have been shoved down the throats of Muslims through the assimilationist “British values” social engineering programme. The ones ACTIVELY violating them have been government officials in complicity with their connected hacks.

Support for CAGE

The truth is that CAGE has done what the Muslim minority of Britain collectively has been unable to do for decades: tell the story of Muslims as it is and remain firm upon it. It is an embodiment of the verse of the Qur’an,

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor.”

I believe it is a new era for Muslims; an era of a confident reassertion of us as Muslims and of our commitment to give back to our communities, be it in the form of charity or upholding justice. The attack on CAGE has had the effect increasing their legitimacy amongst Muslims and bringing the varying Muslim groups together. CAGE has provided hope for the hopeless. The Muslim minority of Britain has a guardian. My message to the campaigners at CAGE is to continue to be a beacon for Muslims in Britain, even in the darkest of moments as we are witnessing today.

I am Muslim. I am Asim Qureshi. I am CAGE. Keeping attacking us. We will only get stronger.


10 thoughts on “I am CAGE

  1. Its is brilliant to see finally as an Ummah we awakening to the notion that if we stand together in justice and speak truth to power that maybe just maybe we recapture the narrative, redefine ourself in our own psyche -to live and act in faith based on social justice humanity and the betterment of those around.

    The shackles of intimidation will get tighter but as they do we will get stronger because speaking truth to power is what it means to strive for those who can’t.

    I was told at an event recently if muslims only understood the power they actually hold -maybe – inshallah some of us at least are coming to that realization !!!

  2. A message to the good people of Britain

    Dear British public, know that we muslims are not a threat to you. There do exist crazy elements within us but this is a minority i believe and whom we are tackling.
    The problem is the other crazy elements, namely the government and media. They are keen to whip up a frenzy to convince you that Muslims are terrorists and that we therefore all need to give up our freedoms more by allowing new terrorism laws to come in whose aim is simply to curb freedom and human rights in this country. Know that this is what the whole frenzy is about, in my opinion. Deliberate ploy to bring in new freedom curbing laws under the flag of terrorism.

    Article link:


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