Zionists, Al-Quds and the Muslim Vote


It is fast approaching that time of year when people engage in the process of democracy to elect their leader of a party which represents the wishes of the electorate.  Of course that is the ideal understanding of democracy, however the reality of this non-existent utopia is dominated by corporations and lobby groups.

The neoconservative perversion has pervaded the upper echelons of most parties, as demonstrated most emphatically through the rapid passing of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act.  Hook line and sinker, most sections of all big three parties, including the shapeless Lib Dems voted in its favour without batting an eyelid at the incredibly invasive, thought-policing measures being proposed.

After perniciously battering the Muslim minority with a host of further “extremism” measures, where “extremism” continues to entail normative Islamic beliefs, where the Muslim community continue to be treated like a fifth column and where Shari’ah courts are investigated, Theresa May gifted Muslims the penny Mojo chew, just to “sweeten” the taste of blood in the mouth. Five years of harsh rhetoric targeting the Muslim minority, government interference with religion and thought, harassment and “disruption” is meant to be excused because the anti-Muslim hate crime, born in part because of this public treatment against Muslims, will be categorised as a more serious crime.

No. Way.  I was touched. No really, I am speaking the truth (in a neoconservative sort of way).

What promoted me to write this article was the revelation that the Zionist lobby group, Board of Deputies of Jews (BoD) had managed to “protected” Jewish law courts from Theresa May’s proposed investigation into Shari’iah courts, in a demonstration of manifest discrimination. The report which revealed this also highlighted that the lobby had influenced May’s blueprint for a McCarthy state.

Zionist Influence of the Counter-extremism Measures

The “Leaders’ Debates” as expected, and as per the previous elections, failed to address foreign policy.   The hypocritical propping of despotic regimes – creations of their own – would have been an interesting topic. However, the way in which Zionist interests play British policy like a piano would have perhaps been of more importance for a well-informed demos. Even if such a topic were discussed, the psychotic blindspot that is the Zionist machine would have spurned into action to undermine the usually coveted “free speech” and censure critique.

DavidCameronThe (neo)Conservatives and in particular, David Cameron, have been bending over backwards to show their support for Zionist interests.  At the Chanuka speech 2014, Cameron failed to mention the brutal violence perpetrated by the IDF against Palestinians in the Gaza massacre, and focussed instead on “Islamist extremism”. He also disturbingly approved of the Union of Jewish Student’s dirty tactics to silence debate exposing the connection between Zionists and the “extremism” agenda. When the deceitful Netanyahu was elected, Cameron was on the phone congratulating him.

Even Obama hasn’t been too keen on the Likud megalomaniac.  However, in the UK, this megalomaniac is disturbingly supported by 67% of British Jews polled by the Jewish Chronicle. And yes, there are no discussions about “Zionist extremism”, despite Zionists travelling to Israel to engage in milkhemet mitzvah; despite the brutalities being perpetrated by the IDF; despite Netanyahu’s racist and expansionist claims; despite the fact that Jewish schools have been downgraded to “inadequate” for having too narrow a curriculum; and despite the cultural practices of Stamford Hill which would violate “British values”.

This blatant avoidance of labelling the abovementioned in the Jewish context as “extremism” seems to be the result of Zionist influence impacting the “extremism” discourse, which itself can be traced to the neoconservatives (who are also Zionists). Michael Gove’s diatribe of a book that is Celsius 7/7 posited the ideology of “Islamism” – tactically subjected to definitional shifting – as one which needed to be “tackled”, eschewing other factors involved in terrorism. He actively conflated what he determined as the “political ideology” of Islamism with Islamic orthodoxy. Amongst those ardent neoconservatives like William Shawcross and Douglas Murray who shaped the hawkish writing was Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard, a signatory of the Statement of Principles of the bigoted neoconservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS).

In 2011 the PREVENT Strategy was revised. The Board of Deputies of Jews and the Community Security Trust jointly submitted their written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. It equated “non-violent Islamists” and “Salafi Jihadi terrorists” as having the “same aim”. It emphasised that, exactly like the current PREVENT Strategy,

“the focus of preventative approaches must be on combating radicalisation, and should not concern itself with enhancing social cohesion or encouraging community growth.

Concluding that negotiation with “Islamists” is not feasible, and after citing the discredited and defunct conveyor-belt theory of radicalisation, they further added that,

“The UK Muslim community is therefore the target for many radicalising forces, although only a small number support or engage in terrorism. The focus of Prevent counter terrorism efforts should therefore be to combat non violent radicalisation.

The narrative has been propped by HJS, which incidentally is also funded by a bigoted Zionist, and according to sources the far-right Likud party. Dissemination of this understanding has also been through the Quilliam Foundation whose Maajid Nawaz has sought to mask the Zionist narrative behind the false rhetoric of “nuance” and semantic gymnastics.

