Post-Trojan Hoax: No Accountability as Teachers are Silenced


It has been nearly a year since the Trojan Hoax farce kicked-off the creation of a pretext operation for the establishment of the “British values” agenda, the mandatory implementation of the PREVENT Strategy, and the demonisation of the Muslim minority as a “fifth column” through the “entryism” bluster, which castigates Muslims for lobbying change through democratic means.

The Trojan Hoax has been proven by the Education Select Committee to be a sham. Despite this, Andrew Gilligan, who I have comprehensively exposed as a journalist of extreme disrepute using tactics inherited from American Zionist Islamophobes, continues to churn out smearathons, this time perpetuating his new “Islamist entryism” fetish, woefully attacking key Islamic personalities.

Michael Gove remains untouched by the scandal as he “back-seat” drives the Department for Education (DfE) whilst continuing his Christian dog-whistling.  He did his job – subverting government bodies and attacking Islam and Muslims – and was conveniently removed from the limelight thereafter. Theresa May, David Cameron, and others, all used this scandal (and continue to do so despite it being “officially” disproven) to bolster xenophobic policies.

No apologies, no policy trackbacks and no compensation. Instead we have policies hardened, and “influenced” by Zionists hands, and further injustices being committed.


Against this backdrop, Muslims are still picking up the pieces.  I have been asked why teachers are not instituting legal proceedings or seeking a judicial review of the actions of the DfE and/or Ofsted.  This would make sense: the irrationality demonstrated by Gove, the suppression of the minutes of the 2010 meeting with Tim Boyes after his bold claim that he had raised the Trojan Hoax concerns to the DfE; the circumvention of normal disciplinary procedures; the sudden changes in criteria by Ofsted which targeted Islamic beliefs.  There is a lot that can be pushed for. However there are a multitude of reasons why this is not happening such as cost and in some cases, sheer will power to see the proceedings through; some teachers simply want this over and done with.

Teachers being Misled

One particular reason is that Muslim teachers are still embroiled in disciplinary procedures.  Some teachers linked to the Trojan Hoax scandal, despite the accusatory “evidence”, are, it is alleged, being connived against.

One of the teachers who was wholesomely smeared against by Gilligan, was recently told by Park View Academy (post-Muslim purge) trustees that he did not require a lawyer to be present with him for a disciplinary meeting.  Having been misled, when he attended the meeting with a union rep, the school had a barrister representing them. The said teacher is currently sacked pending appeal.

Gagging Agreements

My sources in Birmingham are also stating that teachers have been made to sign gagging agreements.  Mike Tomlinson, was appointed Birmingham education commissioner six months ago to initiate change following the false Trojan Hoax allegations cemented as truth. He (or possibly those representing him) is said to have approached certain teachers with contracts which would prevent the DfE pursuing the teachers further in return for the waiving of future liability on the part of the DfE in the context of the Trojan Hoax allegations.  This alleged advance was made approximately a week and a half before the release of the damning Education Select Committee findings.

The timing suggests that the DfE was aware of the conclusions of the Committee and sought to suppress any scandals heading its way.  If true, this is a dirty, outrageous abuse of power.

Circumventing Process

In a previous blog I had highlighted that the school’s internal disciplinary process was being circumvented purportedly at the behest of the Department for Education (DfE) by referring the Muslim teachers directly to National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

I added that,

“teachers which have not been suspended are being required to give evidence at these hearings. If evidence is not given this may result in these teachers being suspended too… Sources close to the government are claiming that this entire set-up is “unprecedented”. A newly invented process has been realised purely to deal with Muslim teachers, it seems.”

I further revealed that this was allegedly being dictated at the “table of David Cameron”, against advice given by Colin Diamond to Nicky Morgan.

The biased Birmingham Mail has reported that “at least” thirty teachers have now been referred to the NCTL and a further seventy teachers “could also be looked at” due to their link with a “Whatsapp” group of Muslim teachers (I have addressed its contents here).  The report itself is a terrible hotchpotch of confused information, and ignores the Education Select Committee conclusions which found no “extremism”, however the numbers are truly shocking, and a damning indictment of a State engaged in thought-policing the private sphere, perpetuating structural discrimination against the Muslim minority.

The “Al-Qaeda” Video Explained

There is one incident the Committee raised with regards to “extremism” at Park View Academy. The Birmingham Mail report also addresses this stating that an “Al-Qaeda video was copied at Park View Academy” and that the NCTL are “examining” the claims.

This sounds shocking, and it is albeit for a different set of reasons.

My sources close to the school are stating that PREVENT Officers were present at Park View Academy, ironically, as it was amongst the first to carry out PREVENT training.  A PREVENT officer from the Hodghill PREVENT team had come into use the community IT hub. The officer had requested the IT technician to make copies of their PREVENT training material, within which was material about “extremism” including an interview by a major media outlet with Osama Bin Laden. It is being alleged that this was the material being referred to and now being used as an incident of “extremism”.

In other words, “counter-extremism” material is being used as evidence of “extremism”!

Concluding Remarks

In my previous blog, I had outlined a number of questions, for which there are still no answers.

Only 6.7 per cent of the teaching force are from ethnic minority groups compared to 12.8 per cent of the population as a whole and only 2.4 per cent of head teachers are from ethnic minority groups. Despite this dismal reality, we are in a situation where minority group has been battered by the state to push their own draconian policies which are now being recognised, challenged and repulsed by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers and now the National Union of Teachers.  There has not been a single call for accountability of Michael Gove’s actions. Instead, preposterously, we are continually witnessing unprecedented injustices and unethical practices taking place at the local as well as the State level against a minority.

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