State Paedophilia, Identity Politics and the Rule of Law


Since I last touched on the topic of child abuse, there have been many further reports on this despicable, sickening crime. From doctors to priests, and more (to which I will come to later), all have been notably white, and non-Muslim, yet the press and the media gurus have not sought it fit to feed hatred, xenophobia and racism by highlighting these attributes and insinuating an intrinsic link between race/religion and the crime in such cases. Identity politics is a fantastic way to beat down minorities, not so much when it starts affecting the establishment.

And indeed the establishment connection to paedophilia has become a scandal.

Signs of a Paedophilic MP?

There have been a couple of reports which demonstrate differing methods of dealing with child abuse.  On the one hand there are calls being made for children to be taught how to avoid child abuse. The other involves the police looking for “signs of paedophilia”. Durham police force have put 400 officers through the Intervene to Protect a Child (IPC) programme developed in the US.  The signs include certain tattoos, clothes and even books.

The question is, how will children protect themselves from those who hold a public office yet actively cover-up such crimes in government?  And what signs will be exhibited by the suited and booted who are part of the ever-suppressed, deflected and down-played Westminster paedophile ring?

Theresa May assertively stated in the context of Rotherham and with utmost hypocrisy, “we need to address the culture of inaction and denial that led to victims being dismissed and ignored.”

Yet the “culture of inaction and denial” related to the Westminster paedophile ring, and her own failings in instantiating an objective inquiry is telling.  May has effectively filibustered the inquiry for a year, pushing it to post-elections.

A Culture of Cover-ups

The reports related to “white” MPs at the highest echelons of government being involved in “gangs” which exploited children, and then being dismissed or ignored with disgusting indifference, are unrelenting.  Spare the bunkum; the neocons have been fronting this blatant disregard.  Michael Gove from the outset became an “apologist” for paedophilia by stating an inquiry should not be held because the actions were done in a different time period.

The Tory former Home Secretary Leon Brittan has long been accused of failing to act on an abuse dossier passed to him by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983. The Daily Fail sought to describe the accusations as “wild” and reported the neocon Liberal Democrat peer Alexander Carlile saying that the claims were ‘based on no evidence’, adding that Lord Brittan was ‘an important political figure’ who’s final months were ‘very sad’.  David Cameron has described him as a ‘dedicated public servant’.  This is despite the fact that claims against Brittan continue to mount, with reports revealing that he attended paedophile parties held at a notorious gay brothel.

In March, Labour MP John Mann’s amendment to the Official Secrets Act, which would grant whistle-blowing police officers protection from prosecution related to child abuse, was shot down by the Tories and Lib Dems. Theresa May gave “assurances” that prosecutions would not occur in such a circumstances despite the fact police officers had already been forced to halt investigations on this very premise.  As the Guardian reported,

“The undercover police operation into the Liberal MP Cyril Smith and a member of the intelligence services was scrapped shortly after detectives moved to make arrests after securing evidence of abuse, a police source told BBC’s Newsnight programme.”

Greville Janner

This “culture of cover-ups” of white upper middle-class, public official paedophiles reached a new watermark with the Labour peer, and former president of the Zionist lobby group Board of Deputies of Jews, Greville Janner.  Janner is alleged to have abused boys in children’s homes over nearly two decades. It seems the old-boy’s network has worked its magic and made Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, decide not to prosecute Janner, despite plenty of evidence and her prior claim that he should have been prosecuted 20 years ago.  As Janner is suffering Alzheimer’s, it has been concluded that it is not in the “public interest” to prosecute. However, given the severity of the allegations, the weight of the evidence, and the fact that it prevents like individuals from thinking they can get away with it, surely the public interest is in establishing such a precedent? Another nail has been driven into the coffin of accountability and rule of law.

In an unprecedented move the police are seeking to mount a legal challenge to Saunders decision to not charge Janner.

Concluding Remarks

There are a couple of points which the above demonstrates.

The populist reporting which leads to “public debates” about links between child abuse and religion/race are curiously missing.  Is it because the “Judeo-Christian” culture thus attacked is the majority one?

The longer-term point to consider, for all Britons, is that the government has become opaque: from procrastinating inquiries into state paedophilia to mysteriously dropping police investigations into allegations made against MPs.  Cover-ups are stretched long enough for the perpetrated to be dead or incapacitated before revelations are allowed to be released or dealt with.  Excuses are used to ensure justice is neither done, nor seen to be done.  The message is clear: there is one rule for the people and another for elite state officials. So much for “British values”.

A petition has been set up by the public calling on the Crown Prosecution Service to review its decision to not prosecute Greville Janner.  This can be accessed here.

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