When the synergy between what is being submitted and the rhetoric of Theresa May and the proposed counter-extremism measures is discerned then one begins to understand the grip of the Zionist lobby around the neck of Whitehall.

As alluded to earlier, Jewish Chronicle wrote that,

The Board said it had consulted Home Office officials twice in the past month. Its Jewish manifesto for the election had been used to formulate the anti-extremist policies relating to neo-Nazis and Islamists announced by Mrs May, the spokesman said.”

The conversations which took place in these consultations is not known. The Jewish manifesto also makes light mention of “Islamist extremism”. However, what was “formulated” and manifested through Theresa May’s insidious proposals was truly shocking. Given the nexus between BoD and CST, and CST’s links with Mossad, it should not come as a surprise. Mossad maintains close monitoring of organisations and council of Islamic scholars which propound “moderate Islam”, and propagandise against “violence and radicalisation”.

Al-Quds Al-Sharif

There is no doubting that the counter-extremism measures have had the effect of restricting anti-Zionist rhetoric, where the anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish Neturie Karta are even classed as “extremists”. As noted in the context of the academic conference discussing the status of Israel, the president of the Board of Deputies regarded the proposed academic lectures as “formulated in extremist terms”.

Al-Quds al-Sharif, Jerusalem, is of spiritual significance for every believing Muslim. The sharpening of the “extremism” discourse comes at a time when a terrible individual has come into power in Israel, and under whose watch the land grab continues unabated. Zionist provocations are increasing as the global media – and Muslims – focus their attention on the conspicuous, Western-interests-serving ISIS, with Muslims endlessly apologising for its existence.

The last month has been particularly disturbing and yet, not a single cry from the neocon government obsessed with “extremism” has been uttered about their belligerent baby. Contrary to Netanyahu’s trackback that he is committed to a two-state solution after his election on the 18th of May, all the actions have reinforced his demagoguery of rejecting a Palestinian State.

On the 30th of March, the Israeli West Jerusalem municipality approved a tender to build 142 new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem area. The following day, the Netanyahu government “legalised” 2200 illegal settlement units in the same area.

(MaanImages/Al-Aqsa Foundation)

A spate of Zionist provocations have been occurring in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In February, Zionist engineers and contractors toured the al-Aqsa Mosque to explore the location before they submitted their bids to an extremism Jewish organisation inviting tenders to “excavate” under Al-Aqsa Sanctuary. On the 2nd of April it had been reported that the Mosque had been stormed by 41 extremist Zionist settlers forcing themselves in.   Some days later three Palestinians were banned (including a woman and a child) and restrictions were imposed by the Zionist police upon Muslims entering the Mosque. There has since been an escalation in harassment, with extremist settlers being allowed into the Mosque compound under police protection, whilst simultaneously pursuing an arresting campaign – nearly 185 Palestinian citizens, including 41 females, in which four out of 65 minors were girls, and 7 were minors under the age of 12, have been arrested in East Jerusalem last month alone.

Concluding Remarks

For the Zionist lobbies like the Board of Deputies and many Jews living in Britain, Israel is of central concern for them. In a survey conducted by Jewish Chronicle, it found that 73 per cent of Jews said that the political parties’ attitudes to Israel were “very” or “quite” important in influencing how they would vote. David Cameron, unsurprisingly, was said to have the best attitude towards British Jewry by 64% of those polled.

Whilst David Cameron has been “love-bombing” British Jews for the past two years reminding them every so often that Britain is a “friend of Israel”, Milliband is seen to have lost favour, according to one Jewish analyst, “because [of] positioning himself as Israel’s chief political critic during last summer’s Gaza conflict and then backing unilateral Palestinian statehood.”

Given the “love-bombing” of one particular minority whilst colluding with it to formulate draconian policies which target another minority, its faith, its manifestations, its place of worship and sacred scripture, it is of no surprise then that violations of the sanctity of the third holiest place of worship in Islam, the continued aggressions and provocations in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine, are not going to be top of the list for a Cameron government and the Zionist-enabling neocons like Michael Gove, Eric Pickles, William Shawcross and their cold-war tactics-touting, fascist henchmen influencing Parliament. It is important we make an informed vote.

The Muslim minority of Britain, connected to other Muslims through the faith of Islam and most focally, to Al-Quds al-Sharif, places Palestine close to its heart. No amount of calls to “reform” Islam, which by extension would result in a “call” being made to drop Qur’anic verses extolling the significance of Al-Quds, or the enumerable, human-rights violating “counter-extremism” measures, can change this.

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