Anti-Muslim Home Office: Shari’ah Courts Investigated but “Beth Din Courts are Safe”


My intention was to cover this aspect in the second part of my analysis of Theresa May’s anti-Muslim, discriminatory, hypocritical speech. However, given the outrageous Muslim minority discrimination exhibited by the Home Office, the issue needs to be separately.

May announced that Shari’ah courts are to be investigated, because she “knows there is a problem”.  As an example she states that,

“there is evidence of women being “divorced” under Shari’ah law and left in penury”

However, there is also “evidence” of Jewish women being left in marriage limbo due to the abuse by the husband issuing a “get” (divorce).  The Beth Din courts govern Halacha (Jewish law).  A “get” is required for either of the couple to remarry. Where the husband refuses a “get”, the wife is left in the status of “agunah”, or “chained woman”. If the wife then remarries in this state, her subsequent children (“mamzer”), which are religiously regarded as illegitimate, are treated as outcasts as they cannot marry a fellow Jew and the stigma remains down the line.

An article in the Independent in 2009 reported the “scandal” of the “get” in the Jewish community:

“It’s an absolutely horrible feeling, knowing that you cannot meet anyone else, that you remain utterly trapped in a marriage you are officially divorced from but which your community refuses to accept,” said Miriam, 38, one of very few Orthodox Jewish women willing to speak publicly about her plight.

“All those years pleading for a get were like living in a black hole. My husband was using Jewish law to get back at me, it was the only weapon he had and I was powerless to do anything about it.”

No one knows how many British women are in a similar situation to Miriam but campaigners say there are hundreds at least.

Susan Epstein, 57, spent years fighting her husband for a get and after five years he eventually relented. But by then it was too late for her son who had been born with her new partner and was therefore branded a mamzer, an illegitimate child who would not be allowed to marry a fellow Orthodox Jew when he grew up.

“I felt like I was being turned away by the very people who were meant to support us,” she said. “For years now, I and a few fellow campaigners have been trying to get the Orthodox Beth Dins to look into the issue but they are so reluctant to even touch the subject.”

And this is before we reach Halachic inheritance law, where, if there are natural sons, the daughter is not entitled to any inheritance whatsoever.

Beth Din “Discrimination” Protected by Home Office

Taking the line of the far-right and bigoted secularists who focus their efforts on the in-season, moronic Shari’ah-bashing, Theresa May has taken state Muslim minority discrimination to a whole new level.

The Zionist lobby group, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has confirmed that government plans to investigate Shari’ah courts will not include a review of the Beth Din court system.  The Home Office has given assurances that there are no plans to review “Batei Din” because,

“there is no evidence that they are working in a way that is incompatible with the law.”

Given the aforementioned “scandal”, clearly the Home Office is affording privileged treatment to Zionist interests. Most perturbingly, the Board has confirmed explicitly that it has influenced the draconian self-defeating “anti-extremist” policies announced by May.

Not only is a minority being given, in the words of Theresa May, a “nod and a wink in favour” of “discrimination” against women, the said minority has influenced the draconian, illiberal policies blatantly discriminatorily targeting the Muslim minority!

If this is not the clearest evidence of state-sanction, Muslim minority discrimination, then I really do not know what is. Theresa May has given every reason for the Muslim minority to reject these neocon policies.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Muslim Home Office: Shari’ah Courts Investigated but “Beth Din Courts are Safe”

  1. Our second visa has been refused I went to a tribunal
    And because I’m older than my husband I have been married 5 years November .. the home office said if my husband came to
    Live in my home in the U.K. He would run away ther trying to say my marriage is a scam and there discriminating against my husbands religion

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